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Install: Documents Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 Profiles your profile. Should be numbers Paste file in there. Load save from in game For additional items, different horses, Trapper Outfits, Use XB36Hazard's save editor. Pretty easy to use. Table of Red Alert missions by faction and game; All Red Alert Missions: Allies: Soviet Union: Empire of the Rising Sun: Red Alert: Allied RA1 missions: Soviet RA1 missions - Counterstrike: Allied CS missions Ant missions: Soviet CS missions - The Aftermath: Allied AM missions: Soviet AM missions - Red Alert 2: Allied RA2 missions: Soviet RA2.

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Playtest 20201213

Posted by Paul Chote at 2020-12-13 16:00 +0000

Happy holidays from the OpenRA community!


Just in time for the holiday period, we are kicking off a new playtest series for the next OpenRA release. Recent development has focused on building the foundation for future features, including a lot of work towards the Tiberian Sun mod which we described in our last news post. But this does not mean that this release is short on new features!

Some of the new changes to look out for in playtest-20201213 include:

  • New lobby options for Stealth Deliveries in Tiberian Dawn and Automatic Concrete in Dune 2000
  • Disable spawn points in a game lobby by right-clicking on the map preview
  • Share OpenRA status and game invites on Discord
  • More fluid infantry combat after fixing several long-standing combat bugs
  • Battlefield zooming is now centered on the mouse cursor
  • Red Alert Spies can now reset support powers by infiltrating the structure that grants them
  • Servers can be configured to save replays, enabling the creation of community ladders

Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn include an updated set of skirmish/multiplayer maps, and community balance changes refresh their multiplayer meta. Dune 2000 features new weapon damage calculations that are more faithful to the original game, plus a number of other small consistency fixes. For single-player fans, Red Alert includes 8 more missions from the original game, and the AI behavior and performance has been improved across the board.

Players who use Discord can now share their status and post game invites in their favorite channels.

Another topic from our previous development update was the announcement that we plan to support the C&C Remastered Collection game assets in OpenRA’s Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn mods. The initial prototyping for this feature has been completed, and we are now working to integrate the required changes into the game engine for a future release.

Supporting these new assets will require optimizations that are not compatible with our legacy OpenGL 2.1 support, which is now disabled by default. On Windows, OpenRA will now use DirectX 11 (via the ANGLE library) for rendering. Please let us know if you encounter any unexpected graphical or performance issues!

An early sneak-preview of OpenRA with the C&C Remastered Collection game assets.

Show lowest subaccount only quickbooks for mac os. Another technical focus for this release has been making preparations to migrate OpenRA to the modern cross-platform .NET (previously .NET Core) runtime. This release still uses the legacy .NET Framework and Mono, but makes significant changes behind the scenes which may require server hosts and package maintainers to adapt their build and run scripts. We anticipate that the next major OpenRA release will require .NET 5 (preferred) or Mono >= 6.4.

Our main macOS release now requires 10.13 or newer, but we plan to keep supporting players on 10.9 – 10.12 using a new “compat” release that can be downloaded from our GitHub Release Milestones.

This post has covered just a small subset of the full changelog, and we encourage anybody interested in finding out more to read the full list. Head on over to the download page to install the new playtest, and let us know what you think in the comments below, on our forum, community Discord server, or GitHub.

Remember that playtests install alongside the OpenRA release version, and you can automatically switch between the two versions when joining a multiplayer server, so there is no reason not to give it a try!

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This page contains tipsand tactics for completing every mission in the Allied campaign, alongwith the mission briefing in case you don't know which mission number youare up to!

A general tip for all themissions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part ofthe mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose themission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return tovarious points in te mission, and even return to the previous mission ifnecessary.

Mission 1
Briefing: Rescue Einstein from the Headquarters inside this Soviet complex. Once found,evacuate him via the helicopter at the signal flare. Einstein and Tanyamust be kept alive at all costs. Beware the Soviet's Tesla Coils. DirectTanya to destroy the westmost power plants to take them off-line.

