Usb-C Fingerprint Scanner For Mac


ITouch ID World's Smallest USB Fingerprint Scanner. Touch the Future of Security - iTouch ID Created by iTouch ID Ltd. 457 backers pledged NZ$ 75,105 to help bring this project to life. Last updated August 25, 2016. Campaign Rewards FAQ 9 Updates 16 Comments 350 Community. UPEK's USB fingerprint readers provide quick and reliable biometric authentication to desktop or network resources. They include cost effective Eikon swipe readers for home or office use, or larger TouchChip readers for multi-user applications.UPEK's USB fingerprint readers use the same patented technology built into many of today's fingerprint-enabled notebook PCs, as well as many mobile. Even though this is the mac version, the only difference is the packaging - where the software can be downloaded from Authentec's website. The pc software works great as well. All was great until the first one i ordered suddenly stopped working. The fingerprint reader seemed to think that a finger was swiping it in a loop. It would no longer work. So, it may or may not be possible. The latest post's about this are last year when the touchbar came out. And a user said 'Unless you install a Fingerprint-recognition software which works with the Touch Bar, Windows sees the TB as a static set of keys.' Usb-C Fingerprint Scanner For Mac By tiopermeedou1973 Follow Usb-C Fingerprint Scanner Free Convenience 6 It also comes at a very affordable price to accommodate all budgets.


Usb-CExternal fingerprint scanner

We are always looking for scanner manufacturers to include the support for their fingerprint scanners to our products. Please, contact us for more details.

These fingerprint scanners and sensors are supported by our biometric products. Each device has 500 ppi resolution, unless a different resolution is mentioned in the Notes column.
Please, click on a scanner name to view more information about it.

Sensors characteristics Supported Windows platforms Supported Linux & Android platforms Supported Mac & iOS platforms Physical devices characteristics

Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

The platforms mentioned for each scanner are supported by Neurotechnology SDKs.
Device manufacturers may have different lists of supported operating systems.

Usb-C Fingerprint Scanner For Mac

Abilma UNITY+Scans palm prints, up to 4 flat fingerprints simultaneously or single rolled fingerprints;
FBI IQS compliant (Appendix F of EFTS);
Wi-Fi 802.11n connection.
ACS AET62+Embedded contactless smart card reader
ACS AET65+Embedded smart card reader
DigitalPersona (UPEK) Eikon Solo+
Fujitsu MBF200+
Fulcrum Biometrics mobileOne QuickDock+Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n connection.
Apple Lightning connector.
PIV / FIPS 201 compliant sensor.
Futronic FS50+Two finger scanner. FBI IQS certified, FIPS 201 / PIV compliant.
Futronic FS80+Includes spoof detection
Futronic FS80H+Includes spoof detection
Futronic FS82+Includes spoof detection
Embedded smart card reader
Futronic FS88+PIV / FIPS 201 certified
Futronic FS88H+PIV / FIPS 201 certified
Futronic FS90+
NEXT Biometrics NB-3010-U+385 ppi resolution
NEXT Biometrics NB-3023-U2+385 ppi resolution
NEXT Biometrics NB-65200-U+PIV certified
SMUFS Biometric SMUFS BT+Bluetooth connection.
PIV / FIPS 201 compliant fingerprint sensor.
UPEK Eikon+
UPEK Eikon To Go+