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Primewire - Biggest Library of Movie and TV show information. Movie Actors, Reviews, Trailers, Database! The registration process is free of cost, and all you need is an Email Id to get started. Popular full-length Anime series with all episodes can be streamed on this website exclusively for free. The only downside of this website is that no one can download any movie or Anime series from this website. 2020's Dune movie has nothing to do with David Lynch’s 1984 then-flop, now-cult classic. Best free games 2021: the top free games to download on PC. England and Wales company registration. Streaming online Movies and TV shows has always been an indispensable part of entertainment and joy for every user. To ensure this seamless experience of streaming online movies, you need to access some sort of websites which will give you unlimited entertainment resources to watch free movies online sites to joy.

Are you looking for free movie streaming sites with no sign-up 2021 to watch new released movies online, free?

Nowadays, the rise of streaming has made it possible for vast film libraries to be accessible to the entire world via the internet. You can easily watch all kinds of movies including some new released ones at home from computer and portable devices. Logmein client app for mac.

Many popular video sites like YouTube, DailyMotion, Netflix and more enable people to stream movies online. But you have to pay for monthly subscriptions for many movies, especially the new released ones. What’s more, you are required to create registered account first before you can access movies at those sites.

Top Movie Sites

Now we back to the question, is there any way to stream new movies online, free with no sign-up? Are there great free online movie streaming sites? This post makes a list of 20 free movie sites for you to watch new release movies online, free.

Part 1. Top 10 Free Sites to Watch Movies (Including New Release) Online

There are many sites that offer the free movie streaming service. But some of them will require you to sign up before viewing. Actually, in these top free movie sites without sign-up, you are still able to watch a large variety of movies like comedy, action, science fiction, romantic, thriller and other genres.


For those who want to experience a premium movie watching experience in a free movie streaming site with no fee, no sign-up and no credit card, this part shares a list of 10 best free movies sites.

1. Popcorn Flix - Free movie streaming site no sign up

Popcorn Flix is an online, free movies site that carries plenty of classics movies you can enjoy. You can easily find your preferred movies based on specific categories like action, comedy, romance, and science fiction and so on. The site cooperates with app store, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox, and more. It makes you watch free movies on the go with very less ads. One thing you should know is that, Popcorn Flix is limited to the USA.

Primewire Free Movie Dune 2020 Download No RegistrationPrime wire free movie dune 2020 download no registration fee

2. - Free movie watching site is a website with daily updated collection of high quality movies and cinema films. It lets you watch free movies with high visual experience. Without hosting any files on its server, nor uploading any movies on other hosting websites, it suggests you to use external websites to download free movies.

3. Crackle - Free Sony Pictures movies site

Crackle is a very popular online movies streaming site owned by Sony Pictures. So it contains almost all of the Sony Pictures for you to stream for free. Crackle is designed with a very beautiful UI. You are allowed to watch movies online, free with no sign-up on this website. You can choose to create an account if you want to watch new release movies and receive future movie emails.

4. ViKi - Free movies watching site

ViKi is the best free streaming movie sites for overseas dramas and movies. With over 200 languages subtitles, users around the world are able to watch free dramas and movies from Korea, China, Thailand, etc. You could only watch free movies from this site, but not download them. If you personally need to download videos from ViKi, then you may need this article: Download and Record Korea Drama from ViKi.

5. Free Movie Linker - Free movies watching site

Free Movie Linker, similar to Afdah is a good free movie online watching site which supports horror, comedy, new movies, and more. It needs no installation to let you watch trailer. But for watching or downloading free streaming HD movies without ads, you have to create an account.

6. MyDownloadTube - Free online movie streaming site

MyDownloadTube highly supports HD movies, this site allows you to watch free movies from Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Italian, Argentina, China, etc. With offered synopsis, you need to create a free account for watching free full online movies and download them to PC or mobile devices.

7. Vudu - Free online movie streaming site

Vudu is a very popular streaming site in the USA that provides you with both free and premium accounts available. You can sign up an account for free movies streaming. Even with the free account, you can easily access a huge number of movies and TV shows with very limited ads. Vudu is also limited to the USA.

8. Vodlocker - Free online movie streaming site

Prime Wire Free Movie Dune 2020 Download No Registration Required

Vodlocker is a free online movies streaming site which enables you to watch free movies and TV shows with ease. It supports almost all devices, for both computers and iOS/Android devices. It offers a 7 day free trial. You are allowed to enjoy all types of movies with no sign-up. After that, you need to register with adding your credit card information to download free HD 1080p movies by paying $4.99/month.

9. Vumoo - Free online movie streaming site

Prime wire free movie dune 2020 download no registration fee

Vumoo is a free movie site that requires no sign up. You can watch online videos including some new release movies and TV shows directly on your browser, or after downloading to PC or tablet. If you want to download online videos from website, you have to register to create a free account to get the free movies.

10. Watch Movies online, free - Free movie streaming site

Prime Wire Free Movie Dune 2020 Download No Registration Fee

Watch Movies online, free makes it easy for you to watch online, free movies. It gains a good reputation for its fast updates to let you watch free films here easily. You need to fulfill your credit card information to create your free account for watching or downloading full HD movies freely.

On the main page of this free movie streaming site, there are constant updates. If you choose to upgrade your account, you can easily access both new release movies and others. It will constantly update its content and show all the right holders block movies.


One-for-all solution to download online movies:

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Part 2. 10 More Free Sites for Streaming Movies Online No Sign-up

With the 10 free online movies streaming sites above, you can handily view all kinds of movies, including some new released ones. In case you want more movie sites, here in this part, we show you 10 more sites for streaming movies online, free.

Good 10 free sites for watching online movies
TubePlusYesNo1. Support HD streaming video.
2. Videos stop working when YouTube (or YouTube Clones) deletes the movie.
VeohYesYes1. Watch online, free movies without registeration.
2. High quality, but old movies enjoy an unclear screen.
3. For downloading the original video, you need to install the Weoh WebPlayer.
ViewsterNoYes1. Watch online, free movies without downloading.
2. Mainly support romance, action and animation movies.
Internet ArchiveYesYes1. Watch free full-length movies online in its diverse library directly.
2. Screen is not clear for some old movies.
Top Documentary FilmsYesNo1. Watch free movies online directly.
2. All media is embedded from other sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.
SolarMovieYesYes1. You have to search for the film name to find free movies.
2. You need to create free account to download HD or DVD movies.
PrimeWire.agYesYes1. Watch trailer directly.
2. Create account to watch or download. full free movies.
Movie25NoYes1. It updates free movies very quickly with high quality links.
2. Need to register to watch or download full movies.
MovieWatcherNoYes1. It gets a huge collection of free movies online.
2. After 5 day trial, you need to pay $49.95 to watch free movies with ads-free and download free movies.
Movie Tube OnlineNoYes1. It contains only links to other sites on the Internet (Google, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.)
2. Create a free account to download streaming movies in HD.

By now, 10 more free sites for watching movies online have been showed here. You could try it by yourself to watch free movies online.

We mainly talked about how to watch new release movies online, free in this post. We show you 20 great free online movie streaming websites for you to enjoy various movies. If you have any better recommendations, you can share them in comment with other readers.

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