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3)Pros and Cons of Using Mac Data Recovery Guru for Deleted File Recovery Purpose
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Mac Data Recovery Guru Software- Restore Mac Data Back

Summary:- Searching for a detailed review of Mac Data Recovery Guru along with its key features, pros, cons, how-to guide, pricing, comparison, and other important key metrics. If Yes, then without thinking twice just check the below TechSoftwareLogic article to free download Mac data recovery Guru software and retrieve an unlimited number of deleted video, email, archive, photos, and other files. Mac data recovery Guru from is fully compatible with major file systems and acts as #1 data restoration software.

Overview of Mac Data Recovery Guru in Detail

ISkysoft Data Recovery supports any type of storage device that uses a common Mac, Windows, or Linux file system. It runs on Mac OS X 10.6 and newer and can be used to recover photos, documents, music files, and just about any other type of file found on your Mac. 4 hours ago  Luckily, there are some photo recovery software tools that you can use to recover lost photos on your Mac computer. Compared to the default recovery options, these tools go far beyond to help you ensure most, if not, lost photos can be recovered. Here we take a look at each of these data recovery. The best photo recovery software for Mac right now is the Recoverit (IS) software for Mac. It provides the best efficiency for the photo recovery on Mac, it’s simple yet feature rich UI makes it stand out of all the recovery software out there. Recoverit (IS) for Mac Check Out the Many Features Recoverit Got. Mac Data Recovery Guru works by employing content-based file scanning. This is a different approach to traditional forms of data recovery which attempt to repair the device in question, which when. Data Recovery Guru is the most modern, the most technologically advanced, and the easiest to use Mac data recovery software available. We would not state that if we could not back it up. But back it up we can, and instantly and risk free.

Mac data recovery Guru recovers almost every type of file format with 100% accuracy and its inbuilt algorithms ensure that no files will be overwritten on the hard disk drive (HDD). The data recovery Guru for Mac users is technologically advanced software that uses the content-based scanning of selected hard drives for deleted or lost file retrieval needs.

You can free download the demo version of this world-class application for retrieving the deleted video, email, archive, music, photo, and other file types both from internal and 3rd party data storage devices. Though it is not suitable for Mac’s latest operating system and newer version of Apple Mac, but for basis level file recovery requirements, it is still a reliable choice. Mac data recovery Guru costs you $89 for solving the data loss problems on Mac OS X or macOS.

Pros and Cons of Using Mac Data Recovery Guru for Deleted File Recovery Purpose

Below at TechSoftwareLogic, we have written all the major Pros and Cons of Mac Data Recovery Guru software on the Apple Mac machine. These will prove helpful before buying and using the software thoroughly for your data recovery requirements.

Pros of Mac Data Recovery Guru

1.This software provides a much better advanced content-based file scanning process of the selected drive. It will ensure that Mac goes in the read-only mode and no other files get over-written on the storage device.

2.It can successfully retrieve deleted files from any type of 3rd party hard drive that includes SSD, SD card, USB flash drive, memory card, etc.

3.The hard drive from where you are performing the deleted Mac data recovery does not need to be visible in the Finder for Mac data recovery Guru software to work properly.

4.It can identify all the bad sectors that exist in the hard drive (HD) and move past them.

5.This software has thumbnail previews of all the deleted or lost Mac files that are eligible for recovery after using the trial version.

Cons of Mac data recovery Guru

1.Mac users in the past have noticed that finally recovered deleted digital media files are not of good quality and they didn’t play properly after the completion of the file recovery process.

2.When it comes to file category, Mac data recovery Guru doesn’t provide any number count and unable to retrieve the original file name. Instead of that, it simply displays a generic name of the file to the end-user on screen.

3.This software sometimes asks for admin authentication during startup.

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4.The Mac data recovery Guru software interface (GUI) is not user friendly.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac After Using Mac Data Recovery Guru Software?

