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Mac users do have one utility that makes up for this, however, and may be preferable to using plug-ins: the awesome, elegant MidiPipe, which runs independently from your host app and processes custom “pipes” of MIDI messages. MidiPipe v1.4.4 for Macintosh - Modify MIDI messages in real-time. Download MidiPipe v1.4.4 here. See user reviews. Honda motorcycles 100cc. Post your comments.

Try the program MidiPipe by Subtlesoft (Mac only) or some Windows equivalent software. A midi pipe type of program will take whatever controller you have and convert the messages into whatever other messages you'd like to send. MidiPipe is an amazing, free software only available for Mac, that is part of the category Audio & Video with subcategory Midi. More about MidiPipe. Since the software joined our selection of software and apps in 2006, it has already achieved 8,243 downloads, and last week it achieved 7 downloads. That Mac is connected to our regular in-house network. However, because the Sound network is NAT’ed out to the house network, we can still get MIDI signals out there. So that’s the basic layout, here’s how it works. Built-In MIDI Networking. Every Mac running OSX (starting with Leopard I believe) as a network module for MIDI.

About midimouse and NoteOn messages: midimouse will only create Control Changes (CC). Every noteOn needs a corresponding noteOff, otherwise you’ll end up having hanging notes.

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It’s not trivial to decide about noteOffs with mouseMove events only; that’s why I decided against it, but there’s software out there that you can use to change midi messages, for example MidiPipe. You can convert any CC to Note_On, Note_Off or Pitchbend values.

This table might be helpful, esp. Table 2 and Table 3: