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An original ‘fat’ PlayStation 2. An official PS2 Network Adapter. IDE Hard Drive (SATA incompatible without modification of the adapter, make a note of the model and storage size). IDE-to-USB, or another way to connect your IDE HDD to your computer. A large flat-head screwdriver, or a large coin. You also need the following software (all free). Modded PS2 Fat with Loaded HDD, FMCB memory card. Bundle With Extras! Me more card nodded to boot from hard drive. Hard drive is loaded with games and you can add to your pleasure! Three memory cards included and four controllers. Network adapter included Condition is. Currently the most common method of doing this is by using a softmod called FreeMcBoot on a memory card. Then loading a program called OPL (Open PS2 Loader). OPL can load ISOs from USB, HDD and Network. IDE to SATA Upgrade.

  1. g in 2018? The PlayStation 2 scene. While researching Vita homebrew, I came across a video from 2012 where someone demonstrated a soft mod for the PlayStation 2.
  2. Soft modding your PS2 has several benefits including the ability to play backups and emulators. You will be able to load your games from USB, internal HDD (Fat model only) and over the network. This will help save your PS2's laser as well as wear on your game discs
  3. To softmod your PS2, you'll need the following: a standard-size Playstation 2; a Playstation 1 game; CodeBreaker (version 8 or higher) or Action Replay Max; a USB Thumb Drive; and a PS2 Memory Card. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on softmodding your own PS2, watch this video tutorial
  4. LaunchELF is a 'loader' program and a PS2 file browser. It can be used to load other ELFs (PS2 executables) and copy/move/delete files. It's pretty easy to use and has an all-text interface, so.
  5. It's possible to output a standard PlayStation 2 (PS2) with High Definition graphics in either 1080i or 1080p, with NO MODS to the inside of the console. Her.

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For owners of the fat PS2 consoles, you can also soft mod your PS2 to use your HDD (and even use Free HD Boot -- the HDD version of Free MC Boot). Yes, I am aware that many users are kind enough to provide a free service for installing FMCB. I am of the opinion buying one from ebay is better than the time/cost it takes to send away a memory. Ps2 Soft-Mod A FreeMcBoot 1.8 egy olyan segédprogram melyet memóriakártyára kell telepíteni, és ezután azt moddolatlan Ps2-be téve futtatni fogja a backupokat. FIGYELEM : SCPH-9000x gépekkel csak 2.30-as bios-ig megy, valamint az FMCB boot 1.8-asnál korábbi verziójú installerei nem képesek megfelelően kezelni az után gyártott memória kártyákat

. Pendrive (én 4Gb méretűvel teszteltem, de valószínűleg kissebbel / nagyobbal is működik) Sony Playstation 2 / PS2 Fat konzol mega-csomag, HDD, softmod, kormány, multitap (#5) FIX. 35 000 Ft Állapot: használt Termék helye: Fejér megye Eladó: HerrK001 (128) Aukció vége: 2020/12/27 17:38:08 érdekel . FIX. 35 000 Ft érdekel . 9. Sony PlayStation 2 konzol csomag játékokkal ( PS2 ) (használt, 1 hónap garanciával).

Csak szeretném közölni: Ez a SOFT MOD igenis létezik és én ezzel használom a ps-em. nagyon jó azt leszámitva h peccselni kell a játékokat de ez egyszerű dolog szal nem vészes. Jobb mint a se a csippelés, se a soft mod nem rontja el a ps-t You can modify a PS2 through software called a softmod that doesn't require opening the PS2 and voiding its warranty. You will need to install some free files created by PS2 gamers on a PC and transfer them to the game console PS2Softmod ultimate guide; You have to register before you can post: click the register link to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Note: Other benefits of registering. . Ujraindítás után, nem jön be addig a menü, amíg kinem húzom a memóriakártyát. Ha letörlöm a fájlokat, újraindítás után, megint csak jó. Elvileg jó a széria mert 350003-as. Amikor rajta van a softmod és kiveszem a karit, bejön a menü és visszadugom, nincs bővített menü és. Home Forums > PlayStation 2 Forums > General PS2 Discussion > Help & Support > Softmod PS2 Discussion in ' Help & Support ' started by Syctor , Apr 20, 2020

You will need to use a computer and a free PS2 softmod program created by PS2 Slim owners. You will also need a memory card transfer device, such as the Action Replay, and a USB flash drive, both of which can be purchased from a video gaming store. The softmod will violate the warranty but not require opening up the PS2 Slim PlayStation 2 Soft-mod - PlayStation 2 soft-mód telepítés! Nem kell szétszedni, nem veszik a garancia! 100%-os megbízhatóság. Egy memóriakártyára van csupán szükség. A forgalomba lévő gépek 99%-val kompatibilis! [email protected]