Initially some enemy infantrywill attack you. Use the rangers to shoot them down. Now use Tanya (whowill have arrived by aircraft) to move down the let hand side of the map,killing any enemy infantry on the way and place a C4 explosive on a powerplant. Now use her to kill the infantry around the prison tech centre andEinstein will emerge. Guide him north to the helicopter that will arriveand get him in it. It will automatically take off and the mission willbe accomplished. Make sure you keep Tanya out of the way of the Cruisermissiles that will be fired at the base when Einstein is rescued!

Mission 2
Briefing: A critical supply convoy is due through this area in 25 minutes, but Sovietforces have blocked the road in several places. Unless you can clear themout, those supplies will never make it to the front. The convoy will comefrom the northwest, and time is short so work quickly.

Start off by building yourbase quickly. You should make it defensive with pillboxes and units aroundthe West and South side of your base to fend off attacks from the enemy.Build plenty of infantry and vehicles and take a large group south alongthe road. Kill any enemy units you find, aiming at grenadiers first sothat their grenade will explode and kill the surrounding enemy infantry.Move west when you reach the bottom of the map and then north followingthe road where you will find the main enemy base. Destroy the barrels firstto get rid of part of the base and then take out the defences before destroyingthe rest of the structures. The convoy will arrive when you have killedoff all of the enemy. During this time remember to keep building up yourbase with defences and other useful structures because it will be usedin a later mission.

Mission 3

You start with a Medic whois being shot. Move the medic north and Tanya south to kill the soldier.Now follow the only possible route west and then south killing any enemyinfantry on the way. Keep an eye out for infantry hiding behind trees.Try to use the artillery to get stationary infantry and Tanya for thosethat are moving. To the south you will find a small enemy base with a flameturret. Use the artillery to destroy this before advancing. Remember toblow up any barrels you see which will take out hard to get enemy unitssuch as the V2 Rocket launcher. Destroy the bridges you find to the Eastbeing careful not to get caught out by the infantry that sneak up on youfrom behind trees. Try not to get Tanya stuck on an island when you destroythe bridges. Remember, the artillery can be destroyed but Tanya must remainalive to complete the mission.

Mission 4
Briefing: Soviet forces are trying to retake the pass you cleared for our convoys. Don'tlet this happen. Hold the pass and prevent the Soviets from taking thisvital area. Destroy all Soviet units and buildings in this region.

You now return to the map and base left from mission 2. If you remembered to build plenty of defencesand vehicles this will be a simple mission. You can take it easy by killingthe initial attacks off with these defences. You may need some rocket infantryto defend against air attacks. Build up a small army of tanks and use theseto get the enemy ore truck to the north west to cut off enemy cash supplies.Drive the tanks straight through the Soviet base to get the ore truck ifnecessary. Light tanks are fast and will not get hit too much. Send a rangeraround the map so you can see what the enemy is doing. Once you have severaltanks (about 10) and maybe a few rangers to take out the infantry you canmake attacks on the base, taking out the defensive structures first. Tryto run over groups of infantry with your tanks whenever possible.

Mission 5
Briefing: Rescue Tanya. Your spy can move past any enemy unit, except dogs, without beingdetected. Direct him into the weapons factory located at a nearby SovietBase where he will hijack a truck and free Tanya. With Tanya's help, takeout the air defenses on the island and a Chinook will arrive to rescueher. Then destroy all remaining Soviet buildings and units.

