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Killing Floor 2 has always made for great fun with friends.

Kf2Best Gunslinger Perks Kf2

The no-frills co-op shooter is a fantastic way to pass the time, as you’ll find yourself screaming through the heavy metal soundtrack trying to rid Europe of waves of different zombie types (yes, multiple zombies)

While KF2 hits it out of the park in terms of gameplay and presentation, there’s really not a lot here in terms of content.

Best Gunslinger Perks Kf2 1; Gunslinger Perk; I have nearly 700 hours of experience in Killing Floor 2, and have gotten every perk to at least level 25 legitimately. This guide, based on my experience, will briefly cover all 10 perks. I will go over what role each perk plays in a cooperative setting, a recommended loadout or two, and some.

Killing Floor 2 – Best Weapons for Each Class Guide Jonathan Leack Friday, April 24, 2015 Killing Floor 2 has a large sum of weapons, so you may feel overwhelmed when you head to the Trader to. Gunslinger is the master of kiting, and dealing large amounts of precise damage while moving. The perk is at its best when working alone or taking advantage of its mobility, but when working with others is decent at trash clearing and great for killing big zeds, particularly scrakes. Skills: Steady Vs. Using a variety of different pistols, the Gunslinger isn't afraid to get both hand dirty to show who's the best headpopper in town. The necessity to be quick and to have extremely precise aim while using weapons with small clip/magazine sizes and high reload times makes the Gunslinger is one the hardest perks. The bonus experience for headshot kills with their perk weapons encourages Gunslingers to, at the very least, improve their accuracy above the shoulders. It is not a requirement to make for a great Gunslinger, and the best out there are able to make accurate plays with akimbo-style load-outs regardless.

It’s fun while it lasts, but leaves you wanting more.

So what’s to do when you’ve grinded through your favorite classes?

Well, there are tons of cool mods to choose from to keep the game interesting. I’ve already found some of my favorites that you might want to try for yourself, and I’m ranking them all here.

20. DooM 2: Map 1 Entryway

One of the first things you’ll see when it comes to modding KF2 is maps.

New maps are a great way to add spice to the game, especially given its repetitive nature.

And there are tons of maps to choose from.

The first couple of maps combine some of our favorite shooters with KF2 – because why the hell on Earth not?

Starting off we have DooM 2.

This one’s actually a port of a popular KF1 map, except the textures have been upgraded to match.

Interestingly enough, Doom 2 was actually titled “Doom 2: Hell on Earth” so perhaps the KF2 play mode is actually a nod to the classic FPS game?

19. Arid Zedlands

Up next we have Arid Zedlands.

If the name isn’t obvious enough, this one takes us to the Arid Badlands – made famous by the original Borderlands game.

It’s amazing how the map actually looks and feels like Borderlands. You probably won’t be able to tell which game you’re playing.

Every detail has been included, from the art style to the ammo in the mailboxes.

Even the soundtrack has been replaced with the original Borderlands music. That’s dedication, folks.

If you’re a fan of Borderlands, be sure to try out this one.

18. Mario 64 Remastered

Another beloved video game reference, except this time we’re moving towards the retro era.

Typically, FPS games (especially those involving zombies) are expected to have dark, gritty visuals.

Well why not have a bit of fun and take KF2 to the world of Mario?

Trade in the dank European streets for the bright and colorful fields of Peach’s Castle. All before you paint the map red, of course.

The change of scenery is definitely something to get used to, but it makes for tons of fun. You might be surprised at how the contrast is actually quite nice.

17. Bikini Atoll

This time we’re taken under the sea to Bikini Atoll.

If you didn’t know already, the actual Bikini Atoll was actually a test site for nuclear weapons back in the 40’s-50’s, which actually makes sense given the setting of KF2.

What’s more interesting is that this map is also inspired by Bikini Bottom from SpongeBob.

Combine the two and you get a much darker version of Bikini Bottom – one that actually looks like zombies belong there.