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  • Issues trying to softmod PS2 fat (SCPH-50003) Tech Support I used to run games off a FreeMCBoot but due to cutscene skipping in various games and the fact that stores generally don't have DVDs anymore I decided to switch to running off a HDD
  • denki saját felelősségére használja
  • Softmod for Xbox 360. There is no whole-system (that will allow full root access and installing homebrew) softmod for Xbox 360 consoles. However, ways were found to modify the firmware of the DVD drive of the console. This allows the system to play games from backup (non-original) game discs
  • FreeMCBoot is one of the most tried and tested softmod methods you can find. Once you have a memory card that is FMCB'ed, the PS2 will detect it on the Memory Card and boot it up.This guide will show you how to create a Memory Card capable with FMCB capabilities, as well as explaining how it will work
  • Softmod. Figyelem a Softmod nem jó a Legujabb SCPH-90000-res gépekre és az atól újabbakra! Mert ezekben már védet chipet rakta be! Ami megakadályozza,hogy túljárjanak a Sony eszén! Ennek az egyszerű programnak a segítségével futtathatsz írott játékokata PS2-dön
  • Tutorial: Soft-modding a PS2 Fat and installing games to the hard drive from a Mac or Linux PC. Close. 2 1 12. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Tutorial: Soft-modding a PS2 Fat and installing games to the hard drive from a Mac or Linux PC
  • Eladó használt Playstation 2 slim softmod ps2 fmcb Vásárolj azonnal, licitálj aukciókra, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet

Top PS2 Emulator » PCSX2 (Windows) » PS2emu (Windows) » NeutrinoSX2 (Windows) » PCSX2 (Mac) Top 25 PS2 ROMs. DragonBall Z - Budokai Tenkaichi 3. Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas. Final Fantasy X » Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas (Bonus) » Naruto Shippuden - Ultimate Ninja 4 » God of War II (Bonus Soft-mód telepítés - Soft - mod installation - - PlayStation 2 soft-mód telepítés! Nem kell szétszedni, nem veszik a garancia! 100%-os megbízhatóság. Egy memóriakártyára van csupán szükség. A forgalomba lévő gépek 99%-val kompatibilis! [email protected] Softmod Playstation2 (ps2) biztonsági másolatok,írott játékok indítása, futtatása. Nem kell CHIP, csak egy SOFTMOD memóriakártya! A legolcsóbb megoldás, az olvasófejet sem károsítja és semmilyen beavatkozást nem igényel, a garancia megmarad! Az ár a program az ön memóriakártyájára telepítését és beállítását. Ultimate 2tb PS2 Playstation 2 OPL Build with Retro Theme / Artwork 600+ Titles Playstation 2, PS2, PS1, Fat Custom Complete System 2tb RNGiftBoutique. From shop RNGiftBoutique $ 250.00. Favorite Add to 256gb Playstation classic Modded With Thousands Games GamerzDelightUS11. From shop GamerzDelightUS11.

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  • PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION FOR DETAILS AND SUPPLIES!!Supplies:PS2 FatComputer or Laptop with DVD BurnerA copy of 007 Agent under Fire (Forget what i said, GREATEST.
  • Kínál Playstation 2 slim softmod ps2 fmcb: Tesztelt, működő PS2 slim konzol, de nem hibátlan: - lemezeket nem olvassa, lézercsere és tisztítás szükséges. - csak az 1-es kontroller csatlakozó működik, a 2-es nem. A konzol fat32-es pendrive-ról vagy merevlemezről tudja futtatni a játékokat, a dvd olvasó ezekhez nem szükséges. USB porton ps3 és ps4 kart is lehet hozzá.
  • This is part 3 on how to softmod your ps2 slim. after you put in all of the files on your usb flash put it in your ps2 slim and insert the original copy of 0.
  • How to Softmod Your Fat PS2 DISCLAIMER On the ps2 the action replay max has six options Expert mode, my devices, dvd region x, features, settings and powersaves. In the max media creator for output media there are three options save to file, ps2 cd rom and usb drive. I cant use the ps2 cd rom it says this item cannot be selected as no.
  • Soft Mod Ps2. 10/27/2016 0 Comments How to Make a PS2 Memory Card Mod Chip. Insert a PS1 or PS2 CD into the computer. Open Independence Compiler, and click the Drive Letter menu. Click the drive that your PS1 game is in, click Get to get the PS1 game's ID code and select Add.Check Key Launch on Step 2 of the program's main window. Check.
  • I own a PS2 and I'm looking for a easy way to soft mod it. It is a fat model and was probably one of the first models to be put out there as I got in first year of release. I'm hoping for a method that means I don't have to buy anything or spend to much. I've tried cogswap to no avail around a year ago and I'm hoping for a fast and easy mod so I can back up my original games

PlayStation 2 soft-mód telepítés! (Free MC Boot - PS2 softmod) Nem kell szétszedni, nem veszik a garancia! 100%-os megbízhatóság. Egy memóriakártyára van csupán szükség. A forgalomba lévő gépek 99%-val kompatibilis! Kompatibilitás: SCPH-3XXX3(R) SCPH-3XXX4(R) SCPH-5XXX3. SCPH-5XXX4. SCPH-7XXX3. SCPH-7XXX Softmod Depot is the premier source for the latest in the Console Modding community. You'll find the files you need to mod Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, and more. Softmod Depot features the best in Modding Tutorials and the best Modding Forums you can find. Softmod The Univers

