How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For Mac


Click File on the Menubar, then Save Asand click Reduced Size PDFfrom the menu that appears. The Reduce File Sizewindow appears. If you have a pdf which is version 1.6 or 1.7, you can use the duplicate setting in Preview. Preview will save the file as a 1.4 pdf and save about 50% in file size. As far as I can tell there is no loss of quality. No need to use the export - reduced file size unless you want further savings.

“You can’t upload files larger than 25MB”. I’ve had this error way too many times while attaching PDFs in my Gmail. And not just this, there are several other reasons to compress a PDF file, like when I have to upload some documents on a government website and it only accepts PDF less than a certain size.

If you were to send a normal picture in JPEG, most servers (like Facebook and WhatsApp) automatically compress those files and reduce quality. PDF uses a lossless compression technique which maintains the quality and the key information which is essential for keeping the original formatting intact. Thankfully, you can always compress a PDF file. And while there is no shortage of PDF compressors. I have listed five methods that would help you compress your PDFs and make it easier to store and share over emails.

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Before we jump into the different methods, let’s first understand, how PDF compression works. So, PDF quality is measured in DPI (dots per inch) and to ensure the best quality you need to choose the optimal size. Now If I have a PDF that just contains general information which I’ll only view on my computer screen, 72 DPI is the minimum quality that would ensure the smallest PDF size. Ebooks are usually around 100-150 DPI and are optimal for most text-based PDFs. Anything more than 200 DPI is not recommended, as most computer screen can’t view them anyway. That said, let’s take a look at different methods to compress Pdfs with different apps and tools.

How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For mac

Reduce PDF File Size Without Losing Quality

Method 1: Compress them in the source of origin

First and the most obvious solution is that you compress the files while you’re creating PDFs in the first place. You get the ability to create PDF on computers and most smartphones and we seldom pay attention to the size. Acrobat Reader has an inbuilt option to optimize the PDF for the web and automatically adjusts DPI for maximum efficiency.
Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, and so many other applications offer PDF creation due to format’s versatility while exporting the file to PDF format you can set the parameters which can reduce your file’s size considerably so you won’t have to go back to a PDF compressor. You can reduce the size while saving by following these steps. Simply go to File > Export > save for web.

While this lets you control each aspect of compression, you can’t always rely on this because you don’t always make pdf, sometimes you just receive large PDFs.

Method 2: Online Tools

When you get the error that your PDF file is too big for the mail or that web portal, you’re just a tab away from compressing your files. There are several online PDF compressing websites that do it for free. You just have to search for the PDF compressor and click the very first result, really, it’s that simple. I found (works on smartphones as well) best for this job. It offers multiple solutions like, convert, split, merge, crop, rotate, and resize. Drop your PDF and press the button and your PDF is uploaded and you can choose the quality by adjusting the dpi. It shows the compressed size and you can download your compressed PDF file on your computer.

According to their privacy policy, all uploaded PDF documents are automatically deleted in 1 hour, so you may not want to upload any private pdf files on their servers.

PDFresize achieved a compression of only 20% but also increased the size of a smaller PDF that I tried to compress which was already compressed.

How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For Mac

In general, it works well for smaller files where compression is easy, however, you can’t really control the quality using this method and your data may be at risk. We only recommend this method, when no other option is available.

Method 3: Use PDF Compressor Apps

The Next most convenient way to compress PDF is to use an application. These are a well-built piece of code that does the job effectively and without any hassle. I found a couple of apps for each platform and have listed the best one of the lot for each category. These applications compress your Pdfs and optimize for various portals and websites.

For Windows, NXpowerlite is a free PDF compressing software for windows that lets you compress with up to 95% compression. It achieved a compression level of 72% which is better than most software available, though they claim up to 95% compression level. 72% isn’t bad and actually saves a lot of data when you have a few too many files to compress.

If you are a Mac user, you don’t have to download any third-party app. To compress PDF on Mac you can use the native Preview button. Start with making a copy of your PDF file (the document will replace the original one), next, open the PDF inside Preview, next head to File > Export > from the “Quartz-Filter” drop-down menu select “Reduce File Size” option and click the “Save” button.

For smartphones, Compress PDF takes the cake for mobile tools. It is the best app for both Android and iOS combined. It compresses your PDFs files instantly and lets you share it over emails, Whatsapp, and cloud.