You’ll even find some familiar places like the Krusty Krab. KF2 and Mr Krabs… I never thought I’d see the day.

This world is gonna be fun to explore if you’re a hardcore SpongeBob fan. It’ll probably lend itself to some nice memes along the way, too.

16. Zed’s Diner

Zed’s Diner is a retro diner map that you’re sure to have loads of fun with.

A retro diner in the middle of the desert? Check.

A wide-open drive-in cinema? You got it.

With nothing to light your surroundings but the diner’s neon signs and the moonlight, it looks like this was taken straight out of a horror film.

The map features some rebalances as well, as zed spawn faster than they do on official KF2 maps.

Other than surviving waves of zombies, you can also search for the 10 “Gold Record” collectibles scattered around the map as well. Gives you a little something to keep you busy.

15. Finland Winterland

This time we’re taken to the snowy mountains of Finland.

The map features an open mountainside, complete with a lakeside house and sauna avanto.

All of that surrounded by the beautiful Northern Lights shining in the background.

It looks like it would make for a great vacation spot, but unfortunately we’re not here for that.

There’s lots of snow on this map, too. Which only means you’ll have more white to paint over.

14. Dystopia 2029

Every game deserves a Bladerunner map.

KF2 is no different.

Here we’re taken to a bleak dystopian cityscape in Dystopia 2029.

There’s a wide-open downtown area, but the many buildings really give the playable area variety.

You’ll be fighting off waves of zeds from the grimy alleyways to the once heavily-populated city central in this futuristic city world.

There’s so much to see on this map, you can even go looking for the 30 bling necklaces hidden across the city.

13. Katana Black Golden

Other than maps, some modders let their creativity shine through by creating unique weapon skins to enhance the visuals of KF2.

This specific skin changes the appearance of the katana, giving it a black and gold colorway, along with red ribbon highlights wrapped around the handle.

The katana now looks better than ever.

Truthfully, the attention to detail is incredible here. You’ll even find Japanese symbols as well as a biohazard symbol etched on the backside of the blade.

12. The Gentleman’s Revolver MKII

This time we have a reskin of the 1858 revolver.

The gun is now dominantly dark blue with gold highlights. The etched detail in the gold hardware gives the gun a much more delicate, classier look.

Looking through the comments section, someone actually noted that “the engravings offer no tactical advantage whatsoever.” So why install it?

While this is completely true, it also completely misses the point.

The skin looks great and should make a gunslinger playthrough all the more fun. Small aesthetic tweaks can enhance immersion, always something I’m into.

11. Deagle – Vampire Hunter

Here’s another one for the gunslingers – a reskin of the .50 Desert Eagle.

This offers a heavily-engraved silver skin which gives the gun a whole new depth in terms of detail.

The floral patterns really don’t look too girly, either.

The modder mentioned that he originally went with gold, but ultimately decided on silver instead as it felt less cheesy.

I completely agree. As now it doesn’t make the gun look too over-the-top.

Instead it feels like your deagle’s were passed down through generations and they’ve finally been upgraded.

10. Synthwave Soundtrack

With the Synthwave Soundtrack mod, you can change the music you kill zeds to.

Pretty straightforward right?

If you’ve gotten tired of the heavy metal soundtrack that comes with the vanilla version of the game, this should be an interesting change of pace.

Taking inspiration from Far Cry Blood Dragon, this mod completely changes the soundtrack with some electro synth music.

You might not expect it to fit, but the music surprisingly works well while you’re fighting off zed hordes.

The boss fight music has been updated as well, and actually adds to the intensity of the battles.

I imagine this one would go well with the Dystopia 2029 map.

9. Pepsiman Scrake Skin

Weapons and music aren’t the only things getting overhauled in KF2.

There are character skins available as well, the first on this list being a reskin of the scrakes.

Kf2 Best Perk

While scrakes are usually annoying chainsaw-weilding brute zeds, why not give them Pepsiman outfits to tone down the intimidation a little bit?

We all remember the Pepsiman game for PlayStation 1, right?

