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Review: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Features – Edit files: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac lets you edit add, delete, extract, replace or crop images on PDF file. You can also insert, delete. ISkysoft PDF Editor for Mac: The Features. Getting to the features is what we’ve all been waiting. So here is a look what this amazing software has to offer the users of Mac Devices. ISkysoft PDF Editor Pro is an amazing software that has got a lot of editing tools for Mac devices. With this software, you can edit PDF easily. #paperless #notetaking #productivity You can purchase the software here: I use: 👩🏾‍💻 iPad pro 201. PDF Editor 6 Professional can convert PDFs to Microsoft Office formats, several image types, HTML, rich text, plain text, and in the Mac version, Apple’s Pages. You can convert one file at a time. PDF Editor Pro for Mac User Reviews. Trusted by Millions of Media & Users. 14 Reviews Add Your Reviews. It was so easy to use and its features are outstanding! Thank you iSkysoft! By Gardner 2016-05-03 18:11:02. I highly recommend this software to all the professionals like me who need to handle and edit PDF.

iSkysoft PDF Editor is ranked among the best PDF editor and it is known for its efficiency and features. This software allows you to edit PDF documents with accurate formatting and font styles. It doesn’t restrict its activities just to PDF documents but also works wonders with PDF images. You can edit PDF images by rotating them, cropping them and even inserting and extracting PDF images without any loss in the original quality and compression. PDF pages can also be inserted, replaced, deleted, extracted, cropped and rotated. Batch conversion of OCR scanned PDF files, is also possible along with a suitable OCR language. Moreover, the software supports multiple formats of files such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, EPub etc. With a smooth user-friendly interface, it only gets easier and easier for users to download and employ this software for either Windows or Mac OS.

Features of iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional

Markup & Sign PDF

Using Markup PDF, you’ll be able to highlight, underline and also strikethrough the text/content of the PDF document quickly and easily. Using Annotate PDF, you will be able to attach sticky notes and text boxes in order to assist you with adding further notes and comments in the PDF document. You could also make free-hand drawing on PDFs to signify the inclusion of footnotes at any point in the entire document. Stamp PDF is used to insert dynamic stamps and business stamps and also sign/seal PDFs with stamps.

Convert & Create PDF

PDF documents can easily be converted to various other common file formats and even batch conversion of PDFs is facilitated. You also have the option of putting together numerous PDF files into a single PDF document. That is not all; a single PDF can also be split to multiple PDF files with the help of page ranges and bookmarks. You do not have to ponder over quality anymore as creation of PDFs in high quality from other formats is not a distant dream with iSkysoft PDF editor 6 Pro.

Edit PDF Form

What you’ll be glad to know is that these features are not limited to PDF documents but also extends to PDF forms. You will be able to fill out PDF forms that could be either interactive ones or non-interactive ones. You will also be able to create PDF forms and personalize them as per your requirements conveniently. Once the forms are completely filled out, you will be able to extract the PDF form data enabled by one-click form automation. Automatic form recognition is another commendable feature that lets forms be interactive.

Organize PDF


If you suddenly wish to sort out a mess of 100 PDF documents, this software curbs all your stress. It facilitates your organization process. As far as organizing your PDF documents is considered, you can even add bookmarks to PDF documents in order to steer instinctively. You could even add bates number to separate PDF pages in order to establish simple organization and indexing. Easy customization is possible by changing the PDF background, adding headers and footers to the document etc. To make sure of the security of the content, you may use password restrictions to manage print and changes in the document as a whole. Along similar lines, passwords can be added or removed from PDF in batches. This software is flexible with watermarks also. Batch processing is enabled to add and remove watermarks in PDF documents. It is also possible for you to redact PDF texts, images and pages as such in the PDF document permanently. These PDF documents could also be printed directly, shared using e-mails and Dropbox.

Guide on how to edit text in PDF


Adding text to a PDF- Under the “Edit” tab, you will find an option to add text that you require in your PDF document and by selecting “Add Text”, you will be able to add text.

Other than simply adding text, you can also insert an image in the document or a link to your PDF. From the tool bar, under the “Edit” tab, the “Add image” button or the “Link” option can be selected.

Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac Free


Text color and font style- Towards the right sidebar, the tool meant to adjust and manage the text color and font style is present and it will assist you with editing or adding the required text in the document.


Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac Review

Additionally, the customer support team is pretty dedicated and is available round the clock. The software also offers you a 30-day money back guarantee. A package of amazing features is waiting for you! The free trial feature aids you to check out the software first and then go ahead with the purchase. Go grab a chance to check it out here.

PDF is one of the very popular file format. Nowadays every other document is shared or transferred in PDF format. The format is widely accepted and is supported by almost all devices, hence PDF file is used.

PDF file may be widely supported but editing PDF file is not a easy job. You will not find too many softwares which allows you to edit files. Today we are going to review one of the popular Editor – iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac.

Let’s see its features first:

Review: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac Features –

Edit files: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac lets you edit add, delete, extract, replace or crop images on PDF file. You can also insert, delete, rotate, crop, replace, rearrange or organize PDF pages.

Annotate: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac provides you with multiple markup and annotation tools. You can Highlight, underline, strikethrough specific lines, Add sticky notes, text or callout comment, Change PDF text or background to a colour or image, add or remove watermark on PDF file.

Create and Convert: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac allows you to create PDF files from existing PDF files, webpages, images, EPUB and any form of texts. You can convert a PDF file to several output formats like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML, EPUB, Rich Text, Plain Text, and images. Adobe flash player download update mac.

OCR: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac comes with accurate OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which lets you edit, copy and search scanned PDF files. You can convert scanned PDF to Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, images and plain texts. It supports multiple OCR languages.

Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac

Forms: It lets you fill out interactive and non-interactive PDF forms and edit them.

Security: iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac lets you add password and permission to your PDF files. You can also place custom stamps and e-signatures onto your documents, and redact PDF files. Digital sign can be done using software.

We are reviewing the Mac version of iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro, but there is a windows version of the software as well. So let’s see how the software perform in our review:

First of all you need to install the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac on your Mac OS. You need to open the file you want to edit. Once the file is opened, you can edit the file.

The app allows you to edit your scanned PDF files as well. You can Add Color, Image and PDF Background to the files easily. In our review, the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac performed really well. Editing file on the software is very easy.

Converting PDF files is also very easy with iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro. On the main window, click convert PDF. After that you can convert the file to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Image, HTML, EPUB, and Texts.

Review Of Iskysoft Pdf Editor 6 Professional For Mac

You can buy the iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac for $99.95. The company also offers a free trial of the software. If you are looking for full fledged PDF Editor for your Mac then iSkysoft PDF editor is best solution for you.