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For years now, one of the aspects where PC users always were ahead of those of us with Macs was gaming. Franchises that many players around the world enjoyed on their gaming consoles were usually available only on PC, with Mac gamers left behind.

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Nowadays though, thanks to Steam on OS X, Mac users can enjoy a lot more variety of choice when it comes to game releases. And even while the Mac Steam library is not as big as the one for PC, being able to access Steam on your Mac opens up a ton of possibilities.

Valve have confirmed that the Steam controller and Link is not currently compatible with Macs. Which is certainly a blow to many Mac gamers out there awaiting the arrival of their new Steam peripherals. As of now, the Steam Link itself is not compatible with streaming from Macs and the controller, while it does work, doesn't support game pad. From here, select the Controller menu. Then select Add Steam Controller and follow the on-screen pairing instructions to enter the validation code. The Gamepad-1 listed under the controller list is normal, and is how Mac recognizes Xinput for the Steam Controller. Setting up Steam Controller with Mac - controller working, but Steam says 'No controllers' in interface. Just trying to set up a controller with a Mac.

So if you have ever wanted to give Steam a try on your Mac, read along.

What is Steam?

Long story short: Think of Steam as an independent App Store (requires a free account) but exclusively for games. The application helps users download and install their games on their computers, as well as offering a multiplayer and a social networking platform for players to interact.

Are You Ready?

The very basics you need to start gaming on Steam is to create a free account and download their native app.

There are some basic system requirements for running the Steam app, but you should be ok unless you have a very old Mac model.

ContentImportant Note: Note that the system requirements for running the Steam app are completely different than the ones for running games. So make sure to check the requirements for each game before jumping in.

Once you have the app on your Mac, open it to browse the different games available.

One of the great things about Steam is that it provides demos of most games for you to try before buying. Additionally, Steam is known for its constant sales, allowing you to get some great releases usually at lower prices than on consoles.

Once you find a game you are interested in on the Mac section of Steam (not all games are available on Mac sadly), make sure to check its minimum system requirements at the bottom of the game’s page of before downloading it.

Cool Tip: If you like to hunt for game sales on Steam, then you can check IsThereAnyDeal and CheapShark, two sites that constantly monitor and showcase the latest Steam sales and deals.

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Perfect Control

One of the best aspects of using Steam to play on your Mac is that it allows you to use game controllers. And the good news is that if you have a game console, its controller will likely work with Steam.

For example, if you have a PS3 or PS4 controller, you can easily use those to play Steam games, which makes the experience a lot better than merely using your keyboard.

In the case of a PS3 controller, all you need to do is start Steam and then press and hold the PS3 controller’s PS button. After a while Steam will take over and the app will become full screen and take you its controller interface.

There you will be able to use your controller to navigate around all of Steam, including the shop and other media options.

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And of course, you will be able to play games with the controller as well.

And there you go. If you never tried Steam and are into gaming, then use this guide and give the platform a try. It is a great way to play games on your Mac.

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Steam Machines may be a losing proposition, but that shiny new Steam Controller, as well as the Steam Link extender, both look like they would be pretty damn useful for just about anyone with an interest in PC gaming. Unfortunately, if you own a Mac, they won’t work for you- Steam Link and Steam Controller are apparently not compatible with Mac, even if Steam is installed.

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The issue arises because the Steam Controller doesn’t support controller emulation, and Macs simply don’t allow the Steam Link to stream. Valve has, however, stressed that this is a temporary problem, and one that it hopes to have resolved soon.

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As compensation, Valve will distribute the Valve Complete Pack to anyone who has pre-purchased the controller and Link. You can still get a refund on the hardware and keep the free games, assuming you have a Mac.

Steam Controller Content For Mac Download

Steam hardware launches at retail later this year. Stay tuned to GamingBolt for more coverage and information.