Year in Review: My 2019 Travel Highlights

The year 2019 was an interesting one for me. From working as a flight attendant, to almost completely giving up on the aviation industry altogether, to coming right back and starting my travel blog.

2019 was the year that I decided to truly start my travel journey, to learn more about the world and to learn more about myself.

First Solo Trip: Grenada

I woke up one day and decided “I need a getaway”, and decided to travel to the Spice Isle, Grenada. From the beautiful Grand Anse beach, to dune buggy-ing around the island, Grenada gave me the confidence I needed to embrace solo travel, and for that, I am forever thankful.

Feting in Trinidad for Carnival

Trinidad Carnival is getting to be EXPENSIVE! I opted out of playing mas this year and decided to go to a few of the many fetes (parties) that take place during carnival time. I went to Soca Brainwash, Festival of Colors, Revel Nation, and I played Jouvert with Dirty Dozen.

Solo Trip #2: St. Lucia and Grenada

This trip gave me a whole new outlook on traveling alone. While it does seem adventurous and exciting, I learned that it can be stressful and lonely as well. So many things went wrong during the St. Lucia portion of my trip, but I wouldn’t take back my experience because I am now able to give my readers a well-rounded point-of-view on solo travel. Read about my experience here.

“We’re going to Morocco”

My trip to Marrakech, Morocco was one that I was admittedly nervous about because I really did not know what I would be walking into. I learned a lot about Moroccan culture and people and myself. I would definitely go back to venture to other cities that Morocco has to offer so I can have a much more well-rounded Moroccan experience. Check out my itinerary and my opinion piece!


I also went on my first cruise ever. This is not your average cruise. Take carnival and add a cruise ship, and you get UbersocaCruise! This is the biggest music festival on the seas and it did not disappoint!

I did not get to do nearly as much traveling as I wanted to do in 2019 because…Life happened. However, 2020 I look forward to doing so much more and I am thankful for the continued opportunity to do so.

Happy New Year, and Travel on everyone!

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