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The apps you download and purchased from the App Store, you can also uninstall them through Launchpad. See how to do it: Click Launchpad on Dock. Click and hold the program you want to uninstall until the apps begin to jiggle. Click the x Delete button of the app you want to uninstall. Click Delete when prompted to confirm the uninstall. PowerMyMac allows you to uninstall all the apps like Microsoft Office that you no longer need from your Mac, then you can save more space to store other files or apps that you want. It will also help you locate the images on your Mac and get rid of the unnecessary photos to boost the speed performance of your Mac PC. Find the program that you want to uninstall. Scroll through the programs here until you find an icon for the program that you want to remove. If the program is inside of a folder, double-click the folder to open it and look for an uninstaller application. If there is an uninstaller application, skip to the next section.

What is Consumer Opinion

Consumer Opinion is a potentially unwanted application (PUA) that belongs to the Adware group. Adware is something which created in order to show third-party ads to the user without asking his permission. Adware software takes control of internet browsers and redirects them to undesired web-sites like the Consumer Opinion every time you surf the Web. Adware can end up on your MAC OS in various methods. Most often is when you install free software and forget to uncheck the box for the bundled applications installation.

The worst is, adware can be used to gather your browsing history and privacy information, including passwords and credit card numbers. In the future, your sensitive information can be sold to third parties.

Adware software is usually written in ways common to malware, spyware and hijackers. In order to get rid of Consumer Opinion adware, you will need execute the steps below or use free adware removal tool listed below.

How does Consumer Opinion get on your MAC system

Adware software usually comes on the MAC with freeware. Most commonly, it comes without the user’s knowledge. Therefore, many users aren’t even aware that their MAC has been affected with potentially unwanted programs and adware. Please follow the easy rules in order to protect your MAC from adware and potentially unwanted programs: don’t install any suspicious software, read the user agreement and select only the Custom, Manual or Advanced installation method, do not rush to click the Next button. Also, always try to find a review of the program on the Web. Be careful and attentive!

Threat Summary

NameConsumer Opinion
Typeadware software, potentially unwanted program (PUP), pop-up virus, popup advertisements, pop ups
  • pop-ups and newtab pages are loaded without your request
  • web-page links redirect to webpages different from what you expected
  • undesired toolbars
  • your web-browser home page or search provider keeps changing or is not set to Google anymor
  • low ping but slow Internet
  • your Apple Mac became slower than normal
RemovalConsumer Opinion removal guide

Uninstall An App On A Mac Mini

How to Remove Consumer Opinion adware (removal guidance)

In the instructions below, we’ll try to cover the Chrome, Firefox and Safari and provide general advice to delete Consumer Opinion adware. You may find some minor differences in your Apple Mac install. No matter, you should be okay if you follow the steps outlined below: remove all suspicious and unknown software, reset browsers settings, run free malware removal utilities. Certain of the steps below will require you to shut down this web site. So, please read the steps carefully, after that bookmark it or open it on your smartphone for later reference.

To remove Consumer Opinion, use the following steps:

  1. Manual Consumer Opinion adware software removal
  2. Automatic Removal of Consumer Opinion adware

Manual Consumer Opinion adware software removal

The step-by-step tutorial will help you manually get rid of Consumer Opinion ads from your web browser. If you have little experience in using computers, we recommend that you use the free utilities listed below.

Remove adware software through the Finder

Some of PUPs, adware software and hijackers can be uninstalled using the ‘Move to Trash’ tool which is located in the Finder. So, if you’re using any version of Apple Mac and you have noticed an unwanted program, then first try to get rid of it through the Finder.

Make sure you have closed all web-browsers and other applications. Next, delete any undesired and suspicious software from Apple Mac using the Finder.

Open Finder and click “Applications”.

Look around the entire list of programs installed on your MAC. Most probably, one of them is the Consumer Opinion adware. Choose the dubious program or the application that name is not familiar to you and delete it.

Drag the suspicious application from the Applications folder to the Trash.

Most important, don’t forget, select Finder -> Empty Trash.

Remove Consumer Opinion adware from Google Chrome

Reset Chrome settings to remove Consumer Opinion ads. If you are still experiencing issues with adware removal, you need to reset Google Chrome browser to its original state. This step needs to be performed only if adware software has not been removed by the previous steps.

Open the Google Chrome menu by clicking on the button in the form of three horizontal dotes (). It will open the drop-down menu. Choose More Tools, then click Extensions.

Carefully browse through the list of installed extensions. If the list has the extension labeled with “Installed by enterprise policy” or “Installed by your administrator”, then complete the following tutorial: Remove Google Chrome extensions installed by enterprise policy otherwise, just go to the step below.

