Can Rat Software Be Installed On Mac



Important We recommend that you find your Office 2011 for Mac or Office for Mac 2008 installation media and product key before you follow the steps in methods 6 and 7. If you have an upgrade version of the Office 2008 software, make sure that you have previous versions of Office for Mac. Luckily, there are many software options like Binders or Crypters that hide RAT servers and prevent antiviruses from sending alerts. There are even softwares like AVkiller which render antivirus software inactive, allowing our server (used to hack computer remotely) to be easily installed. Antivirus software can help block offending emails that come from a suspect source or contain phrases common to many phishing attempts. Antivirus software like Norton 360 can also warn subscribers when they’ve stumbled upon an unreliable website. But one of the most important way to protect against phishing is to be informed.

Minecraft mods for pc windows 10. These software packages should be installed in the order presented before you attempt to build RAT. Take note of the version numbers as many of these packages make incompatible changes between releases.

Can Rat Software Be Installed On Macbook

  • Python 2.7.X with development headers -

    • on Scientific Linux – run the following commands in [InstallDir] where [InstallDir] is the location you are installing python:

      NOTE: The PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH will need to be set in this manner whenever you are using rat-pac

    • on Ubuntu: … … sudoapt-getinstallpython-dev

    • on SUSE Linux: … sudozypperinstallpython-devel

  • ROOT 5.34 - Used for object serialization and network processors. (other versions of ROOT 5 are okay too). RAT-PAC requires the python development libraries and Minuit2 minimization libraries thus when configuring the root make use the --enable-python--enable-minuit2 options i.e.
    • ./configure--enable-python--enable-minuit2
  • GEANT4 10.01.p02tar file- Toolkit used by the Monte Carlo simulation. When running cmake to configure GEANT4, be sure to use -DGEANT4_INSTALL_DATA=ON to download the interaction cross-section files (or download them manually).

    For begining GEANT4 users:

    In the directory you want to install Geant4 (referenced as [InstallDir] below), type the following commands:

    The geant4 enviroment variable files referenced below will be located in [InstallDir]/geant4.10.01.p02-build/InstallTreeFiles/

  • SCons - Using common package managers, type

    • on Scientific Linux: sudoyuminstallscons
    • on Ubuntu: … … sudoapt-getinstallscons

Can Rat Software Be Installed On Macintosh

Build Steps¶

  • Make sure that you have setup your environment variables:

    Source the GEANT4 enviroment variable files
    • for bash shell
    • for C shell geant4.csh
    Source the ROOT enviroment variable files
    • for bash shell
    • for C shell thisroot.csh
    If you do not know where to find these files, type
    • locate[fileName]
    Replacing [fileName] with the file you wish to locate. If the file path does not appear, type
    • sudoupdatedb # sudoupdatedb may require an administrator to run
  • Download RAT from GitHub

    Move to the directory you wish to install rat-pac in [rat-pacWorkingDIR] hinceforth.For Anonymous Users type

    • gitclone

    For Developers type

  • Build rat-pacStarting from [rat-pacWorkingDIR] type

    Source the newly generated rat-pac enviroment variable files :Note: You will also need to source this file in the future before running rat-pac.
    • for bash shell type
    • for C shell type env.csh
    Build the rat-pac development package by typing
    • scons

Test Drive¶

  • Run an interactive session by typing
    • rat

      Here’s a sample of what you might see (type exit to exit the interactive rat-pac terminal):

  • Run a macro example job by typing

    • ratmac/electron_demo_cylinder.mac-otest.root

    This will simulate 1000 – 10 MeV electrons in a cylindrical detector.

  • Now you can start ROOT to analyze the events you just created by typing

You should get a plot of particle x coordinates similar to the plot below.

Note:that with the RAT environment sourced, you are getting a special copy of ROOT that automatically loads the RAT ROOT event library.

Can Rat Software Be Installed On Mac Computer

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