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Subforums: PS2 Game Modding APPS, PS2 Game Modding Tutorials, PS2 Game Saves (Downloads), PS2 Homebrew Games and MODs Collection, PS2 ps2rd RAW Cheat Codes 841 Topics 2049 Post The easiest version of the softmod is having someone copy FMBC to a PS2 memory card from their other memory card and send it to you. I BELIEVE there is a method to load it via Gameshark software, but I wouldn't know all the specifics there

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  • I currently have a 16gb flash drive and I'm trying to softmod my fat ps2 and play games off of my flash drive, I'm thinking of saving up and buying blank dvd-r's and downloading PS2 ISO and swamp magic onto them which I can use to softmod my ps2 if I can't with a flash drive. I'd just like to know if there's way to pull it off with a flash-drive
  • The most famous is 007 Agent Under Fire. By replacing the .elf on the DVD with a program called CogSwap, you can install a softmod called FreeMcBoot. Then from there, you can also use CogSwap to play backed up PS2 games. I did that with sooooooo many PS2 games and it works great. There were a fre problems I had but only due to scratches and.
  • No technical know how needed.PS2 CHEAT SYSTEM The only cheat sy This Wii Softmod tutorial should have you up and running with emulators and more very quickly. No technical know how needed.PS2 CHEAT SYSTEM The only cheat sy AUG. 22-24 2023 MISSION DOLORES PARK SAN FRANCISCO
  • How to Soft-Mod Your PS2 For Exploits, Codes, Homebrew, Emulators What You Will Need: A PS2 Capable of Transferring Files to your Memorycard (Ex: Phat PS2, Will Work on Slim just need to transfer on Phat then load on slim) Something to transfer Files To Your PS2 Memorycard (Ex: Codebreaker, Armax) A USB Capable Device (Ex: PSP, Ipod, RDD, Camera) The Soft-Mod PS2 Pack DOWNLOAD: The Nex
  • This guide will help you to install FreeHDBoot on your PlayStation 2, which will 'soft mod' your console. To follow this guide you must meet the following requirements. You must have: A Windows PC (XP to Windows 10). An original 'fat' PlayStation 2. An official PS2 Network Adapter
  • PlayStation 2 Soft-Mod használati útmutató!. 1. A módosított kártyát a gép bekapcsolása előtt helyezzük az 1-es memória slotba! 2. Kapcsoljuk be a gépet! 3. A memóriakártyáról automatikusan betöltődik a program! így fog kinézni a módosított menü. 4. Helyezzük be egy lemezt a gépbe
  • Soft mod: Soft modding a PS2 involves inserting a disc with modded games installed ready to be played by the PlayStation 2. The original hardware remains intact. What is the difference between PlayStation 2 FAT and Slim? While searching eBay listings for modded PS2, you might encounter a multitude of options including the terms PlayStation 2.

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Vente d'accessoires pour Playstation 2, Swap Magic, FreeMcBoot, Iso PS1 et PS2 ⚙️ Homebrew ⚙️ Free MCBoot v1.8b Fr - Version MetaGames ������ 9.8Mo ������ SoftMod ������ 31/5/2018 à 10:41:20 As the name implies, softmod means software modification. In the case of the PS2, this is a software approach to modifying the way the hardware behaves. The guide tells you what you need in order to backup PS2 games to a hard drive installed into the PS2 and also boot them. The advantages láttam más forumokba hogy a slot2-be jobban működik a softmod(de csak olvastam, én is softmodolás előtt állok:D) jobban megéri saját kezüleg csinálni mert 1 ismerősödnek tuti van 1 chippel/modolt ps2-je aki bele is egyezne a műveletbe és az teljesen ingyenes, és ha neten/személyesen veszed akkor pénzbe kerül és ráadásul. Here you can find a collection of Open PS2 Loader (OPL) Apps, software, programs, utilities, and downloads. 56 Topics 439 Posts Last post Re: OPL Daily Builds (New BET by Jay-Jay Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:56 pm.

How to softmod your PS2 slim/fat with Free McBoot Today I will show you an easy way how to softmod your PS2 slim/fat. It can be done on a PS2 fat, however, the swap trick is fairly different. Softmodding a PS2, for those who don't know, is a way of hacking it without use of any modchip, just a plain memory card and a few other tools i am getting my ps2 slim modded what mod is better. Navy SEAL in charge of bin Laden raid endorses Bide This video shows how to softmod your slim, PS2. You'll need to crack open your case and be comfortable with the insides of your machine. Take your time and follow the instrutions to softmod a slim PS2 and enjoy the expanded goodness. This will let you unlock your PS2 to play games if you copy them from somewhere else PlayStation 2 Softmod - Mit hogyan FRISSÍTVE: 2011. JANUÁR 30. Van egy megoldás PS2-höz ami nem igényel semmilyen chip-pet, mégis lehet játékokkal zúzni, vagy egyéb dolgokat művelni