Open the Google Chrome main menu again, press to “Settings” option.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Advanced” link. Now scroll down until the Reset settings section is visible, as displayed on the image below and click the “Reset settings to their original defaults” button.

Confirm your action, click the “Reset” button.

Remove Consumer Opinion from Mozilla Firefox

If Mozilla Firefox settings are hijacked by the adware, your internet browser shows intrusive pop-up advertisements, then ‘Reset Mozilla Firefox’ could solve these problems. However, your themes, bookmarks, history, passwords, and web form auto-fill information will not be deleted.

First, start the Firefox and press button. It will open the drop-down menu on the right-part of the internet browser. Further, press the Help button () as shown on the screen below.

In the Help menu, select the “Troubleshooting Information” option. Another way to open the “Troubleshooting Information” screen – type “about:support” in the browser adress bar and press Enter. It will display the “Troubleshooting Information” page like below. In the upper-right corner of this screen, press the “Refresh Firefox” button.

It will open the confirmation prompt. Further, click the “Refresh Firefox” button. The Firefox will start a procedure to fix your problems that caused by the Consumer Opinion adware. After, it’s finished, click the “Finish” button.

Remove Consumer Opinion adware from Safari

By resetting Safari internet browser you revert back your web browser settings to its default state. This is first when troubleshooting problems that might have been caused by Consumer Opinion adware.

Run Safari web-browser. Next, select Preferences from the Safari menu.

First, click the “Security” tab. Here, choose “Block pop-up windows”. Micro usb to hdmi 3 0 free download for mac. It will block some types of popups.

Now, click the “Extensions” tab. Look for dubious plugins on left panel, select it, then click the “Uninstall” button. Most important to get rid of all questionable extensions from Safari.

Once complete, check your homepage and search provider settings. Click “General” icon. Make sure that the “Homepage” field contains the website you want or is empty.

Make sure that the “Search engine” setting shows your preferred search provider. In some versions of Safari, this setting is in the “Search” tab.

Automatic Removal of Consumer Opinion adware

Cyber security researchers have built efficient adware removal tools to help users in removing unwanted popups and annoying advertisements. Below we will share with you the best malware removal utilities with the ability to search for and delete Consumer Opinion .

Use MalwareBytes Free to remove Consumer Opinion adware

If you are still having problems with the Consumer Opinion removal or just wish to check your Apple Mac occasionally for adware and other malware, then download MalwareBytes Free. It’s free for home use, and detects and removes various undesired programs that attacks your MAC or degrades MAC system performance. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware can remove hijacker, adware software, PUPs as well as malicious software, including ransomware and trojans.

Download MalwareBytes AntiMalware (MBAM) by clicking on the link below.

Malwarebytes Anti-malware (Mac)
Author: Malwarebytes
Category: Security tools
Update: September 10, 2020

Once the downloading process is complete, run it and follow the prompts. Press the “Scan” button for checking your computer for the Consumer Opinion adware. A scan may take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of files on your MAC OS and the speed of your MAC. While the MalwareBytes Free tool is scanning, you can see how many objects it has identified as being affected by malicious software. Make sure to check mark the items that are unsafe and then click “Remove Selected Items” button.

How to uninstall app on mac

The MalwareBytes AntiMalware is a free program that you can use to delete all detected folders, files, malicious services and so on.

How to stay safe online

One of the worst things is the fact that you cannot block all malicious web-sites using only built-in Microsoft Windows capabilities. However, there is a program out that you can use to stop unwanted internet browser redirections, advertisements and pop-ups in any modern internet browsers including Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. It is named Adguard and it works very well.

  1. Visit the following page to download the latest version of AdGuard for Apple Mac.
    AdGuard for Mac download
    Author: © Adguard
    Category: Security tools
    Update: January 17, 2018
  2. When the download is finished, launch the downloaded file. You will see the “Setup Wizard” program window. Follow the prompts.
  3. Once the installation is complete, click “Skip” to close the installation program and use the default settings, or click “Get Started” to see an quick tutorial that will help you get to know AdGuard better.
  4. In most cases, the default settings are enough and you do not need to change anything. Each time, when you launch your MAC OS, AdGuard will start automatically and stop annoying advertisements, block harmful and misleading webpages.

To sum up

Now your Apple Mac should be free of the Consumer Opinion adware. We suggest that you keep AdGuard (to help you stop unwanted ads and undesired malicious web-pages) and MalwareBytes AntiMalware (MBAM) (to periodically scan your MAC for new malicious software, browser hijacker infections and adware). Make sure that you have all the Critical Updates recommended for Mac OS. Without regular updates you WILL NOT be protected when new hijackers, harmful software and adware are released.

If you are still having problems while trying to remove Consumer Opinion ads from your browser, then ask for help here.

How To Uninstall App On Mac Mini

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