Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac


Foot Pedals can complement your keyboarding providing greater comfort, higher productivity, and lessen wrist stress associated with carpal tunnel syndrome. The three pedal system will allow you to use one pedal for the shift key, one for the ctrl key and one for the alt. However, they are fully programmable to be any standard key on the keyboard, or to emulate a mouse click. For many users, the pain associated withmousing is caused by the action of clicking, not from moving the mouse.

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. It is equivalent to a standard HID USB keyboard. Pre-program key or key combintions functions on the foot pedal by software. Allow to connect more than one switch to your computer by USB ports, you can achieve multi key shortcuts function. Compatible with Dos / Windows 2000 / XP / Vista/Win 7, MAC, Linux. PCsensor USB Foot Pedal Switch support mouse,keyboard,string,multi-media,Game handle function,which can be set up any key or combination of keys, can control the shortcut key by foot. The second version of mouse and keyboard operating USB Foot Switch. Optical instead of mechanical switch. Friction noise highly reduced with rubber. The USB Foot Switch 2 provides a 3 mm shorter key stroke allowing less force for switching. USB Foot Switch 2 is available in one, two or three-button and can be freely assigned by the operating.

Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac

LAN to thermocouple,2.K type thermocouple,industrial high temperature thermometer,0-400C,Android APP,remote access data,Email alarm,Apply to the mold,oven,baking room(LAN2K12) Save $39.50 Android Thermometer High Precision Water and Food Temperature Measurement Equipment Sink Bath Barbecue Temperature Detection (TEMPerOTG) Save $37.75 PDF thermograph,one time,6Day. OLLGEN Metal USB Single Foot Control Action Switch Pedal Free Driver HID for Keyboard Mouse Game PC Laptop (Blue) 28. Ultra-Slim Data USB Hub with 2 ft Extended Cable Charging Not Supported, for MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac mini, iMac, Surface Pro, XPS, PC, Flash Drive, Mobile HDD. Fastboot cdma targa s drivers for mac osx. USB foot switch Type: FS1-MColor: black Switch mode.

Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac

Foot Mousing Devices


Our Savant Elite2 Control Module and Single foot pedal is an excellent ergonomic enhancer to reduce hand and arm strain and repetition from mouse clicks and awkward key combinations. The 2-jack control module bundled with our Single pedal is ideal for situations where you want the smallest possible pedal, or where you need the pedal away from the control module.
The Control module has a 9 foot USB cable connecting to the computer, and the foot switch has its own 10 foot cable connecting to the control module with a mini-phono plug.
Factory programming provides left and right mouse click actions, and it's ideal for any user who wants to activate mouse clicks or offload one or two keying tasks.

Savant Elite2 uses generic HID (human interface device) drivers provided by the operating system. It can be operated and programmed without any special drivers in most environments supporting USB devices, including: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and Chrome.
In Play Mode the Savant Elite2 emulates a generic keyboard and mouse. In Programming Mode it emulates a generic keyboard and removable disk.
Programming Mode requires generic OS support for a removable disk, plus a text editing program or app that can edit and save a file as “plain text” or “simple text.” Most word processing and text editing programs have this capability.

  • Plug and Play
  • No special drivers needed to use or reprogram
  • Pedal is front hinged, low-profile
  • Pedal is force-adjustable
  • Pedal actions defined by a tiny, editable text file residing on a memory chip
    within the device
  • 2 jacks Factory Pre-configured to perform mouse button actions:
    - Jack 2 (front jack) - Left mouse click
    - Jack 1 (rear jack)- Right mouse click
  • Program any key action and/or macro
  • Re-programmable on any computer or tablet with a USB port
    to perform keyboard actions, macros, or to re-assign mouse button action
  • Recessed programming switch accessible from underside of unit
    (except on waterproof units)
  • Programming Mode also accessible by holding a pedal briefly while
    connecting USB cable to open virtual removable disk
  • Pedals are front-hinged and rounded for easy triggering,
    made from black, glass-reinforced nylon
  • External green and red status LEDs

Product Specifications:

Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac
  • Control module width: 5.5 inches
  • Control module depth : 2.0 inches
  • Control module height: 1.0 inches
  • Control module Cord length: 9 feet 1 inch
  • Foot Pedal Width: 2.6 inches
  • Foot Pedal Depth (front to back): 3.5 inches
  • Foot Pedal Height: 1.25 inches
  • Foot Pedal Color: Black
  • Foot Pedal Cord length: 10 feet
  • Compatible with Windows: XP and newer
  • Compatible with Mac: OS X
  • Compatible with Linux
  • Compatible with Android
  • Compatible with Chrome
  • USB Connection

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Macintosh OS X notes: OS X doesn’t support middle mouse button without using a third party driver such as that found at Also, modifier actions from one USB device cannot modify the input of a second USB device due to limitations designed into the Apple operating system.Example: Shift, Control, Command, or Option keystrokes programmed into the foot pedal cannot modify the input of a separate USB keyboard or mouse. However, a key sequence like ‘Cmd-W’ or ‘Cmd-Shift-left arrow’ will work on a Macintosh if the entire sequence of keystrokes has been programmed into the foot pedal.

Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac Download

DescriptionPart NumberPrice
Control Module with Single Action Foot SwitchAFP10J$139.00
Control Module only - 2 Input JacksAFPCMJ2$119.00
Control Module only - 4 Input JacksAFPCMJ4$129.00
Additional Foot Pedal with 10 foot long cableAFSP1$30.00
Optional Hand trigger with 8 foot long cableAFSHT$34.95

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Usb Footswitch Fs1 P Drivers For Mac Os

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