A soft mod is a method of using software to modify the intended behaviour of hardware, in this case video game consoles, in a way that can overcome restrictions of the firmware, or install custom firmware. Soft-modding will give you access to the huge array of function- and feature-rich open-source software available online. You can back up your gaming library and make loading times fly by Buy ������ PS2 HDD (70 Games) + Adapter + MC FreeMcBoot. Buy ������ Memory Card FreeMcBoot for Playstation 2. Buy ������ Modchip Modbo 5.0 for Playstation 10,99 ps2 HD instal using HDLoader, soft mod for ps2 You are using an unsupported browser. If you see some unexpected behavior, you may want to use a supported browser instead. Learn mor

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The PS2 wasn't particularly difficult to softmod before but it did mean having to order specialized discs online, this facilitates it so basically any high school kid can do it now. See all replie While researching Vita homebrew, I came across a video from 2012 where someone demonstrated a soft mod for the PlayStation 2. Dec 31, 2012 How to softmod your PS2 slim/fat with Free McBoot Today I will show you an easy way how to softmod your PS2 slim/fat. It can be done on a PS2 fat, however, the swap trick is fairly different When that is completed, select Install Softmod. This will load into a different screen where you will see a scroll down menu. Select Backup EEEPROM. Then back it up to the E Drive. This will take a second. Then select Install Softmod. this may take 3 to 5 minutes. once this is done, select Back To Main Menu. Then select Restart XBox PS2 Fat Complete console Soft Mod HDL OPL 160GB IDE Hard Drive 40 Games (50003) £40.00. 1 bid. £4.50 postage. Ending 15 Dec at 9:48PM GMT 4d. Click & Collect. Sony PlayStation 2 Charcoal Black Console With Controller, Cables, Mod Disc Tray. 4.5 out of 5 star

You can do a soft mod on your ps2 using your memory card for no cost go to psx scene forum and look for the freevast section and as far as playing backups online you will need to do a dnas patch. 0 0. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now. Ask Question + 100. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today This PS2 Fat has been my personal console, it has a few marks marks on the top but its not that bad, it runs great, ive played it a hand full of times, it was more of a project to Soft Mod it to play games from a internal hard drive using freeMcboot and HDLoader

Softmod Ps2 With Usb; Jul 13, 2017 - Open PS2 Loader 0.9.3 (2016) - copy SMS Version 2.9 (Rev.4).ELF onto the INSTALL BOOT map (version 2.9 rev 4 is the latest SMS version) you have to change some settings in the FMCB and Open PS2 loader software to let it recognise your external USB harddrive. Find great deals on eBay for mod ps2 Softmod Slim Ps2 10/30/2019 A softmod is a method of using software to modify the intended behavior of hardware, such as video cards, sound cards, or game consoles in a way that can overcome restrictions of the firmware, or install custom firmware Ez az oldal azért jött létre hogy aki Psp illetve Ps vitás oksotításokat szeretne csinálni itt nyugodtan keresgélhet. Illetve fényképes segítség is lesz a jövőben, hogy teljes legyen a siker. Később Ps2 softmodal is érkezünk majd ha lesz rá igény

How to Soft-Mod Your PS2 For Exploits, Codes, Homebrew, Emulators What You Will Need: A PS2 Capable of Transferring Files to your Memorycard (Ex: Phat PS2, Will Work on Slim just need to transfer on Phat then load on slim) Something to transfer Files To Your PS2 Memorycard (Ex: Codebreaker, Armax) A USB Capable Device (Ex: PSP, Ipod, RDD, Camera Kaico Free Mcboot 32MB PS2 Memory Card Running FMCB PS2 Mcboot 1.966 for Sony Playstation 2 - FMCB Free Mcboot Your PS2 - Plug and Play - Playstation 2 CFW McBoot 1.966. 4.6 out of 5 stars 137. $15.99 $ 15. 99. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 3. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon whats the best softmod for ps2 fat hiya which softmod is the best as i want to plat backup games on my ps2 fat,thanks June 23rd, 2009, 16:44 #2. RuinStarr. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles DCEmu Newbie Join Date Jun 2009 Posts 1 Rep Power 0. Originally.

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This video shows how to softmod your slim, PS2. You'll need to Take your time and follow the instrutions to soft mod your Sony slim PS2 and enjoy the expanded goodness. This will let Part 1 of 59 - How to Beat Grand Theft Auto Vice City for the PS2. How to Share Voicemails on Your iPhone in iOS 9. This is the second part on softmodding your ps2. PS2 Mod. 2012.02.21. Minden ami Softmod. Kategória: Minden ami Softmod —— shark @ 14:46 . FreeMcBoot avagy játék futtatása chip nélkül. Játék futtatása pendrive-ról Softmod segítségével. Softmod-os memóriakártya készítése Softmod-olt memóriakártya segítségével. Film lejátszás pendrive-ról. Simple Media System (SMS. ÚJ ÉS HASZNÁLT KONZOLOK, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Vita , Xbox 360 és Xbox One - Nintendo Swith, Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS gépek, videojátékok,kiegészítők nagy választéka garanciával SoftMod kártya készítése Tudtad, hogy a csippeltetés tönkre teheti szeretett PS2 konzolod lézer olvasófejét? Tudtad, hogy 8-12 ezer forintért cserélik ki az olvasófejet? megéri neked hogy szétszedik a konzolt és összeforrasztgatják? Van erre egy sokkal jobb megoldás, a szoftveres moddolás. Nézzük mi is ez. Előnye

