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Even before the coronavirus lockdown there was a need for video conferencing, both for work and for personal use. But the one thing that is usually overlooked is the audio.


Click “Click to Start Monitoring” in the mic level meter, which is marked with a mic icon. Adjust the Gain knob on the mic, as well as the Recording Volume slider in Audacity, to set the mic volume level. The ideal level is between -12 and -6 db. Each presenter should speak into the mic individually when setting the level. Click the Record. If you spent all your extra cash on your new Blue Yeti. It's entirely possible that you are not ready to invest any amount of money into recording software and that's OK too. If you want something that's simple and has the lowest cost imaginable, there is another option. When it comes to free audio software, Audacity has long been the reigning. Both work/install and detect the microphone. Both do not resolve the issue - the recorded audio is messed up. Take this same software and microphone to an older non-M1 mac and everything works just fine (recorded audio is great). Clearly something with compatibility of M1 mac and Yeti. The latest firmware updates downloaded directly to your USB mic; Customize your mic settings, from gain to polar patterns. Blue VO!CE broadcast vocal effects including streamer and podcaster presets. Sherpa is compatible with Yeti X, Yeti, Yeti Nano, Snowball and Snowball iCE. Customizable settings vary depending on which Blue mic is connected. Connect Yeti with the supplied USB cable. Under Start Menu open Control Panel, click on Hardware and Sound, then select Sound. Select the Playback tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button. Select the Recording tab, choose Yeti Stereo Microphone, and click the Set Default button.

Recording software for yeti microphone

We are usually sure to get a larger monitor to see people better or a webcam to be seen at higher quality, but what about your computer’s built in microphone? Chances are it’s letting you down.

If your video calling colleagues or friends sounds great, it doesn’t mean you do (and if they don’t sound great, send them the link to this article!) A USB-powered computer microphone is a sensible purchase if you’re working from home due to lockdown and are finding yourself on a lot more Zoom calls or simply if you want to upgrade your desktop set up to be better prepared for all audio needs.

Not only useful for video and internet calling, USB microphones are also perfect for recording audio for podcasts, voice-overs and music production. You might not achieve studio quality results, but rest assured that any of the microphones on this list are better than the small one built into your laptop

If you’re using a desktop, your computer might not even have a microphone anyway. If that’s the case, then a microphone is a fine alternative if you don’t want to wear a headset. Just remember that it also depends on the room you’re using a mic in – if the room is large and echoey with reflective surfaces, then that will still come across via a better mic.

Bowl classic edition lenox soup. But pairing one of these mics with a acoustically well set up room will result in much better audio whatever your needs.

Blue Snowball iCE

Price: $97

Where to buy:Officeworks, JB Hi-Fi,

Blue makes a couple of very popular USB microphones and the Snowball iCE is the cheaper of the two. That’s not to say it isn’t a great option, with plug and play functionality that means you won’t have to download any additional software to use it.

It’ll work seamlessly with platforms like Skype and FaceTime on laptop and desktop for audio on video calls but will also work for Twitch streaming or recording audio for music or podcast production.

For under $100 it’s our pick of the bunch for its simplicity and relatively huge upgrade to the audio your computer’s microphone could capture in comparison.

Blue Yeti

Price: $450


Where to buy: Amazon

The pricier option from Blue is the Yeti, made famous for its extensive use by thousands of podcast makers worldwide. It has three condensers compared to the Snowball’s two, so overall sound quality is more detailed. It’s the ideal design for podcast audio capture conversations live between two people across from each other, great if you don’t want to fork out for two mics.

It can also record in four polar patterns, meaning it’s a better option if you want to record anything approaching studio-quality audio. It might be overkill if you just want to sound a little better on Zoom.

It adds a mute button and headphone volume control right on the mic, whereas the Snowball lacks either. The Yeti made its name for a reason, and if you will be using a mic to record any kind of content as well as video calling then it could be the better pick.

Audio Technica ATR2100X

Price: $168

Where to buy:Amazon


Of course, you’re not limited to Blue products! If you want a handheld mic (the previous two are stand-only) then this traditionally designed Audio Technica is a good choice. It comes with a small tripod for hands-free desk recording but gives you the option of handheld if you are presenting, for example.