Now scrakes will have the signature silver skin tone from that iconic game.

They maintain the aprons as well, except now they’re blue complete with a huge Pepsi logo. Ah, corporate advertising.

8. The Chickenator

Edmund Cook (better known as The Chickenator) was actually an unlockable character for a limited event back in the first Killing Floor game.

He hasn’t made an appearance in KF2, and although his Commando Chicken outfit can be purchased in the in-game store, you could just mod Foster’s appearance to get him in the game.

This neat mod completely changes Foster’s appearance to a brand-new Chickenator suit. So you’ll be able to play as Commando Chicken any time you want.

The suit now even features chicken leg pants!

7. Joker Foster

Another Foster reskin, this time letting you play as the Joker.

Inspired by the red suit worn by the recent Joke iteration performed by Joaquin Phoenix, you can now customize Foster’s appearance and have him wear the exact same outfit.


What’s nice about this mod is that it appears in the gear menu during character selection, so you’ll be able to easily select the different parts to mix and match.

Unfortunately, the skin doesn’t include a joker face.

Instead you’re given a gas mask smeared with clown colors… which isn’t a bad alternative.

6. Controlled Difficulty

If you’ve grinded through the base game, played around with different maps, and had fun with different skins, how else can you get more out of KF2?

Well there are actually mods that allow for actual gameplay customization that can make the game either more interesting or more challenging, depending on your own taste.

Controlled Difficulty is one of those mods.

It allows you to take control of otherwise hardcoded or random factors in the game.

The mod keeps it close to vanilla, but gives you options to tweak spawn system values, max zed limits, and even controlling which boss spawns.

This makes it possible to play a completely customized game, so how you play is essentially up to you.

5. Be the Zed Variety Pack

The versus mode in KF2 isn’t actually all that great, since the zed team randomly spawns as any zed in the game.


That means that you could spawn as any of the weaker zeds and that wouldn’t make for such a good time.

Lucky for us, there’s a “Be the Zed Variety Pack” mod. This introduces four new game modes to keep things interesting.

Boss Challenge lets one random player spawn as the Patriarch, one of the few bosses in the game, and has access to all his attacks.

There’s also a Pop the Cyst mode where one player spawns as a cyst, except with buffed speed and health. The other players are only given knives and welders and have to chase the cyst around until they can kill it.

There are two other fresh game modes to try as well, and this should make for a lot of fun – especially playing with friends.

4. Headhunter

Headhunter gives you the ability to play the Cranium Cracker mode from the Weekly Outbreaks.

For those who are unfamiliar, Weekly Outbreaks are weekly events in Killing Floor 2 offering additional game modes and rewards for completion.

Note that you don’t have the ability to choose which event is be available, but if you’re a fan of the Cranium Cracker mode, this mod will definitely keep things interesting.

You’ll be able to play in Headhunter mode anytime you want, where as in Cranium Cracker, only headshots will count towards damaging enemies.

3. Abominations’ Minibosses Spawns

This is a fun mod that also makes for a more challenging playthrough.

What it does is replaces bloats, scrakes, and fleshpounds with “mini abominations”.

When a mini abomination is present on the field, it will spawn a mini boss every 10 seconds.

The mini bosses include weaker versions of all bosses in the game. Sounds cool right?

Mini bosses have the same abilities as their original counterparts, but generally do less damage.

This adds a whole different aspect to the game and how battles play out, so you’re probably going to be tweaking your strategy a bit.

2. GrooveYard

GrooveYard is actually a map mod, but there are tons of features to discover here.

And all of them bring a whole new level of fun to the game.

Once you make your way inside, you’ll actually find yourself in a night club setting. And everything is oversized.

Your character is actually mouse-sized in GrooveYard, so everything from the bar to the tables and chairs scattered around the map will be like the Jolly Green Giant’s house.

What’s fun about this map is that you can interact with pretty much all the objects inside.

You’ll find yourself spending most of your time riding skateboards and playing the giant drum set or piano, among loads of other stuff you can explore.