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ps2 softmod kÁrtya eladÓ softmod kÁrtya ps2-es gÉphez. ezzel a kÁrtyÁval mÁsolt lemezekkel is jÁtszhatsz nem mÓdosÍtott gÉpeddel.sŐt mÉg mp3-at is hallgathatsz És divx-et is nÉzhetsz a ps2-eseddel. nem kell szÉtszerelni a gÉpet,Így megmarad a garancia. csak ezt a kÁrtyÁt kell a gÉpedbe bedugni És mÁris mŰkÖdik sok Új funkciÓ How to soft mod your Fat PS2 v.1 Hello and welcome to YoYo's guide on soft modding your fat ps2, here you will learn how to soft mod your ps2 to play back ups without a modchip, play emulators, play homebrew, watch .AVI off of a HDD, load back ups off a internal and even external HDD, and much more Ps2 Softmod Guide 11/29/2019 So I lucked out at Goodwill one day and was able to get a Fat PS2 SCPH 39001, a controller, a network adapter, the official 40gb HDD, and Final Fantasy XII all for $25 If you don't want to change/harm your PS2 slim, then don't softmod or change anything on it -just use original DVD titles. The PS2 slims are quiet old now and if you research properly for shops, you can get DVD/games at good cheaper price. 0 0. Anonymous. 4 years ago. How To Softmod Ps2 Slim Playstation 2. In April 1999, the first news about the successor of the PlayStation was met, shortly after the launch of the Dreamcast. In 2000 came news of the first videogame for PS2, Jak and Daxter: The legacy of the forerunners

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70+ Google product service available for you. So you can choose any one service from Google. Now I have to show details product of Google. You can earn make money online from internet then. One of the newest emulators capable of running popular PS2 games on Android is the New PS2 Emulator. Even though it doesn't cover all the games on the PS2, this emulator is capable of running games like Gran Turismo 2, Tekken 3 or Resident Evil 2 on your Android without lag!. The emulator created by Robert K. also supports various types of extension files including .bin, .mdf, .m3u or .img PlayStation 2 soft-mód telepítés! (Free MC Boot - PS2 softmod) File kezelő ( különböző file műveletek memóriakártyák, merevlemezek, USB -s eszközök közt). Remove the memory card transfer device's USB cable from the USB port on the PS2 Slim. When turned on, the PS2 Slim will now start up in a soft mod state Softmod Ps2 Fat. Download Hd Loader Ps2 Fat Motherboard. How to softmod your fat PS2. Download and extract PS2. Skin hd loader ps2 siap pakai. Pertama Download software. This tutorial has been requested for quite a long time but I waited so long because I was not too keen on the many install methods shown out there

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PS2 Mod. 2013.02.22. Meg újult oldal!!!! Kategória: Játék futtatása pendrive-ról Softmod segítségével. Softmod-os memóriakártya készítése Softmod-olt memóriakártya segítségével. Film lejátszás pendrive-ról. Simple Media System (SMS) magyarosítása. 13 hozzászólás Softmod Ps2. The PlayStation 2 (PS2) can be modified by its owner to do things not included in the operating system, for example, playing backup copies of legally owned games and running programs created by other gaming enthusiasts. You can modify a PS2 through software called a softmod that doesn't require opening the PS2 and voiding. Similar to my XBOX post I was wondering if theres anyway to softmod my ps2 so that i can play burned games/emulators, etc. i posted this once but they closed it saying it was TOO similar to my xbox post lol when in reality it is a completely different system therefore a completely different question due to the fact i know theres a different way to do it but if you can help me out it would.

How To SoftMod a PS2 FAT NO MODCHIP OR SWAPMAGIC!! Tutorial HD. Plug USB stick into PS2 and load up your swap magic disk. PS2 slim softmod - play backup PSone games NO MODCHIP NEEDED includes. NOTE: some PS2's will have either 2 or 3 sensors that you need to block, the one shown here only has 2; or 3 if you count the top lever that Details about Sony PlayStation 2 Console & Huge Games Bundle Job Lot PS2 NES SNES Soft Mod. Sony PlayStation 2 Console & Huge Games Bundle Job Lot PS2 NES SNES Soft Mod. Seller information. machomanretroemporium . 100% Positive Feedback. Save this seller. See other items. Item information. Condition Okay so i have a fat ps2 with an ide hdd and the network adapter. I want to soft mod it to play burned games/emulators, etc. I dont wanna go out and spend money on action replay/gameshark/or codebreaker. Cuz its too damn expensive now a days.. so if anyone can help me it would be highly appreciated. and remember it is a fat ps2 with a harddrive in it not a slim..i heard its easier to do on. PlayStation 2 soft-mód kártya telepítése Ezzel a móddal a gyári garanciád nem veszik el kompatibilis! : SCPH-90004 8A 8B verziói szám - ig - LAUNCHELF : file kezelő memória kártyák, merevlemezek, USB-s eszközök közt lehet másolgatni vel The Xbox is a home video game console and the first installment in the Xbox series of consoles manufactured by Microsoft. It was released on November 15, 2001 in North America, followed by Australia, Europe and Japan in 2002. It was Microsoft's first foray into the gaming console market. It is a.

