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Once installed, SourceTree will automatically try to look for and set up repos that are worked on. SourceTree will also detect if git-flow is used and what is the current development state as long as default git-flow branch names are used. The software tracks all relevant repositories in the bookmark's window. Gitg is a Git software repository browser specifically designed for the Gnome desktop and set of applications (though, weirdly it has a Mac version). The main goal of the Gitg tool is to give Linux users an easy to use front-end to the Git command line tool. The software is open source, and the code is fully auditable to anyone.

One-click commit, push and pull. Unique search in history and undo for Git commands.
Powerful commands like rebase, branch reset and cherry picking.
And now it works with submodules.


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Gitbox integrates with popular diff tools such as Xcode FileMerge, Kaleidoscope, Changes, DiffMerge.

Use keyboard for ultimate efficiency. Use arrow keys to jump between all the panes and lists.

To stage all files, hit Cmd+Shift+Return. To stage/unstage selected files, use 'S' shortcut.

Pokemon ethereal gates mac download version. To pull and push, use 'U' and 'P' shortcuts. Press Option key to perform fetch. Press Cmd+Shift to force push or rebase.

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Right click menus contain all the advanced features you might need. For instance, to reset a branch, cherry pick a commit or revert a file.

To amend a commit, simply undo it (cmd+Z). You can also undo merge, pull and even push.

To find a bug, use color labels. Check out a commit, test it and mark if it works or not. This is a much better and visual approach than git-bisect.

“Version control outside the Terminal is usually a clusterfuck. Gitbox looks the most straightforward that I've seen thus far.”

Mark Otto, UI designer at Twitter.

“I’ve started really, really liking Git since getting Gitbox. Nice, clean, simple, works.”

Git bash download for mac

Wil Shipley, Cocoa Legend.


“Finally a glorious Mac app for managing Git repositories. Thank the lord!”

Brennan Novak, designer, musician, developer.

“[Gitbox isEqualTo:Awesome];”

Calvin W. Stephens IV, software developer and designer.


Mac with 64-bit processor.

Git for windows

OS X Lion or Snow Leopard.

For Snow Leopard users: libcurl 7.0.0 or later (must be in /usr/lib).

To open diffs with FileMerge do the following:
1. Install the latest Xcode from App Store.
2. In Xcode Preferences: download and install Command Line Tools.
3. In Terminal: sudo /usr/bin/xcode-select -switch /Applications/

How to buy

Gitbox is offered on both Mac App Store and with an old-school license. Both builds are the same and distributed on the same conditions: the license is for personal use, on any number of machines. Updates are free.

Students are offered 50% discount coupon (a scan of student ID required).

There is a discount for volume purchases. Drop us a line for details.


Ask a question by email [email protected] or using twitter @gitboxapp.

Gitbox is designed by Oleg Andreev, a software designer from Paris, France.

The latest Git works swimmingly on the Mac. To download it you can curl it from the repository:
curl -O
Next, extract the files:
tar xzvf git-
Once extracted, cd into the directory that you extracted the files into and then run a make configure with the git- directory as your working directory.
make configure
If you cannot run make becuase you don’t have a compiler, make sure that you have installed the developer tools on your computer. Once you have run the make, run the configure, specifying the directory you would like to install into. In this case I’ll be deploying into /usr/local/git:
./configure –prefix=/usr/local/git NO_MSGFMT=yes make prefix=/usr/local/git all
Now run a make install to complete the installation:
make install
Once git has been installed, let’s look at the global options and choose which ones to configure:

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git config –global –list
The first setting you’ll typically want to change is the name that git uses. To set your name use the git config again, but specify the –global option and then the setting (in this case following by the actual name you would like to use (in my case it’s Charles Edge):
git config –global “Charles Edge”
Next, use the setting to set your email address:
git config –global “[email protected]
Now that you know how to customize options, check the global options list and change any remaining that you would like to set. Once done, let’s grab the man pages. To install the man pages, first curl them down:Git

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curl -O
Then extract the man pages into your /usr/local/share/man directory (or wherever you like to keep them):
tar xjv -C /usr/local/share/man -f git-manpages-
If git is already installed you can obtain the version information by running git with a –version option:
git –version
Now let’s grab the html docs:
curl -O
And then let’s put them in /Library/WebServer/Documents:
tar xjv -C /Library/WebServer/Documents -f git-htmldocs-
You should now be able to use git.