For recovering the deleted files (Graphics, PDF, MS Office, PPT, Video, Photos, etc.), you need to perform the below-mentioned steps carefully.

1.The very first step which you need to do is stop using the drive as fast as possible. If it is your startup disk, then stop using the Mac machine to avoid the chances of file-overwritten. Only then, there is some chance of restoring data back using the below discussed Mac data recovery Guru software.

2.Now, free download the Mac data recovery Guru on the computer hard disk for further scanning and deleted file retrieval needs.

3.Here in the 3rd step, you need to Run Mac data recovery Guru software. At the same time, try to make sure that you have secondary devices (mainly SD card, USB drive, etc.) to be ready for recovering the deleted files back.

4.The Mac data recovery Guru thoroughly scans the targeted hard drive and undelete all sort of deleted or lost files back in a few minutes.

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Final Words

After trying multiple data recovery apps and when compared with other near competitors, we can say that Mac data recovery Guru is definitely a trustworthy & reliable software for solving the data recovery requirements. Though, it lacks in the user interface and complex data recovery issues, for general deleted Mac file recovery purpose, Mac data recovery Guru is a viable choice. So, go ahead and buy this data recovery tool for Mac OS X or macOS.

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Digital photos are the best way to capture and remember all the precious moments of our life. Every picture has a story behind it and those stories take us back to the memory lane whenever we look into them. Losing your photos from Mac is an unwanted common problem that happens to almost all of us. So if you lose photos knowingly or unknowingly, then you should know how to recover them again by using a good photo recovery software for Mac.

There is no need to panic if you are reading this article because we are going to give you full information and detailed guideline about the best photo recovery software for Mac here. You will get in-depth exciting information about everything related to this problem and how you can solve it easily. Also, you will get some other suggestions for the best free and paid photo recovery software for Mac from here.

Part 1: Some Reasons for Losing Photo in Mac

There are various reasons for losing photos in Mac. Here are some of the common scenarios for losing photos on the Mac computer.

  • Accidentally deleting photos from Mac or other drives.
  • Accidentally formatting the memory of your Mac.
  • Lost images on Mac due to viruses or malware attacks.
  • Interrupting any operation or transfer process between folders or devices with your Mac.
  • Excessive disk fragmentation problems or any kind of access permission error etc.

Part 2: The Best Photo Recovery Software for Mac

As we have already discussed the reasons for losing photos on Mac, now we need to know the best way to get them back easily. The best way to get back all your lost photos is by using a powerful photo recovery software for Mac. There is a lot of digital photo recovery software for Mac available on the internet, but you need to use the most effective and useful one to get the best result every time. So iBeesoft Data Recovery Software for Mac is the software that you need to use for recovering all your lost photos easily. Why will you choose this one over all the others? The most important reason is it’s the best photo recovery software for Mac available on the internet that you can download for free! It has all the useful and effective features that can be handled by any newbie user but don’t think that it’s the basic software for newbies only. It is the most advanced and professional data recovery software that you can use to recover deleted files on Mac and format drive recovery. It supports almost all kinds of file types on Mac including photo, audio, video, document, archive, and many other types.

Your Safe & Best Photo Recovery Software for Mac

  • It can recover deleted photos on Mac from almost all kinds of situations including accidental deletion, emptied trash, formatted drive, data lost due to hidden, inaccessible, re-partition or damaged issue or virus attack, etc.
  • The best digital photo recovery software for Mac has been developed with the latest advanced technology to ensure a successful recovery. It’s easy to use and it has all the professional options for recovering pictures on Mac.
  • It can recover photos from various storage devices on Mac including SD cards, camera, iPod, MacBook, hard drive, USB drives, and many other storage devices.

Recover Deleted/Lost Photos on Mac by using Best Software

In order to begin the process, go to the official website of iBeesoft, then download and install the photo recovery software for Mac on your computer.

