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  1. In this video Zachry (NullBlox) attempts to show you how to usethe basic's of Cubik Studio. We will cover Elements, Voxel Tools, Mesh's and a little bit more.
  2. Cubik free download - Cubiks Conference: Connecting data to talent, Trench Assault, ROYAL AREA, and many more programs.

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Elements / Cuboids

Model in a unique cubic style

Start modelization with boxes. Move, rotate and scale cuboids. Apply one or more textures per cube, disable any face, edit UV coordinates and create any character parts without the constraints of voxels.


Retro style in 3D

Discover or master voxel modelization thanks to the Cubik Voxel edit mode. Add, delete and paint any voxels. Flip, rotate, cut and many more useful tools and functions.

Meshes & Primitives

Classic easy modelization

Cubik has various primitives to play with and can import any mesh. Move, scale, rotate and paint on any surface mesh. Convert the whole to voxels or elements at any time!

Easy Tools

  • Cuboid manipulation
  • Easy texture mapping
  • Add, remove and paint voxels
  • Play with primitives
  • Import any meshes
  • Paint on surfaces
  • Minecraft model preview
  • And more..

Advanced Functions

  • Voxel Mesh optimization
  • Texture atlas creation
  • Rotate whole model
  • Combine cuboids, voxels and meshes
  • Voxelization
  • Share model with Sketchfab
  • Extrude PNGs
  • And so much more!

Free Recording Studio For Laptop

Import / Export

  • JSON (Minecraft)
  • JPM (Optifine)
  • OBJ (Mesh)
  • PNG (Extrusion or Render)
  • STL (3D printing)
  • QB, QEF (Qubicle)
  • VOX (Magicavoxel)
  • Stonehearth and Staxel models


Corinth presents various unique games that involve PVE, PVP, competitive and solo experiences to players. Corinth 3D modelers are using Cubik Studio to create vehicles, pets and weapons of all sorts - such as axes, swords, spears, and staffs - which are freely available for players to use in a wide range of mini-games!


Cubik Studio free download. software

Shotbow creates crazy games such as 'MineZ', 'SMASH', 'Annihilation' and, most recently, 'Mine Theft Auto' which extensively uses Cubik for vehicles and weapons. The Shotbow team stops at nothing to bring you fun and original content!