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Icaro enables the operator to import multiple files to be executed as a single work piece. Each imported file which can be composed of multiple contours is maintained as an object, each contour can be changed and processed as a single piece of work. ICARO BAPI HANDLER: Data exchange with SAP™, so easy Since 1991 our SAP certified BAPI Handler has formed a comprehensive set of interfaces primarily for Time Recording, Access Control, PDC and related applications which require both SAP Master Data from HCM, PP etc., as well as well data transactions which must be imported into SAP – all.

We are a technology company specialized in management and analytics solutions for intelligent operations through software and professional services.

Icaro Tech empowers Intelligent Operations through software, managed and professional services. Since 1997, we pursue one mission: simplify people’s lives.

We help companies improve their operations and better serve their end users, by providing solutions for network and systems management, automation, service and asset management, and analytics.

Icaro Tech uses the power of data science, information and cutting-edge technology to deliver the best solutions for intelligent operations. We believe Intelligent Operations is key to companies’ efficiency and profitability in the new Era of Service.

Laerte Sabino

CEO, Co-Founder & Member of the board

Kleber Stroeh

Co-Founder & Member of the board

Douglas Silva

Head of Marketing & Sales

Gabriel Armbrust

Head of Customer Success

Gilson Missawa

Head of Offerings and Product Management

Marcia More

Head of F&A

Priscila Rosa

Head of Engineering

Juliana Gonçalves

Head of People

Icaro Tech uses the power of knowledge and information technology to bring intelligence to operations that support the global ecosystem.

We strongly believe in Intelligent Operations being essential for greater team efficiency and companies profitability.


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Oil & Gas SaaS ERP
Join the rush to W Energy Software's Upstream ERP Platform
Explore Why Operators Choose Us As Their Top Choice to Replace Legacy Solutions
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Explore Why Natural Gas Processors Make Us Their Top Choice To Replace Legacy Solutions
Our new name, like our company, is laser focused on putting energy into software and WE commit to our deep connection with our customers.
Full Upstream ERP, Land Management, Production Operations, and more
Plant Accounting, Liquids Transportation, Gas Transportation, Crude First Purchaser, and more

Full Upstream ERP, Land Management, Production Operations, and more

Plant Accounting, Liquids Transportation, Gas Transportation, Crude First Purchaser, and more

Our energy software is faster and more user-friendly with prices and programs for energy companies of all sizes.

Our state-of-the-art, cloud-based software for upstream and midstream verticals provides long-term results, features pain-free upgrades and processing speeds 150X faster than the industry average.

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Our oil & gas ERP software is functionally superior and fully configurable, capable of running complex processes in seconds or minutes. And, unlike our competitors, our software has full transparency to show how the numbers are generated – eliminating the ‘Black Box’ for good.

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Best video compression software. “The customer support at W Energy Software has been great this past year. Although I’ve only had to contact the support staff a handful of times, each time they’ve been quick to reply, knowledgeable in understanding the nature of my problem, and able to prioritize my issue within the time window I need.”

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— Plant Accountant, Privately Held, Independent Crude Oil & Natural Gas Company