It’s a unique map loaded with original ideas that’s sure to make for a good time.

1. Zedternal

Zedternal is basically endless mode for Killing Floor 2.

One of the biggest features of the mod is the updated perks system.

Perks are now completely customizable, as all 10 can be combined to make for a totally unique character.

All players start with no perks at level 0.

Then you’ll have to unlock different perks, skills, and weapons throughout the playthrough.

Zedternal gives you complete freedom in terms of upgrades too, so classes will no longer limit your development options.

Not only that, but Zedternal introduces new skills, weapon upgrades, and even zeds to make for a completely fresh KF2 run.

When I say fresh I mean really feels like new. Absolutely give this one a try if you can.

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Now that Killing Floor 2 is in Early Access, there are four playable classes and three playable maps that you can get started on.

In KF2 you have choices when it comes to choose your class perks. This guide won't delve too deep into which perk configurations I think you should choose - rather, this will cover some general tips, tricks, and things to know when playing each class.

Perk images are for reference only, not as an indication of what perk choices to make. Frankly, I don't agree with a number of them.

Note: Keep in mind that Tripwire has stated they will do a rollback on perk levels after Early Access, and probably once or twice during. Try not to burn yourself out!

How to play Berserker

The Berserker's job just got a little more interesting. Where before you had the dancing slash-forward-step-back of the katana/fire axe or brute-force-charge-forward of the chainsaw, now the Berserker's purview has expanded to include a (functionally useful) long-distance Nail Gun and the biggest most nonsensically wonderful sledgehammer you ever imagined. (There's also that other sawblade-slinging gun a la Buzzsaw Bow that Zerkers don't talk about.)

Some good things to know and learn as a Berserker:


  • Some of your biggest strengths in this class is due to your ability to go toe-to-toe against Scrakes and Fleshpounds alike.
  • When you stumble them, you are in the best position possible to do it again. And again.
  • Timing is key. Unlike your primary/secondary attacks, there is only one way to do a parry. Learn it! Even the boss can be parried, which will stumble him. (Note: With enemies like Scrakes, be aware there is a 'cooldown' time before you can stumble them again.)
  • You take less damage. Some is unavoidable, but much less than simply standing there tanking blows.

Donate Generously to Teammates

Kf2 Best Class

  • You will make a lot of money. If you're doing your job right, you will really only need two weapons - the Nail Gun and the Pulverizer being the popular choices du jour - which are generally inexpensive and do not use a lot of ammo.
  • Other classes (Support and Medic) can carry a number of different and expensive guns and they are both more concerned with being conservative with their ammo/have other priorities (e.g. healing you).

Save the Day!

Kf2 Weapon List

  • As you level up your perk, you can choose a perk reward that makes Clots unable to grab you. I don't try to push any particular perk upgrades, but this was a huge saving grace in the first KF and this continues to hold true here.
  • Where other classes can get grabbed and get swarmed by mobs, you are perfectly suited to rush in and kill them all. You don't have to worry about getting stuck in the same situation, plus you have much higher resistance to damage anyway.
  • Also keep in mind that your EMP grenade will de-rage Scrakes and Fleshpounds along with dazing the trash mobs.

How to play Commando

With the (current) absence of a Sharpshooter class, Commando takes over some of those responsibilities by being one of the best classes for racking up headshots and doing high damage from a distance. You have the ability to see health bars which means you are much less likely to be caught off-guard by approaching enemies, and you can (eventually) share the ability to see cloaked Stalkers with the team.

Some things to keep in mind as a Commando:


  • There are plenty of games where spraying at head-level gets amply rewarded. Killing Floor 2 is not one of those games. As a Commando, a single shot will generally be enough to take off any Zed's head barring Husks, Sirens, Scrakes, and Fleshpounds. Take advantage of that - especially when ammo isn't cheap.
  • Always remember to reload. Always try to have a full clip when facing any big enemy or fresh mob. This is important for everyone, but especially for you.

