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There are lots of downlod managers available for Mac. Some of them are free, some of them are paid while some apps gives you only limited feature for free and ask you to pay for premium features. Paint like app for mac. Choosing a best download manager is a very difficult task. Also, some people
like a good interface while some like good downloading speed. Browser’s download manager is also good enough to download files. Then why we need download managers? Because, it gives
a little more control like it speeds up download by breaking files into multiple blocks, pause and resume download whenever you want or bandwidth throttling.
Analyzing the reviews and following the recommendations, here is the list of top 5 download managers for Mac.

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Best download manager for mac 2016 torrent

Folx Go is Undoubtedly my number 1 pic. Folx is a free (with IAP) download manager for. Importance of a Download Manager in MacOS. Some of us can survive without a download manager, but having a download manager makes it easier for you to organize you downloads. If you download files, apps, programs etc. On a daily basis on you Mac, then I suggest you use a download manager. Downloader for Mac OS X - Free Internet download manager for Mac-torrent client for Mac: Folx.

Best Mac Download Manager

1. Folx – You can use Folx for normal downloads as well as torrent downloads. It also is one of the minimalist uTorrent alternatives out there. But something that really matters is how smoothly Folx integrates with your Mac. Once installed, Folx becomes an active part of your Mac. In addition, the free version enhances the download speed by splitting
into 2 threads. Standard features like auto-resume, multiple downloads, a torrent client with magnet link support, are also available.
2. iGetter – It’s completely free and integrates in an easy manner with your device. The User Interface of iGetter isn’t the most modern, but it can do the job very well. One of the best features about iGetter is the level of customization. From download speed to segment size and from the number of multiple downloads to connection timeout, you
can customize almost everything using iGetter preferences. Site Explorer and Download Scheduler are some of the best picks in the feature list.
3. Download Shuttle – If minimal UI is your thing, Download Shuttle is a must-check-out free download manager for Mac. It packs a lot of features despite the simple UI, though.
This minimal-footprint software supports multi-segmented download support, up to 6 segments at a time. The best part is that you can decide the maximum number of segments when you add a download. The UI is just awesome and you wouldn’t need
days to get used to it.
4. Leech – It has been one of the most popular downloaders for Mac. The reason is simple:
it can manage lots of downloads without compromising speed or performance.
Although the maximum number of concurrent connections is 5, the overall speed boost of Leech is impressive enough. You can simply drag and drop any link for starting downloads, schedule downloads and manage multiple URLs at once. Bandwidth control and Safari integration make Leech easier to use.
5. Progressive Downloader – Progressive Downloader allows you to schedule and resume downloads in a shiny and native user interface on Mac. It also integrates with all the major browsers and monitors clipboards for links. You can also limit download speeds
individually and it also lets you shut down your Mac automatically after the download.

Best Download Manager For Mac 2016 Torrent

The final word :
Before you make the selection, go through all the capabilities. For instance, if you’re planning to manage a lot of downloads with maximum connections, you need something powerful. We hope this guide helps you choose one of the best download manager apps for Mac.