Method 4: Zip multiple PDFs

If you’re working on multiple projects and have a batch of files to compress. Instead of compressing each file individually, you can archive all the files and compress the entire folder. The files would be significantly compressed without losing any data to the compression. You can also password protect the Zip archive.

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Though PDF itself can be password protected, it makes sense to lock the entire building instead of individual rooms. Windows and Mac have inbuilt Zip archiving tools, but there are more advanced tools available online. Rarzilla, WinRar, and 7-zip are some of the most popular archive tools that are available which compress your files with ease.
While these tools are available on Windows and Mac but there are plenty of apps for Android and iOS.
iZip works best on the iOS and WinZip on Android.

I compressed a bunch of Pdfs and the size before that was 20MB. Compressing the files using ZIP archiver compresses the files into one file of around 16MB which isn’t a lot but you’ll get comparatively faster uploads than uploading 20 individual Pdf files.

Method 5: Finally, check for Redundancy

I shouldn’t even call it a method, it’s just that sometimes while creating PDF we insert the same file multiple times which in turn increases the size of the PDF. Check your file any redundancies and useless info which may be taking up space in your file.

While it saves you the hassle of using other methods, doesn’t make significant changes

Which is the best way to reduce PDF file size?

There is always more than one way to a problem but the most common solution is looking twice, Method 5 is all about clearing redundancies. While you can always use online tools but I don’t rely on that due to their sketchy interface, though some of them are really good. I would suggest if you’re creating documents use Method 1 to compress your files or you can use applications that are developed specifically for this purpose. Tell us your preferred way of compressing files.

It is not uncommon for PDF files to feature numerous images and graphics – these often make the documents too big. On top of eating a lot of space on your Mac, these documents could present a problem if your goal is to send them via the email. These issues can be solved by compressing the document. In this article, you will learn how to reduce a PDF size on Mac without losing quality.

What is PDF Compression? How Does It Work?

You probably experienced this: you are uploading a PDF onto a webpage or you are trying to attach a PDF file to your email, and then you get a notification saying that your PDF size exceeds the file size limit. This is the time when you should need to reduce the PDF size. Since PDF can be bulky easily when it contains a lot of information, PDF size reduction, or PDF compression, is of great importance for those who need to deal with PDF files daily.

When you compress a PDF file size, you reduce the size of the PDF. Consequently, the file reduction process will result in the creation of files that you can store in the basic database systems without any need to purchase and add a new database drive. The need to use the systems to compress a PDF file size will lead to more efficient documents.

PDF compression has no information loss during the process, compared to other file format compression. For example, we use the image or JPEG compression, but image compression normally results in image quality loss or data loss. In this case, PDF compression seems to be the best way to compress a document.

Top 4 Ways to Shrink a PDF File on Mac

1. Use Preview on Mac to Reduce PDF size

The Preview feature is available on all computersrunning OS X. It is an inbuilt feature capable of handling all the basic PDFneeds, including compressing the Portable Document Format (PDF) file. Previewusually uses the Quartz filter to compress the PDF file.

The steps we have outlined below will take you through the process of reducing the size of your PDF file using the Preview feature:

Step1: Locate the fileyou would like to compress on your Mac. Open the file with Preview.

Step2: Once the file isopen, tap File > Export on the menu bar.

Step 3: On the popup window that appears, choose the Reduce file size option in the Quartz Filter Setting (this should be available under the Format setting).

Note: While the overall quality of the PDF documentmay not be reduced too much, the image quality and the dpi will be reduced tomake the document smaller. If your goal is to retain the image quality and dpi,the Preview feature may not be the best option for compressing your PDF document.

How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For Mac

2. Make a PDF Smaller on Mac Using ColorSync

ColorSync is available by default on all computers running on OS X. The application is usually used as a color management system – it helps Mac users modify images by adding effects, adjusting brightness or colors, tweaking the color space, etc. You can, however, use ColorSync to reduce the size of a PDF file. To learn how to reduce a PDF size on Mac using ColorSync, follow the steps below:

Step1: Navigate toFinder > Application folder and then launch the ColorSync Utility.

Step 2: Select File > Open. Now locate the file you would like to shrink and open it in ColorSync.

Step3: In the Filtermenu, select Reduce File Size and then hit the Apply button.