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This guide was originally written by admiraldennis of the Something Awfulforums. I had no part in writing this, other than re-hosting images and files for mirroring here. Neither him nor I am responsible if you fuck up your PS2. Note: Some programs may have been updated since the screenshots have been taken, but things are still should mostly the same.

Contrary to popular belief, 'softmodding' is not just for XBox! Assuming you have a v1 - v10 PS2 (everything except slimline and possibly the rare v11), it’s quite possible and not too difficult to softmod a PS2.

Geeky Note: I am using the word ’softmod’ because it is common terminology. In reality, we aren’t ‘modding’ anything, save the contents of a memory card. What we’re actually doing is exploiting a bug in the PS2’s PSX compatibility driver. By creating an incorrect entry in the file TITLE.DB (which the PS2 uses to store compatibility information for certain PS1 games), we can cause a buffer overflow and run an unencrypted program stored on a memory card. Naturally, we will run a ‘launcher’ program which can then be used to run whatever software we wish on the PS2. This bug was fixed in v12 (possibly v11).

What do I need?

For the exploit:

  • ‘Fat’ PS2, any version except v11 (which might work?).
  • A PSX ‘trigger disc’. This disc will be used to trigger the exploit.
  • Memory card with preferably 1MB+ available (~200kb min for exploit, ~900kb min for exploit+HD).
  • A way to get files onto a PS2 memory card. Easiest way by far is through Action Replay MAX or Codebreaker. Make sure your version of either supports USB drives. (8.0+ for CB and 3.30+ for AR are CONFIRMED. Make sure to check the box for this feature, old versions of each are still sold). I bought ARMAX for $30 and it came with a free 16MB memory card which was perfect for the exploit and homebrew software!)
  • A USB flash drive for ARMAX or Codebreaker (possible without one with ARMAX, but much easier with).
  • Some free software tools (we’ll get to these later!) — Windows only.

…with a hard drive:

  • A compatible 3.5? IDE harddrive (most are). Maxtor drives fit the best in the bay, as the ‘official’ PS2 HD was a Maxtor. Western Digital drives are the most problematic as many of them don’t physically fit. I have a 200GB Maxtor Diamondmax10 which works wonderfully. (Maxtor good, WD bad? PS2 land is BACKWARDSLAND!) Compatibility database.
  • The PS2 network adapter (the hard drive plugs into this). Note that you do NOT need the Network Adapter setup discs for this.
  • Patched hdloader (we’ll get to this later!)

What can I do with a exploited PS2?

  • Run homebrew PS2 software. Essentially this is comprised of a couple emulators, a couple media players, and a couple useful utilities.
  • Store and play games off of an installed hard drive with hdloader! This greatly reduces loading times, adds convenience, and saves your games and laser.
  • Play imports from the hard drive.

What can’t I do with a exploited PS2?

  • Play ‘backup’ CD/DVD-Rs of PS2 games. (a hard drive is a better backup solution anyhow!)
  • PSX games can not be run from the hard drive. They still work fine from discs.

Will I get banned from online games? Can Sony tell?

  • No. However, certain games may not work online from the hard drive due to DNAS (more on that later). Your discs, however, will still work fine online.

I’m ready. Let’s do this.

OK. First we’ll go through just the exploit, then the hard drive. Be sure to go through the checklist above for the required materials.

Here’s the PC software you need. All of it is free or public domain and I’ve mirrored them because the original sites are often dead or nonexistent.

Titleman Frontend
PS2 Save Builder

You’re also going to need a launcher program that your PS2 will load from the exploit. My favorite is LaunchELF. Here’s the latest unofficial build: uLaunchELF v3.72. The two files in the zip, BOOT.ELF and BOOTc.ELF are identical except BOOTc.ELF is compressed. Loading time is actually quicker on the compressed version (less memory card reading), so most people will want to use BOOTc.ELF. Rename or delete the uncompressed BOOT.ELF and rename the compressed BOOTc.ELF to BOOT.ELF (this is important).

Get your PSX ‘trigger disc’ and put it in your PC. The vast majority of games will work for this, but a couple won’t (namely Quake II and Duke Nukem’ games). I use THPS 3 for PSX since I also have the PS2 version :). Open up IDGET, select the drive, and GET the ID of the PSX disc.

Open Titleman Frontend. Click ‘Create TITLE.DB’ (file is created in same dir as app). Put in the disc ID and click ‘Add Exec’. Click ‘List current contents of TITLE.DB’ and confirm your entry. Pay special attention to the initial four letters, sometimes TMFE messes these up. If all is well, exit the program.

