How To Download Gta5 For Free On Android


Steps to Install GTA V Premium Edition for Free. Download the Epic game launcher from the official website. Once installed on your PC, open the launcher and go to the Free Games section. Download the GTA V game from the launcher and let it install. The game is 90GB so it may take some time. Rockstar produces a stunning series of GTA games for all platforms, including PC, Xbox, PS4 station, etc. And here we will guide you on how you can download GTA V free for your android device. GTA V is a game that everyone loves to play, but it is not easily available for android mobiles because GTA V officially not launched from RockStar games.

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  • Download GTA apk for android phones.

    Hello everyone! Welcome to the world of Grand Theft Auto 5 where you can travel all around the Los Santos city. GTA 5 is the most popular game right now. GTA 5 was first released on PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2013. Then on 2014 GTA 5 was officially released for PS4 and Xbox One. Then Finally on 2015, GTA 5 was released for Microsoft windows. Now you can also play GTA 5 on your phone. GTA 5 for android gives you to experience all the features of GTA in your phone. GTA 5 for android has not been officially released but our team managed to rip it from the Xbox One and PS4 version. You will have all the features as in playstation 4 or Xbox One. In this site, You will get GTA 5 apk file which works on all android phone and other android devices.
  • Download GTA 5 in apk format will also includes SD data. GTA 5 apk is the full version of GTA 5 for android devices. GTA V has improved gameplay which includes better graphics, driving mechanics has been made similar to racing games. This game is more realistic than the previous game. Cars won't burn easily like in the previous version. You can also select weapon like in game Red Dead Redemption which has wheel selector. Meele fight is also fun and feels like you are actually fighting. Flying plane has never felt so good, now you will experience real flying and landing experience.
  • GTA 5 apk download now, and get access to all the features. There are many features for GTA 5 for android version, It uses the mobile accelerometer to control cars, planes and other vehicles. Buttons in your phone changes according to the game. If you are walking then you will be able to control side to side and while in car, you will have steering. There are many unique features like controlling two or more players at once. You can switch between characters during the game. Each character lives their own different life and you will be amazed to see where there are staying or doing while switching. You can also play mini games like Scuba diving, Sky diving, parachute jumping and hunting. You can also use mobile phone inside your phone. It will be like inception in your phone. You can also surf internet in the phone to buy cars, planes and other items. Rockstar has also made some better changes in pedestrians mechanics. You can follow the pedestrian and see that same guy in the different play.
  • Download GTA 5 apk data in your phone or tablet. GTA 5 for android has much bigger maps than on previous GTA series. It will take a lot of your time to explore the whole city. Grand Theft Auto 5 also has the most number of vehicles till now including cars, bike, planes, utility vehicles, emergency service cars, motor boat, jet plane, jet ski and submarine. You can explore the pacific ocean with the help of submarine. You can also buy sports car, jet planes or motor bikes within the game. You will be able to customize player like in other GTA 5 with more realistic wardrobe items.
  • 1. You will be able to download GTA 5 in apk format with sd data.

