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Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives for Mac. Adobe Flash Player. By Adobe Systems Free Editors' Rating View details Key Details of Adobe Flash Player View Flash content in your Web browser. Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC. Compare Adobe Acrobat DC alternatives for your business or organization using the curated list below. SourceForge ranks the best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat DC in 2021. Compare features, ratings, user reviews, pricing, and more from Adobe Acrobat DC competitors and alternatives.


In the list of top PDF applications, Adobe Acrobat is the most preferred one. The main reason behind users opting for Adobe Acrobat is the fact that the software makes it seamless for them to create PDFs, while also making changes to the saved files as well as sharing the same with others. It goes without saying that Adobe Acrobat is the best at what it is meant to do.

However, it has one drawback, which is, the software comes at a high price. If you are looking just to some basic functions such as annotating or rotating a PDF, then use the Adobe Reader DC on Windows 10 or macOS built-in preview app. Both are free and works fine. However, for more advanced features like edit or merge two PDFs, you will have to shell out money. Still, it doesn’t have to as expensive as Adobe Acrobat.

  • There are many alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Mac if you are looking to replace it. The most popular Mac alternative is Foxit Reader. It's not free, so if you're looking for a free alternative, you.
  • If you want a basic alternative to Adobe Acrobat for macOS 10.15 Catalina, and you do not want to spend a dime, PDF Studio is the tool for you. With PDF Studio, you get almost all of the file management.
  • Best Alternatives to Adobe Acrobat for macOS 10.15. MacOS is an operating system for Mac computers. Meanwhile, there are many different programs that we can use on Mac, including Adobe Acrobat. With it, users can create, view, edit, print and manage PDF files easily.

There are better alternatives for applications like Adobe Acrobat that are meant to serve the same purpose as the former and that too, at a lower price. With the endless PDF programs claiming to offer you the best job possible, we bring you to the top layer of the cream:

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Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

1. Nitro Pro

The best part about Nitro Pro is that the software has a lot in common with Adobe Acrobat. This is possibly the primary reason why it is widely considered to be the best alternative for Adobe Acrobat. With Nitro Pro, one can create PDF files, edit them, shuffle them onto other locations and even eliminate any unwanted element in the view. The system offers bookmarks and linking tools that help in creating and filling in forms.

Users can comment and highlight specific components within documents. It offers security through the use of digital IDs that allow only the owner to access the software. Moreover, it automatically links the PDF printer option upon installation. Some exclusive features of the application include the permanent delete option, which enables individuals to get rid of data from a PDF file.

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Pros: It also comes with an exhaustive converter tool also lets users select data for permanent deletion.

Cons: The major disadvantage of Nitro Pro is that it does not support embed video files when creating PDFs. Therefore, it can get quite troublesome when it comes to creating PDFs.

Price: One can make use of Nitro Pro free of charge during the first 14 days. However, once the trial period expires, users are required to pay $159.99 for lifetime access. Nitro also offers a special discount for those looking to purchase the service in bulk.

Download Nitro Pro (14-days free trial)

2. Foxit PhantomPDF

Foxit PhantomPDF is the second-best alternative to Adobe Acrobat. For those looking to create, share or even simply edit PDF files, must consider Foxit PhantomPDF. Let’s not sugar-coat it too much as Foxit PhantomPDF does not offer high profile features the way Nitro or Acrobat does but it still delivers a great job nonetheless.

Upon opening Foxit PhantomPDF, users will meet an interface that represents a ribbon-style backdrop — the same way it appears on Microsoft. The system is designed to highlight a user-friendly experience, thereby making adapting such PDF programs easier.

One of the best parts about Foxit PhantomPDF is the fact that it offers you a clear set of instructions right at the beginning, taking you through a step-by-step journey into editing, reviewing and sharing PDF files on the platform. It is extremely easy for one to create as well as modify existing PDF files with different text and elements. There’s also a page extraction, drag page, and drop page option that significantly enhances the how-about of the app. The system holds the ability to convert PDF into different formats, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Outlook and vice versa.

Pros: Intuitive UI, focus on PDF creation, good collection of PDF edit tools

Cons: PhantomPDF Standard edition does not perform Bates Numbering, which is critical in most law firms, nor does it perform redaction. However, both of these features are present in the more expensive Business edition of Foxit PhantomPDF. Similarly, there are a lot of features lacking in the product that requires a heavy price.

Price: There are three different versions of PhantomPDF, i.e. the Education version which costs $59 one-off fee or $3.83 per month, a Standard version that costs $109 one-off fee or $7.50 per month and the Business version, which costs $9 a month or $139 one-time fee.

3. PDF Architect

PDF Architect is an affordable option that individuals can choose over Adobe Acrobat. Similar to PhantomPDF, the system lacks several advanced features that are essentially meant to enhance the system’s use.

Users can carry out the basic activities such as creating, editing and converting PDF files — ideal for those looking for a quick access on an everyday basis. PDF Architect features an economic option that allows users to purchase tools that they wish to use. In other words, you won’t be required to spend money on unnecessary features that might never come into use. The program is specifically designed to immerse itself with as many cloud services as it possibly can. This way, individuals can gain access to different services from remote locations as well.