Ok now if you aren’t using ARMAX or CB, skip PS2 Save Builder and the ARMAX steps. The goal is to get TITLE.DB and BOOT.ELF onto your Memory Card in the BADATA-SYSTEM directory (same directory as Your System Configuration). If you know another way to do this (DexDrive, etc.) then go ahead. Otherwise…

Open PS2 Save Builder. File > New to create a new save. Under ‘Root/ID’ put ‘BADATA-SYSTEM’ (US/NTSC) or ‘BEDATA-SYSTEM’ (EUR/PAL). Please note that is a - and not a _. Drag TITLE.DB from the Titleman Frontend folder into the list. Drag BOOT.ELF (compressed or not, it has to be named BOOT.ELF exactly) into the list as well. Goto File > Save As… If you’re using AR MAX, choose AR MAX v3 (*.max). If you’re using Codebreaker, choose Code Breaker Saves (*.cbs). Name the file exploit.max or

Plug in your USB flash drive and copy the exploit .max or .cbs file to it (root level).

Now it’s PS2 time. I have ARMAX so that’s what I’ll be using for the tutorial. Codebreaker people should be able to figure it out, as CB is supposed to be pretty similar.

Put your USB flash drive in either USB slot, and your ARMAX disc in your PS2. Load up ARMAX. Go to ‘Max Memory’, hit X, and wait for it to load the memory manager (which takes far too long). Press X on ‘My Devices’. Choose memory card 1. Find and select ‘Your System Configuration’, then choose delete to delete it. We do this because our exploit files are going into the same folder as the system configuration (BADATA-SYSTEM) and certain versions of ARMAX will display an error (File already exists) if you don’t do this first. All the system configuration file contains is a couple settings (screen size, language, etc), so don’t worry about deleting it. These will be reset to default after doing this.

Press triangle to go back. Now Choose the USB drive as the primary device. Wait for it to search the drive. Check ‘NEW_FILE’ (this is our exploit.max) and go down to ‘Uncrush to MC1'. Confirm and wait a couple seconds for it to extract.

Softmod Ps2 Slim With Usb

(people not using ARMax should start reading again now)

When it finishes, shut off your PS2 (you can remove the USB drive). Turn it on and insert your PSX trigger disc.

If everything worked, you should see a flash of white followed by this screen:

Congratulations! You have successfully exploited your PS2!

You can now load up LaunchELF by simply having that memory card in either slot and the trigger disc in the drive. From here we can run homebrew PS2 software (directly from a USB drive, even) and set up some other stuff.

Note that the exploit is stored under the ‘Your System Configuration’ file in your memory card. Deleting this will delete the exploit. You can safely configure your PS2 without worries, however. You also might see one or two small ‘corrupted data’ files appear in your memory card. Don’t let this alarm you and don’t delete them. They are configuration files for programs like LaunchELF. They’re not actually corrupt.

How to configure LaunchELF

LaunchELF is a ‘loader’ program and a PS2 file browser. It can be used to load other ELFs (PS2 executables) and copy/move/delete files. It’s pretty easy to use and has an all-text interface, so pictures aren’t necessary.

LaunchELF defaults to Japanese/Metal Gear Solid style keys (O is Confirm, X is Cancel), though you can change this in options. Press select to enter configuration, where you can assign different keys to different ELFs. ‘Default’ will be launched after a specified number of seconds (’Timeout’). I set my default to HDLoader with a timeout of 3. It’s also useful to assign the ‘built in functions’ (under MISC when assigning). These include FileBrowser (browse PS2 file system) and PS2Browser (launch the PS2 Browser).

So what’s the deal with these HDLoader and HDAdvance discs people are selling? Shouldn’t I get one of these instead?

NO! If you’re buying a copy of HDLoader nowadays you aren’t buying it from the original creator (who has long since stopped selling HDLoader). The people you buy it from are most likely ripping you off by selling someone elses product. In addition, the standard HDLoader is pretty outdated nowadays. it doesn’t support drives over 127GB and it has many more compatibility issues than the latest patched HDLoader. Why pay money to a bunch of people selling someone else’s now-outdated product?HDAdvance is even worse. Do you really want to give your money to a bunch of crooks? HDAdvance is literally a hex edit of the HDLoader binary. The HDAdvance ‘team’ took HDLoader, applied some community-created patches they didn’t even create, modified the splash screen and menu bitmap, and are selling it for $20-$30 or whatever. Not to mention it’s not up to date. If you buy HDAdvance you are literally supporting asshole plagiarist criminals.

How do I set up a hard drive with HDLoader?

First, the physical hard drive installation. This is easy.

The hard drive goes in the ‘expansion bay’ and connects directly to the network adapter.

Softmod ps2 fat with hdd

Remove your PS2’s expansion bay cover if it still has one. Set your drive’s jumpers to ‘cable select’, attach it to the network adapter, and insert it into your PS2. Remember to attach the drive to the network adapter before you put it in the PS2. Tighten the screws on the network adapter. Sony recommends you use a nickel, but I use a screwdriver nowadays. If you decide to use a screwdriver, make sure not to tighten it too much. It’s very easy to break the plastic. Make it firm but not tight.

Modded Ps2 Fat

The physical installation is complete, now it’s time for HDLoader.

Here is a copy I have fully patched for exploit use and packed myself: hdloader v0.8b. Here is a thread on patching/packing your own, if you really want to.

