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After months of flirting, dating, Woo-hooing and falling in love – you’re finally about to max out your romance meter with the apple of your Sim’s eye.

And the first step is the longest and craziest part: the wedding preparations.

Modding The Sims 4 can make the game more vibrant and varied, especially when it comes to your Sims’ looks. Here are some of the best mods that will put more skin tones, eye colors, freckles. Well the Hair NTE910 CC by Wings Sims is clearly inspired by the former queen of Westeros and Highgarden’s pride, Margaery Tyrell’s hairstyle. Her iconic half-up half-down hair, with an intricate knot at the back, is a fine wedding lewk.

As a bride, one of the hardest things to decide is your complete wedding look. What dress are you going with? What would be your theme?

And somewhere on that list is the question “what should I do with my hair?”

Well if you need something beyond the base game, here’s a bunch of custom wedding hairdos perfect for every Sim gal on her big day.

10. Lena’s Wedding Veil

The veil symbolizes innocence and purity. Well, now it’s viewed mainly as part of the wedding tradition, and something grooms can’t wait to get rid of.

Lena’s Wedding Veil CC from Marshmello is a cathedral veil with classic lace embroidery. Cathedral veils give off more dramatic and regal vibes, and will go great with a dress that is also embellished with lace. And you get three swatches with the download!

We covered a few other wedding veil CCs in a previous list, but this one just fits so well with almost every hair style. I just had to include it.

Now to practice how not to trip over it…

Sims 4 Bangs Over Eyes

9. Peacock Crown

Sims 4 Bangs Over Eyes

A wedding is a woman’s chance to feel and look like a queen.

And it’s our chance to look and feel like we cost a million Simoleons.

Feel like royalty(or the very least an international beauty pageant winner) with the Peacock Crown by MsSims!

True to its name, the crown is shaped like a peacock’s plume, adorned with diamonds that will sparkle as your Sim goes down the aisle.

It comes in silver and would work best with your Sim’s hair down, or in a low bun.

8. WM Headacc F 201806

Too shy to wear a crown to your wedding, but want a little sparkle to give yourself more shine?

You can’t go wrong with bejeweled headbands.

These are more non-descript and a modern choice for the traditional bridal headpiece.

And we love S-Club’s WM headband CC!

It’s got a slim style with round bejeweled accents, kinda resembling berries growing on stalks. It goes well with a poofier hairstyle to give it a backdrop.

7. Persephone (Female Hair)

Sims 4 bangs over eyes

If you’re a Greek Mythology geek such as myself, Persephone would be a name you’d know well.

Daughter of Zeus and Demeter, she’s the Greek goddess of fertility. And the queen of the underworld after she was abducted (and made wifey) by Hades.

By the way, Hades was her uncle, and her abduction was Zeus-approved. Dora buji cartoon video in tamil download. Hmm… those Greek gods were something else…

Get beauty like Persephone’s(but none of her baggage) with this hair named after the goddess & created by Stealthic.

This is a great wedding hairstyle with a wavy, side-swept look. You get 18 swatches that even feature more radical colors such as pink or purple for the unconventional bride.

This hairstyle will go perfectly with tube gowns, too. You’ll look like a goddess.

6. Firefly (Hair)

You can never go wrong with a French braid.

This is a timeless style that brings another level of class and elegance to your look. It’s also, obviously, a wedding hairdo favorite.

Anto’s Firefly CC will make your Sim look both fire and fly on her big day.

You won’t even need any other headpiece for this ‘do.

Pair this up with dainty chandelier earrings that’ll frame the face, and you can even change it up with 18 swatches.

Upon reaching that altar, your Sim can finally whisper to her man: “Voulez vous coucher avec moi, ce soir?”

5. Audrey

Let’s give you some piping hot tea: not everything will go swimmingly on your big day.

Sure, in The Sims you feel like you have full control of everything. But just like life, there may be surprises that you didn’t predict.

Maybe your caterer’s oven decides it’s a good time for a bonfire. Maybe your entertainer never shows. Or maybe it’s a rainy day and you just cannot get wet.

Well put up an awning and at least look beautiful with the Audrey by S-Club.

This messy updo veers away from the prim and proper wedding ideals and shows everyone that you can let loose.

It features a low French braid at the back and wispy bangs at the front. Get it in 18 swatches!

4. Yumi Hairstyle

I’m a firm believer that short hair is just as appealing as long hair.

Brides usually get pressured to keep their hair long for their wedding because they want to have more hairstyle choices when the day comes.

Sims 4 Cc Hair Bangs

But plenty of Sim girls can pull off short hair beautifully! Long is not always necessarily better.