It’s a good choice if you’ll be needing a mic away from the computer, as it has XLR input for sound mixers and audio interfaces as well as USB. It is also a dynamic mic, meaning it is very good at cutting out background noise, unlike the two Blue mics that are designed for a wider field of audio capture.

It means the Audio Technica is best for one-person recordings, whereas the Blue mics can capture podcast or call audio of two people.


Price: $169

Where to buy: Apple

This option from Shure is comparable to the Blue Snowball but is a little more versatile. It’s designed specifically for Mac and iOS so is the best mic on this list if you live in Apple’s world.

Recording Software For Yeti Microphone


It has three preset modes (vocal, instrument and flat) to allow you to easily capture different types of audio depending on the activity and comes with USB-A and Lightning cables as well as a stand. It also works with Shure’s free iOS app to record uncompressed audio, allowing you to use your phone as a controller for different settings.

Like the Blue Yeti, this one is geared more towards podcasters and musicians with a headphone output hjack on the mic, but it’ll do nicely for your work video calls too. Just steer clear if you have a Windows PC.

Yeti Software Mic

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Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording & Streaming on PC and Mac
  1. Tri-capsule array – 3 condenser capsules can record almost any situation.
  2. Multiple pattern selection – cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional & stereo. Frequency Response- 20Hz – 20kHz
  3. Gain control, mute button, and zero-latency headphone output. Power output (RMS): 130mW
  4. Perfect for vocals, musical instruments, podcasting, voiceovers, interviews, field recordings, conference calls.
  5. Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8 (including 8.1), Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP (Home and Professional), and Mac OS X (10.4.11 or higher), and requires a minimum of 64 MB of RAM(remove existing and upload).
Blue Yeti Nano Premium USB Mic for Recording and Streaming
  1. Perfect for podcasting, game streaming, Skype calls, YouTube or music
  2. No-latency headphone output, headphone volume and mic mute
  3. Standard threading for Radius III Shock Mount and/or Compass Boom Arm
  4. Plug ‘N play-Mac and PC compatible
  5. Cardioid and Omni pickup patterns; Supports sample rates up to 24-bit/48Khz
  6. Power Output (RMS): 130mW
  1. Four-capsule array – capture legendary Blue broadcast sound with greater focus and clarity than ever for professional-level gaming, Twitch streaming, podcasting and YouTube Productions.
  2. High-res LED metering – visualize your voice level with the Yeti X Microphone 11-segment LED meter. At a glance you can check if your voice level is too high or too low and adjust accordingly.
  3. Multi-function smart knob – easily adjust mic gain, mute and headphone volume, as well as the blend of microphone signal and computer sound in your headphones.
  4. Blue Voice broadcast vocal effects – download Logitech G HUB or Blue Sherpa (for PC and Mac) and gain instant access to a suite of Blue Voice broadcast effects for achieving Professional on-stream sound quality.
  1. Custom condenser capsule offers crystal clear audio for Skype, Messages and FaceTime
  2. Record vocals, create podcasts, and add narration to your home movies
  3. Add crystal clear audio to recordings for YouTube. Frequency Response: 40 –18 kHz
  4. Easy plug and play directly to your Mac or PC-no drivers to install
  5. Snowball iCE is a USB 2.0 device (USB 3.0 compatible as per USB 3.0 backward compatibility specification).Sample/word Rate: 44.1 kHz/16 bit
  6. Note: Refer the User Manual before use.

Yeti Microphone Software Windows 10

  1. Three custom condenser capsules and four different polar pattern settings: Cardioid, Stereo, Bidirectional and Omnidirectional
  2. Cutting-edge A-D converter chip and separate analog circuit path for use with professional studio mixers and preamps
  3. Built-in headphone amplifier for zero-latency monitoring, and direct controls for headphone volume, pattern selection, mute, and microphone gain
  4. 15 Hz – 22 kHz frequency response. Headphone Amplifier: Signal to Noise 114dB. Yeti Pro is not capable of simultaneous analog and digital operation.