There are three different maps to this mission depending on which you choose on the European map.They all have the same strategy though. Move your spy around a bit untilyou can see the enemy base. Wait and watch the dogs until you can see anopening and then make a run for it. If you think your spy won't make ityou can often retreat back quickly and the dogs may give up the chase.Once you get into the weapons factory follow the truck along the road untilit reaches the prison where Tanya is being held. Infiltrate this structureand Tanya will emerge. Use her to place C4 explosives on all the SAM sitesaround the prison. You may have to kill a few enemy units before you canreach them. Now a helicopter will arrive. Evacuate Tanya in this immediately.Now reinforcements arrive. They don't look much, but some of the infantryare engineers. Shoot the structures in the small enemy base until theyare down to 25% health and then take them over with an engineer. Take overthe important buildings first such as construction yard, barracks, weaponsfactory, ore refinery and a power station. Build an ore truck to get somemoney. Taking over a barracks will allow you to train more engineers. Nowkeep building tanks and V2s and maybe another couple of ore trucks. Rememberyou now have access to Soviet military. Don't let up on building stuffand keep an eye on your ore trucks. It can be difficult, but with enoughunits you can start making attacks on the enemy base. If you have controlof a service depot remember to use it. Repairing units is very cheap. Toattack the enemy try to find the back entrance to the base which is lesswell guarded than the main entrance. While you are doing this don't forgetto keep building more units in case the Soviets attack your base whileyour strike force is away. It will probably take a few waves of attackbefore you can destroy the entire enemy base. Building Yaks to take outsome defences can be useful if you have enough money.

Mission 6
Briefing: Priority One is to establish a base and get your spy into one of the Soviet tech.centers in the base across the gulf. Data on the Iron Curtain is in thereand we need it. Once you get the data complete your mission.. wipe outeverything.

Deploy your MCV where it lands. Get a power plant and barracks up straight away, followed by a refinery.The enemy will send troops and tanks from the south. Your only anti-tankweapons at this time are your rocket infantry. Build a pillbox or two toact as sponge for enemy fire while your rifle and rocket units work onthe enemy units themselves. Remember to repair the pillboxes the momentthey come under attack. Your rocket units will also handle any enemy aircraftthat try to strafe your base.
Crank out some medium tanksand attack the base in the south. Capture the barracks with an engineer,and infiltrate the radar dome with a spy. Now you can see what the enemyis doing. Build a naval yard by the barracks you captured.
Block your coastline withtanks to prevent the enemy from landing troops on your island. Get a spyinto the enemy subpen, and get another one into one of the tech centers.It's easiest if you land them on the craggy piece of land that juts outbefore their Tesla coil.
The next stage of the missionis destroying all enemy units and buildings. Land 30 medium tanks in thenorth and slowly work your way down, destroying all the enemy units. Thecomputer will sell all the buildings at the last moment, and a horde oftanks and V2 launchers will erupt from the south, so be careful :)

Mission 7

A combat situation arises immediately. Kill the infantry with your jeep and tanks. Deploy your MCV,and set up a base. Scout the ore fields to the east and south with thejeep. Build a pillbox to help kill enemy troopers. Build another refinery.Make some medium tanks. Build rocket infantry to combat enemy airpower.Put a permanent AA gun in the north of your base. Also put rocket infantrywhere the ore truck travels so you can shoot down marauding MiGs.
Your first objective is to capture the radar dome in the south. A handful of tanks and an engineerwill do it. You can sell the radar dome after it's been captured.
The key to finishing thesecond objective is to destroy the enemy ore trucks and starve your opponentof cash. The only way to do this is to use your minelayers to lay thickfields of mines. Once the ore trucks are gone, you can mass as big a forceas you want to destroy the enemy subpens.

Mission 8
Briefing: Our latest technology, the Chronosphere, is housed in this research station.The timer represents the appointed time for the completion of a vital experiment.The Soviets have learned of this and are moving in. Protect the Chronosphereand the Advanced-Tech research center. Make sure the base is fully poweredat the appointed time. If not, all will be lost!