Watch Your Back

  • Know your exits. In all the available KF2 maps, there are very places that are actually dead ends (unless your team has a few d*bags that have gotten weld-happy) so there is almost always room to run. It's important to have a good sense of when it's time to abandon a camp spot and move on.
  • The above is particularly important because: you can get grabbed, you have only base armor, you don't have a lot of health, and you don't have high movement speed bonuses. Getting caught in a tight situation is harder on you than on other classes.

How to Play Medic

Best Gunslinger Weapons Kf2

The medic class has certainly evolved since its first appearance in Killing Floor when all they got was a medic syringe. KF2 medics can now choose from a variety of weapon types, all of which feature handy lock-on medic darts that you can fire from the hip at a very forgiving distance and which beep when you pan over anyone in need of a heal.

Some things you should keep in mind as a Medic are:

Kf2 Perk Tier List


  • This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people just turn a blind eye to everyone else's health bar even between waves. Heal everyone even if you aren't a medic. You get money and experience, even if you are off-perk.
  • Unless your team is really bad, you will have enough time to rack up more than enough kills yourself to afford more guns and ammo. Even more so than in KF, it's important to stay alive as a team.

Don't Forget Your Grenades

  • It's unfortunate that as a medic it is not nearly as easy to keep yourself alive as it is to keep others. Your medic syringe is generally your only tool of keeping yourself topped up, but don`t forget about your grenades if you`re in a pinch.
  • Medic grenades do double duty since they both heal you and your party, and deal damage to enemies at the same time.

Know Your Weapons

  • You out of all the classes have the most options when it comes to gun types - and as such, it's important to know which work best in a given situation.
    • Pistol works best with a few Zeds in slow-moving groups when you have time to use ironsights (early waves).
    • SMG is ideal for handling regular mobs during the middle waves since it is effective while using ironsights and hip-firing.
    • Shotgun is best for high damage to single targets (Husks, Sirens, and up).
    • Assault Rifle is a good replacement for the SMG in later waves because of higher damage and extra heals (note that it has high recoil also).
  • Each medic gun has their own heal recharge. You can carry multiple medic guns and switch between them if you need more heals in a tricky situation.
    • Pistol: uses up 50 heal per dart (2 shots)
    • SMG : uses up 50 heal per dart (2 shots)
    • Shotgun: uses up 40 heal per dart (2 shots)
    • Assault Rifle: uses up 25 heal per dart (4 shots)

(Note: This does not mean that the assault rifle darts do less healing per dart, just that it can shoot more darts with its full heal capacity.)


Remember that all medic guns have the highest chance of stumbling enemies than any other weapon type.

How to play Support

Support is an odd one in the KF games - insofar as you get to support the team with a number of giant shotguns that clears mobs and Scrakes like it's nothing. With one of the biggest carry capacities and eventually the ability to give other players ammo and automatically regenerate health, you have the firepower to get yourself out of some pretty close fights.

Some things to keep in mind as a Support are:


Kf2 Perk Leveling

  • Much like the Commando, you go through a lot of ammo. Since you work primarily with shotguns, you don't have the ability to switch to single fire like Commandos can, but you can conserve what you have.
  • Since you have extra penetration with shotgun rounds, wait and position yourself so that you can take out multiple Zeds with one shot.
  • Your ultimate prize is generally going to be the AA-12.. and that is an expensive gun that eats ammo like no tomorrow. Save it for Scrakes and Fleshpounds, and if you are really stuck in a mob.

Take Care of Your Teammates, No Matter What

Kf2 Weapons

  • You may not appreciate every member of your team (particularly if you're playing with the pubbies), but it is in everyone's favor that you put down extra ammo per wave to help keep costs low for everyone on the team.
  • With your extra carry capacity, you're the most qualified class to pick up any weapon spawns on the map to sell for extra cash - once you've got yourself taken care of, it's important to pass on the wealth.

For other helpful articles and guides for playing Killing Floor 2: