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My Marrakech, Morocco Itinerary & Tips: #TeamNoSleep

Hey guyyyys!! Long time. Too long. I was starting to judge myself it’s been so long, but life got hectic! Y’all know how it is. I asked my Instagram and Facebook family what they wanted to know about my trip to Morocco, and a lot of people wanted a pretty detailed itinerary. I’m for the people, so of course I had to deliver! I spent about 5 days and 5 nights in the lively country. I flew from Atlanta – Philly – Madrid on American Airlines, and then Madrid – Marrakech on Iberia Airlines.

Day 1: Riad Check-in and hit these streets

After a 20-something hour journey, I finally arrived in Marrakech! I arranged a taxi to my riad (a traditional Moroccan guest house) when I booked my riad through which cost $15. We stayed at Riad Goloboy, a stylish and picturesque riad. Riad cost – $171 for two nights

After we settled in, we waved down a taxi to get some food. We decided to go to Nomad, a restaurant very popular among tourists. I got the lamb chops which cost about 130dhs. I found the food at this place was okay. Moroccan food has a different taste and seasoning style that my palette needs adjusting to!

After this, we walked the streets of a nearby market to see what type of goods they have. You’re going to find lots of clothes, shoes, argan oil, and other unique merchandise. They up-charge tourists by A LOT on merchandise and taxis, so please make sure to negotiate whatever price they give you.

Let me tell y’all….this day had me BEAT. I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t sleep, or if we really did that much running around, but I was actually done for the day. We came back to the riad and chilled on the rooftop for the rest of the evening.

Day 2: Museums, Wine, and the Market

At most (if not all) riads, breakfast is included. The typical Moroccan breakfast includes Moroccan bread, called baguettes or khobz, pastries or croissants, fruit, juice, and tea. So carbs were EATEN on this trip.

We made our way to Le Jardin Majorelle, a botanical art museum garden. One thing Morocco has over other countries is its architecture. Its intricacy and detail is unmatched!

Right next door is the Yves Saint Laurent Museum for the fashion enthusiasts.

Cost – 180dhs for both museums

Went to SKY-BAR for a bit of a recharge

Afterwards, we went to the lively Jemaa el-Fna for some more shopping and we also got henna tattoos.

Day 3: Camels, ATV, and the desert. Oh my!

This day was about #DatAction. We checked out of Riad Goloboy because we were going to Agafay desert later that day.

But first we went on a half-day camel and ATV excursion that we bought through Airbnb. Let me tell you guys something. Our host, Youness, was great! He went above and beyond for us and really showed us a great time. 10/10 would recommend. However, I did feel a bit bad for the camels afterwards, but you live and you learn. Cost – $49

Youness ended up giving us a ride from Marrakech to Agafay, and we checked into the Agafay Luxury Desert Camp.

We were shocked in a culture shock kind of way. We were in a tent…in a desert! But it was beautiful, hot…but what do you expect in the desert? The tent had air-conditioning and at night the desert is cool, so it’s not as daunting as one might expect. Cost – $221 for one night

We had the best food while in the desert! I had chicken couscous. There was also entertainment at dinner. The 3-course meal cost 29 euros.

Day 4: Back to Marrakech. New Riad alert!

Just like the dinner at Agafay Luxury Desert Camp, the included breakfast did not disappoint.

We set up a ride back to Marrakech with the hotel for 39 euros which was split between the two of us.

We arrived at Riad Chamali, which was probably the best place we stayed the whole trip. Not only was it beautiful, but the service was impeccable and it’s in a great location being in walking distance from Jemaa el-Fnaa and the Bahia Palace. Cost – $152 for 2 nights

We were so tired, so when we got to the Riad, we took a well deserved nap. Afterwards, we went to the market for Jemaa el-Fnaa for some more shopping.

We went to 555 (Triple 5) for a night out on the town. 555 is a nice club where the play good music from all over. There, you’ll get your Hot 100s, Arabic hits and Afrobeats music. It was free to get in and drinks were about 100dhs each.

Day 5: #RoyalTings and winding down

By this time, our bodies were starting to give up on us. But we had to keep pushing! We went to the Bahia Palace to get some more pics off! Cost – 70dhs

Finally, we hit the market for one last time.

Morocco Travel Tips

  • Go to different cities! I wish I would’ve had the chance to go to Casablanca for the beaches and Essaouira to see the goats in the tree.
  • Get an alcohol stash. If you like a drink or two, get a couple of bottles of wine from Carrefour (the grocery store). Wine is cheap but liquor is very expensive.
  • BARGAIN. Listen. I’ve always been shy about bargaining, but the way they hike the price for tourists is kind of ridiculous. They give you a price? Fire back with half that price and go from there. That goes for merchandise and taxis.
  • Don’t (always) take directions from those who offer them to you. There is a lot of walking, and at times you may look lost. When you’re offered directions, not everyone is doing it to “just be nice”. Eight times out of 10, they’re going to ask you for money when you reach your destination. Yes…they will try and get you to pay them for WALKING. Google maps is great for directions if you have data.
  • Eat at the smaller fast-food establishments! I say this because not only is the food wayyyy cheaper (you can get a good shawarma for 20dhs, roughly $2) but it tastes better than sit-down restaurants (to me).

In conclusion…

My trip to Morocco was very interesting to say the least. There is so much to do, see and experience. You have to have an open mind when you go there!

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Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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