Step4: Finally, go toFile > select Save As > Hit Save.

Note: Similar to Preview, the ColorSync feature maynot produce a high quality compressed document. If the quality of the documentsis a major concern, avoid using the ColorSync – in this case, try the computerprograms introduced in the following sections.

3. Use Online PDF Compressors to Compress PDF on Mac

It is possible to use a web-based application to reduce the PDF file size. If you decide to use an online program to shrink your PDF document, ensure that the document does not feature private or sensitive information. While the online programs do claim that they respect the user’s privacy, there is always the possibility that your sensitive information may be accessed by third-parties.

Below, we will show you how to reduce PDF size on Mac without losing quality using various Online Programs:

Step1: Launch yourbrowser and visit

Step2: Select theCompress PDF option.

Step3: Drag and dropthe PDF files you would like to compress to the file area. Depending on thefile size and internet connection speed, you may need to wait for a couple ofseconds to minutes for the upload to complete.

Note: The online program does allow you to add PDFfiles from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Step4: The compressingwill be initiated automatically after the file upload is completed. You canthen download the compressed document to your Mac.

Step 1: Visit on your computer web browser.

Step 2: Drag and drop the PDF files you would like to compress into theworking area.

Step 3: Wait for the upload to finish. After the upload is complete, theonline program will initiate the conversion automatically.

Step 4: After the conversion, simply tap Download or Download All. Thiswill depend on whether you had uploaded a single file or multiple files.

4. Reduce PDF File Size on Mac Using PC Software


PDFelement is another ideal computer software that you can use to reduce your PDF file size. On top of allowing you to reduce your PDF file size, the tool has other features, including allowing you to remove annotations, add watermarks, include custom footers and headers, add hyperlinks, etc.

As you have probably guessed, the application is not 100% free. However, you can use the application’s free trial version. The free trial will, however, feature some limitations. How to remove connection of a hacker on my mac. To learn how to reduce PDF size on Mac without losing quality using PDFelement, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Install PDFelement on your Mac. Next, open the PDF file you would like to shrink in PDFelement. To do this, simply launch PDFelement and then tap the Open File button available at the bottom of the home screen.

How to lower the file size of a pdf in acrobat x for mac osx

Step2: Navigate to File> Save as Other and then select the Optimize PDF option.

Step3: From thedropdown menu that appears, you should be able to choose the ideal compressionoption. The options that appear include High, Medium, and Low. To get ahigh-quality document after the compression, you should select the Highoption.

Step 4: After selecting your preferred compression option, tap the Save As button. PDFelement will resize the PDF file immediately.

Note: After resizing the PDF file, the tool will display both the original document and the resized one. You can compare the two files before saving the shrunk file.

Step5: To apply thechanges and save your document, simply tap the Save button.

Note: This tool does allow batch compression. If you have numerous PDF files that you wish to reduce their sizes, you can add all the files to PDFelement and compress all of them in one go.

Cisdem PDF Compressor for Mac

Cisdem PDF Compressor is an application that works on macOS computers. The tool is capable of reducing the size of more than 1 PDF file. You can import up to 50 files to the program and reduce all PDF size on Mac at once.

The tool features a 100% success rate. Yourdocuments will be compressed without losing their quality. Below, we have thesteps that you should follow to compress your files using Cisdem PDF Compressorfor Mac:

Step1: Download thetool on your Mac and install it.

Step2: After launchingthe program, drag and drop the PDF files you would like to compress into theprogram.

Step3: From the 4compression modes available, choose the mode that works for your needs.

How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For Mac

Step4: Click theCompress button to initiate the compression.

Note: This tool is not 100% free. However, you can use its free trial version to shrink your documents.


How To Lower The File Size Of A Pdf In Acrobat X For Mac Os

If you are trying to email your thesis which features numerous images, tons of pages, tables, diagrams, and numerous graphics, you may need to shink your document. Also, if you would like to reduce the space occupied by PDF files on your Mac computer, compression is an ideal solution. The options we have outlined above should help you compress your documents quickly and easily.

If quality is a major concern, try to avoid using the default features available on macOS. While the default features can reduce the PDF size on Mac, the output document may not feature the best quality. If you do not want to pay for a computer program, use online programs for your less sensitive documents. For sensitive documents, you can always use a free computer program trial version.

For PDF compression on Windows, click here.