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c/o The Trad Shop- An Siopa Ceoil, 184 Crumlin Road, Dublin 12 {eircode D12w448}

  • That said, it is still a high quality and much sought after late 1950s red badge Paolo Soprani. It has been newly tuned with valves and pallets leathers replaced as necessary and now plays well with the superb original Paolo Soprani traditional Scottish/Irish sound. Bellows are sound and the compression is excellent.
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contacting us by email or calling the following numbers;
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Paolo Soprani 1945 Accordion - Mint Condition $400 (nyc stamford). CTS - 12' MUSICAL INSTRUMENT SPEAKERS - made in USA 1967 $65 (cnj HAMILTON). The story of Paolo Soprani and the accordion as we know it today, all began in 1863 in a farmhouse just outside of Castelfidardo, a medieval town located in central Italy. After being caught in a heavy storm one evening, an Austrian pilgrim sought shelter in a nearby farmhouse.

Mobile: 086-172-1792 landline: 01 4502189 from outside the country 00353 1 4502189

All About Accordions is an Irish Company run by Sean Garvey for the past 20 years and we stock a great range of beginner, improver and professional traditional accordions. Our collection of Button accordions is by far the biggest traditional selection in Ireland. We mostly specialize in Button Accordions and we make Concertinas as the “Irish Concertina Company”.

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All the professional accordions displayed here are guaranteed for 5 years.Our student accordions are guaranteed for 3 years. We also sell piano accordions and concertinas.

Below is a quick view of some of our more popular stock

We take trade in’s against all new Stock

Here is a few new Castagnari models in 3 and 4 voice

My Best seller, This beginner accordion Video has been viewed by almost 250,000 on You Tube

Musicians will say that these Castagnari accordions are the best off the shelf accordions available. While some makers have a waiting list, With Castagnari the retailer does the wait and has to order in advance by up to 5/6 months

Along with the Garvey AAA, the Tam 1 and Tam 2 have professional reeds, made by the same company as Saltarelle accordions use. These are great Improver accordions and sell worldwide.

I went to The factory in Castelfidardo, Italy in 2004 and had these new version replicas of the old Grey 1948 model Paolo Soprani made and they are a steady seller since. High quality finish and playability. I should have insisted on my name being on them “Garvey Jubilee” but thats another story. Its taken a while but today a great many teachers having previously recommended a Red Badge or a Blue Badge are now recommending the Paolo Soprani Jubilee Grey or Red.

There is no other accordion on the market that has the sound of the Paolo Soprani and this is mostly down to the frame with Celluloid and the quality reeds.

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is Serenellini have been in Ireland since the early 1990’s and the demand for these accordions is still strong for these accordions especially the 3 stopper accordion.

Beltuna has been popular in the last few years as their Melodeon has been played by popular players like Bobby Gardiner and Emmet Corbett. The 2 row Button accordions are also becoming very popular.

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Dvd shrink crack deutsch mit anleitung ombre extensions. Hohner, The student piano models are the most reliable piano accordions available and the price is very good compared to the Italian so called student models which are mostly very heavy.

Hohnica is one of many names for the Chinese student accordions. Coming out of the same factory is Serenelli, Parrot etc Student accordions are always needed but gradually the prices are getting excessive.

We stock a range of keys from B+C, C#D D+G etc, and can order any key if you are buying a new accordion.

Buying an accordion or concertina from us is a guaranteed and hassle free experience.

We are not the big shop in town who don’t want to see you call again after the purchase. We would rather be glad to know that you are happy with your purchase. If at any time you lose confidence in the quality of the instrument and decide within a week that you are not happy with your purchase or that the instrument does not do what we said it would, please come back and we’ll sort it out.

If you need to get a teacher or expert to look at your accordion, All About Accordions and Concertinas, can accommodate you in getting approval on the instrument before you pay.

Sean Garvey, who is an Accordion Player and Accordion and Concertina Builder and has been working with accordions since the 1990’s . He will gladly offer his time and help you in choosing the right instrument for you.

Please phone, if only for advice.

Always phone ahead before travelling a long way to make sure we have what you are looking for. This is particularly important during the Summer / Fleadh / Festival season, when we take stock out to shows.


Paolo soprani accordions usa website

All About Accordions have been supplying quality accordions to traditional Irish Musicians for twenty years [1999] and in that time we have been in the forefront making players more aware of the quality of reeds available to the professional player.

All my professional accordion reeds have the makers name stamped on them.

I have made the accordion players aware of the different quality reeds available to them, through advertising the different types in each accordion we sell. 20 years ago very few players in Ireland would have heard of the Tipo A Mano reeds for example. Tam Reeds as we now call them.

Accordion company’s were dropping their standards in order to shift their instruments. And the only way to cut costs is to use cheaper reeds where possible. Some shops back then were specifying [when ordering accordions] the cheaper reeds in order to offer a better price.

