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Have you actually played from Hong Kong or is it an educated guess! I just want to know before moving account or make a new one. I have seen loads of people play in Garena but that’s a whole new client altogether. Kurtis Lau Wai-kin (Chinese: 劉偉健; born June 9, 1992), better known by his in-game name Toyz, is a retired professional League of Legends player, best known for winning the Season 2 World Championship as the mid laner for the Taipei Assassins. Following his second retirement in late 2015, he transitioned to several coaching and managerial roles for esports teams in his native Hong Kong.

Personal information
BornJune 9, 1992 (age 28)
British Hong Kong
HometownHong Kong
Career information
GamesLeague of Legends
RoleMid Laner
Career history
As player:
2012–2013Taipei Assassins
2014–2016Hong Kong Esports
As coach:
2016–2017Raise Gaming
Career highlights and awards
  • World champion (2012)
League of Legends
World Championship
Winner2012 United States
Chinese name
Traditional Chinese劉偉健
Simplified Chinese刘伟健
Standard Mandarin
Hanyu PinyinLiú Wěijiàn
Yue: Cantonese
JyutpingLau4 Wai5 Gin6

Kurtis Lau Wai-kin[1] (Chinese: 劉偉健; born June 9, 1992), better known by his in-game name Toyz, is a retired professional League of Legends player, best known for winning the Season 2 World Championship as the mid laner for the Taipei Assassins.[2] Following his second retirement in late 2015, he transitioned to several coaching and managerial roles for esports teams in his native Hong Kong.

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After starting his competitive career by playing for the amateur team CrossGaming in 2011,[3] Toyz was recruited by the Taipei Assassins in April 2012, with whom he went on to win the Season 2 World Championship.[2][4] Although he was successful while playing for the Taipei Assassins, in June 2013 he was forced to retire from professional play because of carpal tunnel syndrome.[3]

In 2014, he coached for the European team Fnatic during their run in the 2014 World Championship,[5] which ended in the group stage.[6] However, Toyz returned to professional play in 2015, forming the Hong Kong Esports team together with former Taipei Assassins teammate Wang 'Stanley' June Tsan.[7] Toyz left Hong Kong Esports on 30 October 2015, after making a lengthy post on his Facebook account accusing the team's CEO, Derek Cheung, of match fixing.[1]

On 12 September 2016, Toyz founded Raise Gaming to compete in the Elite Challenger Series (ECS), the secondary league of the League of Legends Master Series (LMS), with the goal of qualifying for the promotion tournament. Under Toyz's coaching the team placed first in the 2017 ECS Spring regular season and second in playoffs. The team qualified for the LMS after defeating Team Yetti in the promotion tournament. When the team rebranded to G-Rex on 15 September 2017, Toyz remained as a coach, before becoming the organisation's Director of Esports in mid-2018. He left G-Rex at the end of 2019.

Tournament achievements[edit]

DateEventPlacingFinal game
2012-04-30NVIDIA Game Festival 2012 2ndTaipei Assassins1–2World Elite
2012-05-29Go4LoL Pro Asia Season 1 1stTaipei Assassins2–0World Elite
2012-06-17StarsWar 7 1stTaipei Assassins2–1World Elite
2012-07-15IGN Pro League Season 5 Taiwanese Qualifiers 1stTaipei Assassins2–0Corsair
2012-09-01Season Two Taiwanese Regional Finals 1stTaipei Assassins2–0Corsair
2012-10-13Season 2 World Championship 1stTaipei Assassins3–1Azubu Frost
2012-11-172012 Garena Premier League Season 1 1stTaipei Assassins3–1Singapore Sentinels
2012-12-02IGN Pro League Season 5 3rdTaipei Assassins0–2Fnatic
2013-04-212013 Garena Premier League Spring 1stTaipei Assassinsno playoffs
2013-05-19NVIDIA Game Festival 2013 3rdTaipei Assassins2–1OMG
2013-05-26All-Star Shanghai 2013 – Mid Lane Skill Competition 1stToyz1–0Misaya
2013-08-292013 Garena Premier League Championship 2ndTaipei Assassins0–3ahq e-Sports Club
2015-07-262015 League of Legends Master Series Summer 2ndHong Kong Esports0–3ahq e-Sports Club


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