So we have something for the ladies who want to keep it short and simple with a touch of vintage. My Stuff Origins’ Yumi Hairstyle is a chin-length wavy bob with two small barrettes at each side.

Imagine wearing a tea-length vintage wedding gown and a short veil with this. You can even pop in some gloves. Totally tres chic!

3. Skysims Hair 250

Call me a little bit biased, but this hair might be my absolute favorite from this list.

When I got married, I told my hairstylist to turn me into a Disney Princess.

She was like, “Say no more, fam” and gave me hair that’s almost exactly like this CC.

I can now recreate my actual wedding in-game with the Skysims Hair 250, created by Red Head Sims.

It’s a simple, messy braid hairstyle that comes down to the waist that has a generous 30 swatches. This will go great with almost all hairpieces, but will look extra magical with a flower crown!

2. Hair NTE910

Despite whatever you feel about the Game of Thrones now (no judgment here), we can’t deny its cultural impact.

It also had amazing costumes and hairstyles.

Hairstyles worn by characters like Sansa, Daenerys, and even Cersei have been constant wedding hair pegs.

Well the Hair NTE910 CC by Wings Sims is clearly inspired by the former queen of Westeros and Highgarden’s pride, Margaery Tyrell’s hairstyle.

Her iconic half-up half-down hair, with an intricate knot at the back, is a fine wedding lewk.

Your groom and onlookers will be blown away.

1. Hair N3

We sometimes wish Sim CC creators could develop somewhat better names for their creations, because so many names do not give them justice!

Take this one from S-Club, for instance.

Hair N3 is an effortless but gorgeous updo with bangs.

What we love about this hair is that the style is buildable – you can go crazy about adding accessories without worrying about going overboard.

You can take this hair from the ceremony to the reception. No need to let your hair down to get down!

It may not have much of a name, but this is by far one of the best wedding hair CCs you’ll find.

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To fringe, or not to fringe, that is the question.

Whether you’ll pick a hairstyle with bangs, or not.

I often find myself looking for hairstyles with bangs when I want to change the appearance of my Sim, without actually changing their facial features. There’s just something about locks of hair covering the forehead that adds personality to even the simplest hairstyle.

Whether you’re looking for blunt bangs or wispy ones, I’ve got you covered.

15. Isla

Let’s begin with a classic look, a ponytail and full bangs.

Icecream for Breakfast brings us the Isla hair, a short and simple ponytail with a slightly parted full fringe.

A ponytail is a classic hairstyle, and the addition of bangs adds some personality to it. Whether you’re putting together a formal outfit, or if you’re looking for a hairstyle to complete your athletic wear, the Isla hair is versatile enough to be used in both situations.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors + 1 true black swatch

14. Teek

I like my CC short, cute, and curly.

I’m giving you an early warning about the amount of hairstyles with baby bangs in this article.

They’re cute, I love them, and I want everyone to love them as well.

Sims 4 Bangs Over Eyes

Take the Teek hair from Yooniesim for example. How can you not love this adorable CC?

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors, Modified Maxis, and The Witching Hour palette

13. Allegra

I imagine this hair to be worn by a new university student who will inevitably arrive late to her first class because she fiddled with her bike for too long.

I can’t get enough of how cute the bangs look with this hairstyle.

At first glance, they may seem awkward because of their size. But the longer you look, the more you’ll appreciate how perfect the baby bangs are.

  • Base Game compatible
  • 18 EA colors

12. Crescendo

If I asked you to imagine a hairstyle that composed of long hair and chunky bangs, I’m sure this would be your answer.

Most of us, if not all, have already seen someone rocking this style.

From anime characters to world famous celebrities, this hair is everywhere. The Crescendo hair CC from Yooniesim allows you to bring a classic hairstyle to the Sims universe.

I absolutely adore how the bobby pin accessories accentuate the chunky bangs. The hair pin accessory even comes in the Lovechild palette along with 5 multi-colored swatches.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors, Modified Maxis, and The Witching Hour palette

11. Lucy

There’s just something so serene about messy hair and parted bangs.

The Lucy hair from CandySims4 is the perfect lazy day hair. Just imagine your Sim still wearing their pajamas while reading a book in front of the fireplace.

Ah, I’m already in heaven.

I love how the creator made use of a hairclaw here too, because it fits the vibe of the hair perfectly.

They also added a recolor accessory for the hairclaw that has 50 swatches: 30 plain colors and 20 patterned swatches.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors and 27 Candy Colors

10. Sweet Luxuries

Sims 4 Bangs Accessory Download

In the past(about three months ago) I was not a huge fan of undercuts.