    2. You will be able to play Grand Theft Auto V anywhere, There is no limit within your Playstation or Xbox or PC. You will have GTA 5 on your pocket. This will help you to continue the mission even when you are bored outside the house.
    3. You will be able to sync with PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 or Xbox one. You will be able to continue from the same mission if you have GTA 5 on other console.
    4. 3 new mini missions added to android version of GTA 5.
    5. It has the best graphics that is compatible for any android phones.
    6. 6 new vehicles added to android version of GTA 5.
    7. Added mobile accelerometer to control vehicles and other compatible items.
    8. Added first person feature for better experience. You will be able to play some mini games if you have VR headset.
  • 1. Will it work on my Samsung Galaxy s2?
    Ans. Yeah, It will work on your phone but make sure to update your OS to latest version available.
    2. I cannot save my game right now! Please help!
    Ans. Just clear memory and make sure you have atleast 20 MB free on your phone. If the error still exists then reinstall the game.
    3. My game freezes in the middle of mission. How to fix it?
    Ans. Make sure you have latest version of OS which is compatible for your phone.
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  • Laden Sie GTA 5 in apk -Format wird auch gehören SD -Daten. GTA 5 apk ist die Vollversion von GTA 5 für Android-Geräte . GTA V hat gameplay , die bessere Grafik enthält verbesserte Antriebsmechanikhat sich ähnlich wie Rennspiele gemacht . Dieses Spiel ist realistischer als dem letzten Spiel . Cars wird nicht leicht brennen wie in der vorherigen Version. Sie können auch auswählen Waffe wie im Spiel Red Dead Redemption , das Rad Wähler hat . Meele Kampf ist auch Spaß und fühlt sich wie Sie wirklich kämpfen. Fliegenden Flugzeug war noch nie so gut gefühlt , jetzt werden Sie echte fliegende und Lande Erfahrung erleben.
  • Download GTA 5 in apk -formaat zal ook inclusief SD data . GTA 5 apk is de volledige versie van GTA 5 voor Android -apparaten . GTA V heeft verbeterde gameplay die betere graphics bevat , rijden mechanica is vergelijkbaar met racegames gemaakt . Dit spel is realistischer dan de vorige game . Cars zal niet gemakkelijk branden als in de vorige versie . U kunt ook als wapen in het spel Red Dead Redemption die wiel selector heeft . Meele gevecht is ook leuk en voelt alsof je eigenlijk vechten . Vliegende vliegtuig is nog nooit zo goed gevoeld , nu zul je echt vliegen en landen te ervaren.
  • Télécharger GTA 5 en format APK comprend également des données SD . GTA 5 apk est la version complète de GTA 5 pour les appareils Android . GTA V a amélioré gameplay qui comprend de meilleurs graphismes , la mécanique de conduire a été fait similaire à des jeux de course . Ce jeu est plus réaliste que le jeu précédent . Voitures ne brûle pas facilement comme dans la version précédente . Vous pouvez également sélectionner arme comme dans le jeu Red Dead Redemption qui a sélecteur roue. Meele lutte est aussi amusant et se sent comme vous êtes réellement battez . Voler avion n'a jamais senti aussi bien , maintenant vous ferez l'expérience réelle de vol et de l'expérience d'atterrissage.
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  • Descarga GTA 5 en formato apk también lo hará incluye datos SD. GTA 5 apk es la versión completa de GTA 5 para los dispositivos Android. GTA V ha mejorado la jugabilidad que incluye mejores gráficos , la mecánica de conducción se ha hecho similar a los juegos de carreras . Este juego es más realista que el juego anterior . Los coches no se quema fácilmente al igual que en la versión anterior. También puede seleccionar arma como en el juego Red Dead Redemption que tiene selector de rueda. Lucha meele también es divertido y se siente como en realidad se está luchando . Plano del vuelo nunca se ha sentido tan bien, ahora usted experimentará vuelo real y la experiencia de aterrizaje.
  • Download GTA 5 APK + OBB for Android & iOS [No Verification Required]

    How To Download Gta5 For Free On Android

    GTA 5 APK : It has been nearly seven years since the discharge of Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 but still, this game manages to take our breath away every time! It has been hailed as one of the best games in the history of GTA series. Furthermore, it has been widely acclaimed by a large portion of the gaming community and world-famous gaming critics. It truly excelled in every way! But getting our hands on its original version is quite tricky. The original version of the game is very big in size and requires various things to operate properly. On the other hand, our apk is quite small in size and has all the features of the original one. That’s why we have decided to bring the GTA 5 APK for all of you! Get all the thrills and excitement of the original version of the game right here!