In 2008 I asked the reed makers to supply a sticker to back up my guarantee to my customers.
Because of my influence on the reed makers, today, In every accordion we sell there is a sticker from the reed maker stating the type of reeds in the accordion.

We are not the big shop in town who don’t want to see you call again after the purchase. We would rather be glad to know that you are happy with your purchase. If at any time you lose confidence in the quality of the instrument and decide within a week that you are not happy with your purchase or that the instrument does not do what we said it would, please come back and we’ll sort it out.

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Castagnari Accordion

castagnari Dinn 2Tam 3 Castagnari Ciacy Paolo SopraniBeginner Accordions Accordions for sale Castagnari Dinn 3 The Sharon Garvey AAA beginner accordion Castagnari Melodeon Paolo Soprani 2 couplar Srenellini 3 stopper.

  • 13300 E. 11 Mile Suite 'A'
  • Warren, Michigan 48089-1367 U.S.A.
  • (586) 755-6050
  • FAX 1 (586) 755-6339
  • Toll Free: 1-800-325-1832
    • Our hours are 9 AM till 4:30 PM Monday-Friday
      and on Saturday's by appointment only.
      Call first before coming, if possible.
    • Email: John Castiglione [email protected]
      Castiglione Accordion was started in 1935 by Vincent Castiglione. He began with twoaccordions and now the business has more than 650 accordions of all types and models instock. We provide excellent repair service on both acoustic instruments and electronicinstruments so therefore have a large amount of return customers and visitors from manydifferent countries. We have expanded into a 8200 square foot building on 3.2 acres ofproperty with another building of 8200 leased to the American Red Cross. The propertybelongs to Castiglione Accordion Co. We have parking spaces for 266 cars and trucks.

      About Us Photos of our building, employees, work area and stock area.

      Used Accordions All types, models, brands, sizes and prices. Piano, Diatonic, Button, Chromatic, MIDI, Electric, Concertinas, Bandoneons and Reedless!

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      MIDI Products Sound Modules, Rhythm Arrangers, Orchestrators, Backing Units, Wireless and Reedless Accordions TRX Radio MIDI, and Mic Systems
      Manufacturers: Roland - Music Tech - Ketron - Orla - Sem Ciao - Polivox

        Accordion U.S.A. Website
      Check out a Detroit Free Press article from November 14, 2016 that reports on Castiglione Accordion.

      Castiglione Tex Mex Button Accordions - These Two Tone Accordions Just Arrived!

      Castiglione Tex Mex Button Accordion - These 5 Switch Accordions Just Arrived!

      Castagnari Accordions Accordion Models

      Ambrogio Sparagna
      Kriss 4
      Andy Cutting
      Marc Berthoumieux
      Magica 3 96 Bass
      Marc Bethoumieux
      Kriss 4
      Marc Perrone
      Handry 18
      Ricardo Tesi
      Handry 18
      Sharon Shannon

      Beltuna New Arrivals

      Spirit IV Luxury
      Satin Finish
      Swarovsky Cristals
      Each Shift Luxury
      Spirit V - Radica Wood
      Dual Face Shifts
      Spirit IV
      Radica Wood
      Prestige IV - Rosewood
      Single Tone Chamber
      Tyrolean IV 38/96
      Heliken Basses

      Tyrolean IV
      Euro III-Smoked Red
      Prestiege IV
      Euro IV 37/96
      Shaded Wood
      Euro IV 41/120
      Euro IV 37/96
      Spirit Vintage Finish


      Call Toll Free 1-800-325-1832 FR-8X Piano AccordionFR-8XB Button AccordionFR-4X Piano AccordionFR-4XB Button Accordion

      As a Roland dealer for the past 24 years, we have built up a wonderful relationship with Roland - selling their very first Roland V Accordion. Right from the start, Castiglione Accordion helped introduced their new Roland V accordion. The introduction of the newest Roland - FR 8X now combines the new technology and fuses it into acting more like a traditional accordion plus acting like an electronic instrument as well. Come in and try out the new V-Accordions.

      Roland FR-8X V-Accordion appeared on NBC's The Voice on Tuesday, December 15, 2015 (played by Musical Director and Roland friend Paul Mirkovich). Enjoy this special performance and watch for our shiny red FR-8X. Click on Roland performance

      Castiglione is a Roland specialist. Call 1-586-755-6050 for information and best prices anywhere. The new FR 8's are bundled with a hardshell case or the pro carrying bag as offered by us. We have detailed all of the new features and demos and users of them. On our home page click on either the FR 8X brochure or the FR 8Xb (button) brochure or check out our Roland Main Page and click on (FR 8X picture). You can also look on 'You Tube' to see the complete line of Roland V-Accordions. Roland has also just released the 'New' 'Limited' FR-8X-Dallape Accordion.