Then Eco Lifestyle came out and I became a changed person.

The Sweet Luxuries hair from xldkx is a frankenmesh of three amazing hairs from grimcookies.

It definitely has everything that I like when it comes to CC hair.

Short hair length? Check.

Undercut? Check.

Statement short bangs? CHECK!

  • Base Game compatible
  • 18 Modified Maxis colors and 40 Puppy Crow colors

9. Colleen

Who knew space buns and full bangs look good together?

The Colleen hair by Quella comes in two versions: one with long bangs, and the other with shorter ones.

I love the detailing on this hair, especially the buns. I’m a weak human being when it comes to messy buns.

I suggest you go and grab the version with shorter bangs, you’ll adore it.

  • Base Game compatible
  • 57 colors

8. Coconut Head

This Coconut Hair by Cement is a mesh edit of the vanilla bob. I personally don’t use that bob, but I can see myself using this hair.

I’m sure all the Friends fans out there agree with me when I say that this hair reminds me of what Monica’s hair looked like after Phoebe botched her haircut when she mistook Demi Moore for Dudley Moore.

But unlike Monica, I’m sure you’re Sim will definitely enjoy rocking their coconut head.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors + 7 gray swatches

7. Calla

What can I say, I’m a total sucker for statement short bangs.

The Calla hair CC from poanl is a simple long bob with bangs.

It may be a little bit too short for some people’s liking, but it’s perfect for me. I’m also absolutely in love with how the hair is tucked behind the ears, because how else am I going to showcase my slightly excessive collection of earrings?

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • Modified Maxis Palette

The Sims 4 Cc Bangs

6. Lollipop

A cute, possibly edgy hairstyle with twintails, braids, and full bangs.

The Lollipop hair from CandySims4 is definitely giving me egirl vibes.

High twintails mixed with braids, partnered with pom pom accessories. Definitely a cute sight.

With the right outfit and hair color, this seemingly simple and innocent hairstyle will be perfect for your edgy teen Sim who’s currently on a mean streak.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors and 27 Candy Colors

5. Bloom

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find the perfect CC that I know will be perfect with bangs… but the only version available is one without any bangs.

Accessory bangs are a thing, people. But they don’t always work.

Simandy answered my prayers and created the Bloom hair.

It comes in two versions: one with bangs and one without.

What I especially love about this hair is its wispy bangs. It’s very unique, and totally worth adding to your game.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors and 40 Puppy Crow colors

4. Mathilda

Reminiscent of Natalie Portman’s iconic character of the same name, and maybe Tokyo from Netflix’s Money Heist, this hair is to die for.

A short bob paired with short bangs is always a killer look.

Adorn your self-assured, ambitious, maybe a little erratic Sim with this amazing hair from asimilee and channel their inner badass.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors

3. Quinn

The Sims 4 meets Fortnite in BustedPixels’ Quinn hair.

Now I don’t play Fortnite.

But if the characters all have hair as good as this CC, I might just check the game out.

I don’t usually consider ribbons to be badass, either. But I’m making an exception for this one.

I love how the ribbon seems to hold the bangs down in place; it’s both practical and stylish.

  • Base Game Compatible
  • 18 EA colors + 65 colors from BustedPixels’ palette
  • 18 color accessory everlay (found in hats)

2. Nyx

This Nyx hair by evoxyr is a maxis match recreation of NewSea’s innocent hair.

This simple side swept hair with full bangs is absolute perfection.

Grab the creator’s strand accessory (81 swatches!!) that changes the color of the bangs, and a few strands of hair that frames the face. You know, if you want to give your Sim an egirl look.

The hair has two versions and it comes in a variety of color palettes.

You can download this CC in the oblivion palette, EA colors, modified maxis, or the witching hour palette. Or go crazy and download them all.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • EA colors, Modified Maxis, Oblivion palette, The Witching Hour palette (selectable)

1. Tara

Don’t get me wrong, blunt bangs are my go-to.

But there’s just something about these slightly parted bangs paired with long braided pigtails that absolutely caught my heart.

The details on the pigtails are amazing! I adore the mix of braided and unbraided hair too.

The creator also added 14 swatches of accessory streaks that take this hair to another level. It comes in two versions: one with the pigtails draped over the shoulders, and one with the pigtails draped over the back.

The Tara hair by xGHOSTx is absolutely worth adding to your CC hair collection.

  • Base Game compatible
  • Hat compatible
  • 18 EA colors

Accessory Bangs Sims 4

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Sims 4 Bangs Over Eyes

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