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In modern times, text blast for business plays a huge role in helping businesses flourish and establish significant customer bases. Speaking in terms of small to medium-sized businesses, which are yet to take off, one of the most efficient ways to amass a following is the use of a text blast service. It extends as a branch of mobile marketing and is simple, quick and easy to use. It also serves as an effective means of communication between the clientele and businesses. Prior to outlining the different features of text blast for business, it is essential to understand what it really is.

Add this SMS Blast / Bomber Shortcut. To text blast a phone number, simply go to Shortcuts app library and click on SMS Blast / Bomber. Clicking on that Shortcut prompts you to add recipient. Blast is a productivity booster application any Mac user could use to save time by having his files at his fingertips. Blast keeps track of all the files the user has been recently using on his Mac. The My Life feature is a dashboard for your content within the app. You can see and organize your thoughts and impressions, photos, and goals all in one place. The Circles feature connects you with family, classes, quorums, and others who serve with you in the Church. Best Speech To Text App For Mac. What Is Speechelo. Speechelo is the most recent text-to-speech online app from the Blaster Suite men that supplies a selection of human-like voices. Now in the search box, type Spookiz Blast: Pop & Blast Puzzle and get the manager on Google Play Search. Click on the app and install it. Once installed, you will find Spookiz Blast: Pop & Blast Puzzle in all apps in Android App Emulator, click to open it. Use the right mouse button/click to use this application.


A text blast is a text message sent in bulk to hundred-thousands of users simultaneously. It is a permission-based activity, which means people, choose to receive those messages. Thus, people are more responsive to the texts, which is why text blasting is singled out the most effective way for businesses to connect with their clientele and inform them of any events, deals, promotions, and offers. In addition to being quick and beneficial, it is also inexpensive which is suitable for small companies that don’t have funds to invest in expensive mass marketing schemes.

Text Blast App For Macbook

Text Blast App For Mac

Text Blast App For Mac Free

Using text blasts as a tool for marketing makes sure that information is put out in a condensed direct marketing environment. Text blasts for businesses complement other forms of advertising thus aiding in increasing brand awareness and purchasing intent. Many brands especially those targeting the highly sought after 15 – 25-year-old demographic report reaching more than 95% of their target audience by using a text blasting system.

Text blast app for macbook

Text Blast App For Mac Computer

Text blast software is equipped with many features to elevate mobile marketing strategies. For example, circulated messages can be saved as templates, which can be, utilized in future campaigns, QR codes and tiny URLs can be included in messages. Furthermore, text blast features allow businesses to address each message to individual recipients

An extremely functional feature of text blasts is a customer poll. Keeping in mind that people like being heard, using the poll feature ensures that businesses can freely engage with customers and employees. The results can be monitored in any text blast application interface thus giving the company unfiltered feedback from customers.

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Text blast marketing can be extremely effective even when it is used in conjunction with other marketing tools. This is supported by statistics, which show that text message blast which contains tiny URLs have a ten-time higher click-through rate in comparison to emails which have the same links. Also, digital coupons attached to a text blast have redemption rates up to eight times higher than those included in emails and ten times higher than traditional printed coupons. Android sync photos to pc.

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The efficiency and viability of this system is further demonstrated by more data: 98% of texts are opened and read within 3 minutes compared to just 20-30% emails. Therefore, response rates for blasts in comparison to other mediums prove that text blasts for business are not only reliable but also productive.