      MAS members. Roland factory representative and performer, Steve Albini, is visiting us to demo the brand new Roland 4X accordion as well as do a workshop. TWO different events are is a workshop at Joe Recchia's home and the other a demo and performance at our regular monthly music get together at Crispelli's Bakery. In addition if you would like a one-on-one chance to try the accordion out that is also available thanks to Castiglione Accordions who has worked with MAS to bring Steve and the new accordion to Michigan and is co-sponsoring the events with MAS. The attached flyer tells all about it.

      I have known Steve for years as he was involved in the San Francisco area accordion scene when I lived there. Last time I visited California he and I shared his Roland 8x so we could both perform at the San Francisco Accordion Club. He is one heck of a fine performer and you will enjoy his playing and singing. Be one of the first to see and hear this exciting new accordion.

      Make sure you keep your membership current to get discounts on various events and stay on our Newsletter and Email flash programs.

      Bob Berta, VP and news letter editor Michigan Accordion Society

      It is with great pleasure that we announce to you that
      Steve Albini has rejoined our piano and accordion support team

      Steve will be available for your ACCORDION and PIANO
      support calls five (5) days a week for a total of six hours
      per day per the following schedule:
      Monday through Friday
      10:00 AM EST to 1:00 PM EST and
      5:00 PM EST to 8:00 PM EST

      Contact Information
      [email protected]
      323-767-2712 DIRECT EXTENTION

    • Steve is a multi-instrumentalist (accordion, piano, guitar, trujpet and vocalist)based in the San Francisco Bay area where he currently lives with his family.

    • Among his current musical projects is his personal group, IL SOLE.

    • Over the last 5 years, he has worked on musical projects for the award winning
      movie director and producer, Mr. Francis Ford Coppola. In fact you can find
      Steve performing most Tuesday nights at Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, CA.
    • The FR-8X Dallape is no longer available but the FR-8X is available.

      Chuch Henry, professional full time player, playing new FR-4X at the Crispelli's restaurant. At the Michigan Accordion Society's meeting and seeing him play.

      FR-8x Dallape. This inspiring flagship instrument was available in a new limited edition. The FR-8x Dallape model that combines the complete FR-8x feature
      set with additional historic sounds and many luxury enhancements. The Dallape Sound Library for V-Accordion is built in, putting an array of legendary accordions
      at your fingertips. This exclusive model also offers striking, sophisticated looks with a gloss black finish, a special metal grille with the Dallape logo,
      beautifully decorated bellows, and elegant leather/Alcantara accessories. Production of the FR-8x Dallape was limited to 500 instruments,
      with each bearing a unique numbered plaque.

      Nevertheless, we have Dallape sound library flash drives in stock for regular FR-8X Accordions.
      We occasionally have the Roland FR 7Xs in stock - call us! Sincerely, John Castiglione.
    Castiglione Professional Gold Piano
    Castiglione Button
    Chromatic & Diatonic
    Castiglione Euro Models
    Piano & Button
    Castiglione Polka King
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    Paolo Soprani Accordions Usa

    'NEW' Beltuna Folklore Accordions

    Soprani Accordion History

    Paolo Soprani Accordions Usa Inc

    A brand new professional line of Beltuna Accordions is now available.
    The Folklore line is not currently available on Beltuna's web site.
    Pictured is the new Beltuna Folklore Cherry Piano Accordion.
    Available in 34/72, 37/96/41/120 Basses. Other models coming are 30/48 and 30/72.
    This new 2014 line specializes in Exotic Woods - Rosewood, Black Ebony, Green Ebony, Tineo,
    Elm Root, Ash, Yew, Ziricote, Red Olive, Radica (Root of the Walnut Tree),
    Matt Walnut Root, Matt Olive Padauk, Shaded Blue and Natural.
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    Paolo Soprani C#d For Sale

      Accordion Accessories and Repairs For All Kinds Of Accordions - Acoustic, Electric, Electronic, and MIDI: Shoulder Straps, Bass Straps, Bellow Straps,
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      Audio Microphones, Musictech Radio MIDI, MT55 Chromatic Master Keyboard. Complete and Partial Overhauls: Musette and Slovenian Tuning, Keyboard Overhauls and Adjustments.
      Additional Accessories: Plexi-Glass Keyboard Job, Chroming Old Original Pieces, Reed Sets, Polishing Compound Bar, Wax Cake, Grill Cloth, Bellow Corners, Gasket Material,
      Shoulder Strap Holders, Polish for Accordions and Valve Skin for Accordions. We also can customize on request any kind of accordion.

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      Professional Accordionist Thomas Brown performs for the Detroit Metropolitan area.

      Accordion Lessons Online accordion lessons by Gary Dahl.

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