    GTA 5 APK Details

    NameGrand Theft Auto 5 APK Download for Android
    CompatibilityAndroid 4.4 and above
    Size300 MB (approx.)
    Created byRockstar Games
    Root RequirementNo
    MODNot available
    CategoryAction and adventure

    GTA 5 APK (Android Version) Gameplay

    If you are a big fan of the Grand Theft Auto gaming series then we believe that we don’t have to tell you anything about its fifth instalment. But still, it is our moral responsibility to explain every little detail of the game. The reason behind the success of GTA V Mobile is its unique and exhilarating gameplay. Like its previous entries, this game is also based on the open-world format. You have the perfect opportunity to explore every place or region in the game. It is totally up to you what you want to do in the game.

    However, you must keep in mind that your device must possess a RAM of at least 2 GB. Also, this game is really easy to download and install. We have provided the download link at the bottom of this article.

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    GTA 5 APK excels at delivering 100% pure entertainment and excitement. It provides a perfect combination of action and adventure. There will be a huge number of missions in the game which your character has to complete to move forward. Also, various side-missions are provided to all the players. You will also get to witness several gang wars in it. You have to play smartly for ensuring your survival in this crime universe.

    You have the option of playing GTA 5 APK either from the first person or the third person point of view. This entire game lies on the shoulders of three main characters – Franklin, Trevor, and Micheal. The selection of these characters will depend upon the mission you are playing.

    Also remember that you are a wanted man in GTA 5! Yup, you have no other alternative but to keep running from the cops. Additionally, this game takes place in the wild city of Los Santos. So, you have to expect every bit of craziness in this place.

    GTA 5 APK + OBB Features

    • Apply various in-game cheats to gain some crucial advantages in the missions. You can change your appearance, get any vehicle or weapon, lure ladies towards yourself, etc.
    • GTA 5 Android APK for Mobile contains one of the best graphics of all time. They will surely manage to attract your attention at once. They are realistic and amazing. The developers at Rockstar Games have done a wonderful job in creating these jaw-dropping graphics.
    • There are various exciting missions in the game which you have to play and complete. Without finishing them, your character won’t be able to proceed in the game.
    • Don’t think that the quality of the graphics will be compromised just because you are playing this game in the Android device.
    • You have the ultimate chance of complete exploration of all the regions in the game. The open-world format of the game is interactive and awesome.
    • There are several multiplayer missions which can be completed by the help of your buddies.
    • The quality of the sound also looks very realistic. Plus, many radio channels are provided to all the players so that can listen to their favourite music inside their vehicles.

    GTA 5 APK + OBB Download and Installation Process

    • First of all download GTA 5 Android APK + OBB from the below download link provided
    • Now go to the downloaded file and save it on your Mobile storage
    • Now locate to the downloaded GTA 5 Mobile version of APK
    • Now click on install and install the GTA 5 Mobile in your device (Android or iOS)
    • Now open the app and enjoy the GTA 5 on your Android device.


    When it comes to action-adventure games, there is no competition for the GTA game series. We know that the quality of the original version of the game cannot be duplicated perfectly. But still, our apk has managed to exceed expectations. It is much smaller and portable in comparison to the original version of the game. Additionally, you don’t have to spend any money to purchase the original version. Especially when you can get the apk file on our website for free! All the features are present in it with realistic sound quality and graphics. So, what are you waiting for?


    Gta 5 Download Amazon Fire

    F.A.Q about GTA 5 APK

    Q. Is GTA V APK free to play?

    Ans. Yes! You can play it for free.

    Q. Does it contain any virus or malware threat?

    Ans. Nope! It is 100% safe from all kinds of threats.

    Q. What do we know about the in-game bugs or glitches?

    Ans. This game doesn’t have any bugs or glitches in it.

    How To Download Gta 5 On Android For Free Without Verification

    Q. Are all the features of the original version present in this apk file?

    Gta 5 Download Free For Fire Tablet

    Ans. Yes, it exhibits all the features of the original version.

    GTA 5 APK Download Link