Move the two destroyersby your power stations. Train five rocket infantry. You need to get yourMCV into the base where your construction yard will be better protected,and where you can put your mine layers to good use. Clear the pass of enemytanks using focused fire, and move all your remaining vehicles into thebase.
Plop the construction yarddown somewhere inside. Replace the destroyed advanced power plant. Stickan AA Gun in a corner. Lay solid minefields on the road outside your northernentrance and in the pass that faces your easternmost entrance. Constructa camouflaged pillbox next to one of the northern turrets.
Build several light tanks,and line the open areas of coastline with them to block the enemy fromlanding ground forces. Keep those minelayers busy replacing detonated mines!Remember that mines are free once you have built a minelayer and they cando a lot of damage to enemy units.

Mission 9
Briefing: One of Stalin's top atomic strategists, Vladimir Kosygin, wishes to defect.His knowledge of Stalin's atomic strategies is invaluable to us. We wishto 'extract' him from the Riga compound, where he is stationed. Use a spyto infiltrate the Soviet command center and contact Kosygin. Once he isout of the building, get him back to your base any way you can.

Build the base by the oredeposit to the east. Build fifteen rocket infantry, and place them in groupsof five by the north shore. Build light tanks, and block the beaches theenemy uses for its invasion attempts. Put a spy and an APC into a transport,and carry the them to the top right corner of the screen. Land the spyon the beach, and move him across the bridge into the enemy base. Oncethere, enter the headquarters building, and free the defector, Kosygin.A bunch of dogs will appear. Keep Kosygin north of the headquarters buildingfor now, and wait for all the dogs to 'settle'. Land the APC, and commandit to run over the dog that parked itself by the top Tesla coil. With thedog gone, Kosygin can safely pass by the buildings, run over the bridge,and get to the transport. Your mission ends once you transport him backto your base.

Mission 10
Briefing: Kosygin has indicated that this is the site of Stalin's main atomic weapons plant.Use extreme care in approaching the Soviet base -- we don't know if anyatomic bombs are armed yet. Take the facility off-line and then destroyany atomic weapons that exist.

Deploy the MCV in the protectedarea to the east. Scout with your light tanks and run away from superiorforces. The enemy armour is too strong for you to defeat, so don't planon too many tank battles. Build a tech center to see where everything is.Observe the enemy ore trucks, and mine what ore deposits you can. If theore trucks are gathering ore from a field behind enemy lines, build fivehelipads and go after those ore trucks. It will take two sorties to destroyeach truck.
Without ore trucks, theenemy will leave you be. Concentrate on gathering ore and building a massivehorde of medium tanks. Pick off what units you can from the air. The enemyinfantry is only an annoyance, and annoyances are quickly cleared witha couple pillboxes. Build rocket infantry for air defense, and place twoAA guns in the northern part of your base. Focus your fire on the nearbyTesla coils before attacking the tanks. When you've destroyed a large portionof the base, Stalin will launch the missiles. Run a group of engineersup to the control center in an APC and capture it. It is useful to havea couple of APCs, with a few engineers a couple of riflemen in each tokill any enemy infantry that try to shoot the defenceless engineers.

Mission 10b
Briefing: Now that the complex has been infiltrated, the launch control centers mustbe deactivated. Get your engineers to the control centers and deactivatethem before the missiles reach their targets. Enemy technicians can helpin locating the control centers if they are kept alive.

You are deep inside thecontrol center, the clock is ticking, and you have very limited resources.Move your units south until you hit the mammoth tanks. Send your spy southtowards the 'exit', and Tanya will appear. With Tanya as your point, explorethe passages. Remember that Tanya will not fire at the enemy unless youtell her to. Move slowly to give you more chance to see the enemy beforethey see you. You may find slowing the game down helps. Remember to healTanya and other infantry whenever you get the chance.
Take Tanya and an engineernorth and east. Kill the soldiers, disable the first control center. Gowest, and do the same to the second control center. Head north until yousee the flame turret. Set a demolition charge on the flame turret. Northof the flame turret is the third control center. Disable it with an engineer,and head all the way east and north, and disable the final control center.