This HDLoader was patched on 07.30.05 via hdlpatch 0.7c with /N - No disc seek while loading (stops freezing at splash screen on V9). /C - Compatibility options update (press SELECT to access). /S - Stop cdvd-drive motor after loading (use ONLY with disc based booting). /L - LBA 48bit patch (allows full use of HDDs up to 2 terabytes). /IS - Custom splash screen. (I put a nice modified splash screen that denotes the patches applied) and packed with ps2-packer 0.4.

Unzip the file and copy ‘HDL_0.8b.elf’ (610KB) to your USB flash drive. Plug the drive into your PS2, and turn your PS2 on with your trigger disc.

If you followed my tutorial thus far, you should be booted into LaunchELF and you are able to access LaunchELF’s built-in file browser. In the file browser, go to mass:/ to access the USB drive. Find HDL_0.8b.elf (HDL_0.8b.elf in the photos below), select it, press R1, and select copy.

Press triangle to navigate back to the root path in the file browser. Select your memory card (mc0 for slot 1, mc1 for slot 2), select BADATA-SYSTEM (we might as well put it in with the exploit files), press R1, and go to paste. After a few seconds, HDL_0.8b.elf should be copied onto the memory card. Now, you probably want to set up HDLoader to load automatically after a few seconds (or at least map it to a key). Press Select to exit the file browser and then enter CONFIG from the LaunchELF menu. Select either DEFAULT (for timeout loading) or a key to map HDLoader to. Navigate to your HDL_0.8b.elf file (mc/BADATA-SYSTEM/HDL_0.8b.elf), and select it. For DEFAULT, choose a TIMEOUT value.

Go back to the LaunchELF menu, select HDL_0.8b and hit OK to load HDLoader!

You should see the HDLoader splash screen followed shortly by this screen:

(if you see this instead, HDLoader can not see your hard drive. Check your connections, jumper settings, and model. If you see a black screen, something’s wrong with your copy of HDLoader or the way you are launching it. Note that HDLoader does NOT like being the BOOT.ELF file on many PS2 versions, which is why we do it through LaunchELF)

Press ‘continue’ to format your drive. You should see this screen (I used an extra 60GB Seagate Barracuda for demonstration purposes):

You’re done with setting up your hard drive with HDLoader! You may now install games directly via your PS2 and play them from your hard drive. Note that dual layered games and games in .iso format can not be installed within HDLoader. PSX games may not be used with HDLoader at all.

List of DVD9 games (must be installed via PC):

8.05GB USA Xenosaga 7.93GB USA God of War 7.74GB USA Champions of Norrath 7.55GB USA The Guy Game 6.47GB USA Madden 2005 Collectors Edition 5.99GB USA Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance 4.95GB USA Gran Turismo 4

What about compatibility modes?

Certain games require certain compatibility modes to be set in order to work correctly with HDLoader. An up-to-date list of game compatibility and modes can be found here. To access the compatibility mode settings for games, highlight them and press Select (note that the terms ‘Mode 1', ‘Mode 2', and ‘Mode 3' refer to the first three compatibility modes, respectfully).

How do I install games via PC directly?

This is the best way to install games (either from optical media or from an ISO) in my opinion. You will need the freeware WinHIIP.

First step is to connect your PS2’s hard drive to your PC. You can do this directly to the IDE bus or with some kind of case (FireWire or USB2, generally).

(My hard drive connected to the FireWire case I recieved that day. Before that, I hooked it up to the IDE cables still visible below it. No, this is not my primary workstation, it’s a cheapo Dell Pentium III I got for free. :) )

Note that the hard drive will not show up in Windows Explorer, as it is not in a Windows-readable format.

If you already have the ISO of the game you want to install, skip this next section.

While WinHIIP can install games directly from media, I usually don’t do this. WinHIIP doesn’t support dual layer DVDs for one, and PS2 hard drives are easily corrupted by failed installations. Creating an ISO doesn’t take too long as it is. Dhs cert. The choice is up to you, though.

To make an iso of a DVD, you will need a program like the free DVD Decrypter.

Launch DVD Decrypter, go to the ‘Mode’ menu, and select ISO>Read.

Mash the big DVD>HD button and to create an ISO of the DVD.

To make an ISO of a CD, you simply need an ISO creation utlitity. I use the shareware IsoBuster, but there are some decent free tools out there like LC ISO Creator.

You can install multiple ISOs at once with WinHIIP, so repeat these steps for all the games you wish to install.

Once you have the ISO(s) of your game, launch WinHIIP. Go to ‘Select Drive’ and select your PS2 hard drive.

Go to ‘Add Image(s)’ and select the ISO(s) of the games you wish to add, filling out their names appropriately (don’t touch the other options).

Be sure to double-check the CD/DVD selection, as sometimes it defaults incorrectly (thanks, BillyBoBob). I’m not sure what exactly this setting does, and I’ve never had any problems with the wrong setting selected, but better safe than sorry.

When everything’s set to go, hit Start and watch your games install very quickly (I generally get 14-16MB/sec)!

Links: - Up to date game compatibility list. - Hard drive compatibility list. - Great resources and forums.