Burnt Out: Why I needed a break from traveling around the world

As those who know me know, I have been a flight attendant since 2016. Unlike a lot of flight attendants you meet, I never saw myself flying the friendly skies. It was never a job that excited me, even though my mother worked as a flight attendant for a couple of years when I was little. Travel itself was never a priority for me.

Until one day before my college graduation, I realized…I don’t know what I’m doing next. I knew that I wanted a job in public relations, but I went to interview after interview to no avail.

I finally got a job in my field, but it wasn’t living up to what I thought my first post-college job would be. I continued to apply to everything I could find. One day, I asked my mom if I should apply to be a flight attendant, and she replied, “Why not?”. I applied, got the job, and we agreed I would only do it for a year.

Obviously, God laughed at our plans

When I started flying, the lifestyle change was very hard for me. I was lonely, tired, and broke (most of the time) when I first started. I never knew how lonely being around hundreds of people every day would make me feel. There were days where I realized how grateful I was for this job, but the negative feelings I had would always find their way back to me in no time.

I knew I wasn’t supposed to be here, and I knew that I should be doing something else…but what?

This went on for the next 2 and a half years, and I had finally put my foot down. I prayed and prayed and prayed for God to show me what my next step in life should be because quite frankly, I had no idea.

While I was doing my research, I came across a profession I never paid attention to; Software Engineering. I’ve never been a math, science, or computer person. As a matter of fact, I took precalculus three times throughout college. BUT, I was determined to make this work and make this fit so that my life would change. Yeah, it might be hard, but if other people can do it, why can’t I?

I was desperate…

So, I decided that that was it. This was what I prayed for! A career path that would make me a lot of money and I could get trained on right now! I was ready. I took my “last hoorah” trip to St. Lucia and Grenada where I realized that even though I may be leaving flying behind, travel is a new love that the job introduced me to that I will never leave behind.

I dropped all my trips for that month and the next and decided to join a Full Stack coding boot camp, and I was convinced that this would be the decision that finally changed my life for the better.

I started my bootcamp. I had a set schedule, I could eat healthily every day, I was working out allll the time…life was great and I finally felt like I got my life back. But there was one problem. I didn’t like coding. I was confused at first and I had so many questions. Am I feeling this way because it’s hard for me to keep up? Am I not working hard enough? Why can’t I make up my mind about anything? I gave it more time and became even more hesitant about my decision. I really did try my best, but I still wasn’t happy.

Since I was immersed in the tech field, I got more of an idea as to how my life could be in the future and it didn’t excite me…at all. I started thinking about my flying days and what I was working so hard to leave behind me.

Then I realized…I really grew to love my lifestyle. I loved the freedom that came with the job. I loved how I don’t take my work home with me. I loved getting off work to go to the beach in a new island. I loved being able to go see the people I love in different states and countries any time I want. I love the fact that if I want to try out a new venture outside of this job, I can do that. And I love being able to travel the world for little to nothing! The sky is the avenue and the limit for me and I’m willing to let all this go?

I quit coding bootcamp.

As I said earlier, I was only supposed to be a flight attendant for a year. From the day I started this job, I was always looking for the next best thing. When you go into a career looking for something else, you are never going to be happy with what you have. What you’re looking for might be right under your nose. You have to block out what other people may impose on you and figure out what works for YOU. That’s what I learned and I’m so glad to be back in the skies living on MY terms.

I just finished my first trip back and I’m glad to be home.

The world is my home.

12 thoughts on “Burnt Out: Why I needed a break from traveling around the world”

  1. God has laughed at my plans so many times. Some things just fit. They just feel right and they fill our spirit. Contentment is something that is learned – glad you’re back to doing what’s right for you!

  2. I really liked the fact that you tried something new and didn’t feel compelled to stick with it. This is what 20’s is all about. Thanks for sharing

  3. Loved it! Thanks for sharing your feelings. I think many of us feel this way too but keep it to ourselves. Miss you love and need to plan a get together!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experience! What stood out most to me was the last part about “destination happiness.” I struggled with that for a long time. We are exactly where we need to be when we are there and have to use what we have to get us to where we want to go.

    So happy I found your blog@

    1. I’m happy I realized this too! This really came with self-actualization. I’m happy you found my blog too!

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