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Mission 11
Briefing: Our assault on the USSR is underway, although our efforts are being hinderedby large pockets of soviet armor. To counter this we need to move warshipsup the Volga river, but there is a bottleneck near Volograd which you mustclear so our naval vessels can move in. Good Luck.

At the start you'll havetwo MCVs. Deploy both of them to get your base up and running, and buildtwo refineries early on. Explore with one of your light tanks. There'sa mammoth tank patrol to the east and north. Make a mental note of theirresting locations, and mine them. Get a tech centre up to see where theenemy ore truck is. Build six helipads and destroy the ore truck. Use rocketinfantry as anti-aircraft defences.
Assault the base with atask force of medium tanks. Don't destroy the subpen; infiltrate it witha spy since we need a sonar pulse. Capture the construction yard and weaponsfactory. The enemy base on the other side of the river will start construction.Destroy their ore trucks with your helicopters.
Make some V2 rocket launchersto take out the Tesla coils on the island. Break a whole in the concretewall on the coastal side of the base, and send your tanks through to thenorthern section of your land mass and destroy the power stations. Createa naval yard and make a transport. If submarines attack the naval yard,destroy them with V2 rocket launchers and helicopters. Land V2 rocket launcherson the Tesla coil island and get rid of the SAM sites.
Fire the sonar pulse. TheV2 rocket launcher should take out some of the submarines nearby. To getthe others, use your transport as a decoy to make the subs surface, andblast them from the sky with helicopters. Friendly naval power will arriveand if you've destroyed all the subs, your mission will be accomplished.

Mission 12
Briefing: Rumors abound that the Soviet Iron Curtain is nearing completion. In addition,an even more powerful version of that weapon is also in the works. Oneresearch facility is more protected than the rest - find out why. Captureall technology centers, and destroy any Iron Curtain prototype that youencounter.Our newly developed Longbow Helicopter should be able to assistyour attacks.

You start at the bottomof the map and you have some ore and a little jewels to the right and moreore to the left. There are two Soviet 'bases', one on the left cornerand the other about midway up on the right. At the FAR upper leftcorner there's a whole slew of power plants with just SAM sights that arebegging to be blown up. But that's guarded by that base to the right. I used my trusty air superiority to wear down the base to the right whileguarding my left flank from those pesky mammoth tanks which become invincibleif you don't kill them quickly. I then invaded the left base withthe famous tank rush, assisted with plenty of air support of course. After I had decimated that base and taken over some power plants, the constructionyard, tech center, and ore refinery, I was ready for the assault on theleft. I found I had to build some Tesla coils on the shore, connectedto the ore refinery by
airstrips, to get rid ofthose subs long enough for me to get some gunboats out. I had tobuild two, one near the island on the shore to kill one, and another nearthe point to clear another out. There was still another which wouldkeep hacking away at my naval yard, but I put the wrench to it and keptit operational until my gunboat blew the sub out of the water without takinga hit. After that, I merely cranked out destroyers as fast as possibleto clear the way for the 1-2 cruisers. After you've achieved navalsuperiority, the levels a piece of cake, until you occupy the 2nd techcenter and blow up the Iron curtain. -Thanks toJoshua New for this.