Step 1: Select File Types

Run the program to get the home page on your Mac display. You need to select the file types that you need to recover. You can also just select all of the types and click on 'Start'.

Step 2: Choose Drive Folder

Next, you will find a window where a list of all the drives that exist on your Mac will be displayed. Now select the drive where you lost your photos and click on 'Scan' to begin the scanning lost photos process.

Step 3: Preview and Recover Photos on Mac

After the best Mac data recovery software finishes scanning your selected drive, it will display all the lost files/photos on your display. As you already know by now that you can preview the photos that you need to recover and select them. Then click on 'Recover' to recover all the lost photos on your Mac. Make sure that you don’t save the recovered files on the same folder, try saving them on a different drive folder.

Part 3: 5 Other Best Photo Recovery Software for Mac (Free & Paid)

There are some other best free and paid photo recovery software available for Mac. You can consider using them also, so we are going to give you a list of the top 5 other photo recovery software for Mac in this part. Check them out to learn more about them.

1. PhotoRec

PhotoRec is a good photo recovery software for Mac to free download. It’s also an open-source program that can recover data in the read-only method so that it can revoke any kind of data overwriting issue. It can recover data from the hard drive and also some other storage types. Though its name can simply mean that it can recover photos, it can recover other file types as well.


  • It’s a completely free app, so you don’t have to spend any money to use it.
  • It supports many file types surprisingly.


  • The interface will seem complicated to many users.
  • You will not get any customer support.

Price: Free.

2. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

Lazesoft is another best free photo recovery software for Mac that you can use to recover your lost photos for free. If you have accidentally deleted any partition or you have a damaged partition in your Mac, you can use this tool to recover your lost data again. This software supports verities of file types including photos and a wide range of external storage.


  • You can use this software completely free.


  • It doesn’t have advanced data recovery system like iBeesoft.
  • It doesn’t support latest MacOS versions.

Price: Free.

3. Ontrack EasyRecovery for Mac

If you accidentally delete any data from your Mac or format any drive, then Ontrack EasyRecovery is a great photo recovery software for Mac. You can recover data from the Mac hard drive and many other external storage devices as well. It has a quick and deep scan system to find and recover lost files easily.


  • It has good speed for recovering data.
  • It can recover damaged photos on Mac.


  • It has multiple versions for users, so it’s confusing to choose the right one to use.
  • The interface is not user friendly.

Price: Free version, Home version is 79$ and Professional version is 139$.

4. Easeus Data Recovery Software

Easeus is a powerful and one of the best free and paid photo recovery software for Mac. The problem with the free version of this software is that it’ll give you very limited access unless you buy it. It can create an emergency bootable drive in Mac and also recover data from the Time Machine backup drive.


  • It has an advanced photo recovery system.
  • It can recover wide range of file types.


  • The paid version is very expensive compared to other software.
  • Free version is very limited to use properly.

Price: $89.95.

5. Stellar Mac Data Recovery Tool

Stellar is a very useful mac data recovery software that can be used with trust. You can use it to recover your deleted or lost photos from Mac. It supports various file types including image, video, music, documents, etc. and more. Any kind of accidental deletion or format situation can be recovered by this photo recovery software for Mac.

Mac Data Recovery Guru


Photo Recovery Guru For Mac Osx

  • It can recover deleted photos from time machine backups.
  • It can recover data from password protected drives.


  • Not too many file formats are supported by this one.
  • Expensive compared to other competitors.
Photo Recovery Guru For Mac

Price: $99.99.

In the end, to conclude all this information in one line, you can use any data recovery software to recover photos from Mac but iBeesoft Data Recovery Software for Mac can give you guaranteed and best result every time. There is no doubt that it’s the best photo recovery software for Mac in the market. You can also try the other 5 best free and paid photo recovery software for Mac to test which one suits best for you. Without using them by yourself, you can’t predict anything surely. If you trust us and our test results, then start using iBeesoft without having any second thoughts.