Mission 13

Your top units are GroupA, and your bottom units are Group B. Move Group A engineers to the controlpanel to destroy a flame turret. Move Group B to the east, and kill everyonethere. Move Group B further east, and use the control panel to destroythe northern turret.
Move Group A east past thetanks. If you have trouble killing the enemy infantry, remember to groupyour riflemen in groups of five and move slowly one square at a time. Followthe riflemen with the medic, and heal the soldiers while they fight. Letthe enemy come to you; riflemen can't shoot on the move. Go north throughthe passageway; the first generator is here. Head back out and east, wherethere's another turret control panel to disable.
Backtrack a bit with GroupB, and advance south. There's a grenadier at the generator controls. Rushhim with rifle infantry. When your engineer sets a charge on the generator,you'll get some more rifle infantry as reinforcements. Move Group B eastuntil you hit another room with a generator. Set a charge on this one,and continue east until you reach big room with flame turrets and severalcontrol panels.
The center control paneltakes out the north-west turret. The north-west panel takes out the centerturret. With good timing, you can send a single engineer to do both ofthese without getting hurt. The south-west panel is a generator, but youcan't get to it safely just yet. Instead, move Group B up to Group A, andmake a new team consisting of five rifle infantry, two doctors, and oneengineer.
Move the team east to anothergenerator, then south and west. You'll be back at the central hub. Killall the infantry now that you have two medics helping out with the healing.Head south. A very small computer is in the west wall. Place an engineerhere to activate the turret control. Head west from the V2 room, and killthe flame thrower and the dog by shooting the barrels. Two control panelson the wall disable turrets, and the one in the room to the west itselfis another generator.
There are two generatorsleft in the central hub. Disable both of them. If the flame turrets arestill up, don't worry. The engineers will get to the control panels beforedying. Take the lower right passage. Move all your units inside. Move yourspy into the room with all the units. Something strange will happen! Allthe bad guys will ignore your men and run out of the room! Move your engineerseast, and reprogram the last generator computer.

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Mission 14
Briefing: This is it -- the final confrontation! The Soviets have nowhere to run now.The only thing that remains is to topple the Soviet seat of power. Destroyeverything to make sure that no one takes Stalin's place. No sorrow. Nopity. No remorse.

To start this mission youneed to get money. Why the Allies would send a final attack on the Sovietswith no money is beyond me, but that's the mission. Move Tanya and thethieves down to protect them from the barrel explosion, then move themup to protect them from the other barrel explosion. Shoot all the infantrywhile you move west. When you hit the coast, move north into the base.Destroy the small power stations. Shoot at the delivery van with Tanya'spistol. If it runs away, go back south the way you came and cut it offand the river crossing. Shoot at it some more, and it will explode, revealinga crate full of money.
Go back up, and destroythe large power plants. Move the thieves into the ore silos and steal theirmoney. Reinforcements will arrive. Deploy the MCV where you see the signalflare. If the theives die before you get to steal enough money you canscout around with Tanya. Try destroying civilian buildings you find, especiallychurches. You can find a crate in some of these to get your reinforcements.
Like in the previous missions,the Soviets will send invulnerable mammoth tanks at you. These tanks travelin a predictable path to get to your base, so by mining their paths, you'llpre-empt this particular threat. Rocket infantry will protect you fromplanes. Back them up with some AA guns around your power stations. Findthe enemy ore truck once the GPS is launched. Build six helicopter pads,and destroy the ore truck. Without the ore truck, the enemy will stop sendingunits at you. When the ore truck of the southern base is destroyed, theeastern base will start sending out its trucks. Their ore fields have noSAM cover, so destroying them shouldn't be a problem.
Construct a naval yard andbuild a cruiser. To extend your base to the water, build a chain of barracksbuilding until you hit the coast. Put up some anti-air defenses by thenaval yard, including rocket infantry. The chronosphere can move unitsfrom one place to another for a limited amount of time. Chronoshift thecruiser into the lake by the southern base, and tear their buildings toshreds. If the cruiser guns overshoot, force attack on a game square thatis slightly above the building to correct it. Repeat this until they giveup and sell all the buildings. Next, chronoshift the cruiser into the smalllake in the bottom left corner and shell the airstrips and power stationsto the north.
Send your helicopters onSAM site busting missions. You'll lose a helicopter in the process, butthat's what money is for. With the SAM sites gone, you can destroy thepower stations at your leisure to silence the Tesla coils, then your tankgroups in for the kill.

Red Alert Mission Skip Cheats

Author: Brian Bird
Source: IncREDible Alert