Pros: One can purchase each module separately as per their needs

Cons: There are quite a few problems when it comes to this software including issues regarding its viewing module and the fact that it does not provide a specific mobile optimization. Apart from this, it does not include a drag and drop editing facility either. OCR is not available in basic packages

Price: PDF Architect’s price is what tempts one into purchasing the service. Free youtube music downloader for mac itunes. There are two versions being offered, i.e. a Standard version which comes for a price of $59 and the Pro version that is priced at $89.

4. Nuance Power PDF Advanced

How about this? A software application that offers ninety-five percent of the same features as Adobe Acrobat but comes for half its price — Nuance Power PDF Advanced. If you are an MS Office users, you’ll feel right at home with Nuance Power PDF. The UI is formatted similarly.

Best Alternative To Acrobat Adobe For Mac

While most of you might have heard of it already, it features an extremely user-friendly interface and does an excellent job at creating, manipulating as well as securing numerous PDF files.

The system offers consumers the ability to create forms and gather data for analysis. Furthermore, one can also add notes from Dragon Notes. The scanned files can easily convert to PDF formats and be shared on different platforms. Another highly important aspect is its support for javascript programming — which is unlike any other.

Pros: Superlative security features, Javascript support

Cons: The main issue with Nuance Power PDF is that it lacks many features offered its major competitors.

Price: The Nuance Power PDF Advanced software application comes for a lifetime price of $99.

Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative?

Well, it depends on your need. The closest alternative in our opinion would be Nitro Pro. If you are an MS Office users, Nuance Power PDF might work out for you.

It is very important to analyze your requirements before purchasing a PDF Suite. Some of the PDF software mentioned above focus mainly on editing PDF files, while some offer an exhaustive set of PDF creation tools and some are best suited for converting and merging PDF files. Thankfully a majority of these tools are offered with a trial so it goes without saying, try before you buy!

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No doubt that Pdf is the most common file format used to exchange many different types of files. You may get your electicity bills, telephone bill, contract letter, receipt, etc. all in pdf formats. PDF stands for portable document format and it fairly justifies its purpose.

But managing or editing the Pdf files is really tough work. You can not easily edit any PDF file, add extra text, change its style, format, size, add editable controls, button, electronically signing them, add/editing graphics and so on.

If you have the perfect PDF editing tool then doing all the said things can be done with ease. There are many such software available like Adobe Acrobat etc. which lets you edit your PDF quickly and easily. However, Adobe Acrobat pdf editor is quite costly and it also has certain limitations. So, no doubt you might be looking for Adobe Acrobat alternatives.

Fortunately, there is another PDF editing software that comes encapsulated with all the features to fulfill your PDF editing requirements. Yes, you guessed it, its PDFelement 6 Pro.

Acrobat VS PDFelement

Though Adobe Acrobat is a great PDF editing tool, there are several things which make PDFelement a much better alternative to Acrobat. Let’s start with the compatibility, PDFelement is available for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, Mac OS X 10.10 or later whereas Adobe Acrobat is only compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and you can use it on Mac OS X.

Adobe Acrobat Pro For Mac

PDFelement is a feature-rich software and offers various efficient features which Adobe Acrobat lacks, like PDF to OCR, Redact PDF, and Bates numbering, all these features are absent in Acrobat. Other functions such as PDF conversion, you can only export PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, TIFF, PNG and JPG using Adobe Acrobat. On the other hand, PDFelement allows you to export PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, RTF, TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, EPUB, HTML and text documents. So, you get better file conversion range with PDFelement.

There is also a huge difference between the prices of PDfelement and Adobe Acrobat. You get the full version of Adobe Acrobat for $299 whereas PDFelement only costs you $59.95 for Standard Version and $99.95 for Professional Version. So, PDFelement is more efficient as well as cheaper than Adobe Acrobat.

Below are the full details of PDFelement and its features so that you can get the deeper knowledge of its working.


About PDFelement 6

PDFelement 6 is an incredible software and a product of Wondershare which offers you new cutting-edge techniques for handling your PDFs with the compatibility with Windows and Mac. systems. Not only the editing but you can perform a wide range of functions using PDFelement 6. It kinda 1-step solution to all your PDF related needs. PDFelement 6 offers efficient and handy features to carry out functions on PDF files or creating them with the easiest and the fastest way. It’s a complete PDF solution.

The thing which makes it even better from the other PDF editing tool is the ease of use it offers to the users and the simple, professional and interactive interface. The flat design and the smooth functioning of PDFelement 6 can attract the users at the very first sight. But why should you prefer PDFelement 6 over other PDF editors like Adobe Acrobat?

For that, you will have to look at its features. Below are best and the new features of PDFelement 6 which you should consider.

Below are the new capabilities of PDFelement 6 which have been included in latest version of the software to make it even better.

Create Fillable PDF Forms With Ease

Fillable PDF forms are in demand and very handy. These forms have made it easier to send the documents to other people for filling out the information. Due to these fillable PDF form, a person can get rid of the long process of filling the form as one can directly fill the form without taking the print of the form, fill it manually and then again scan it for the submission using PDFelement 6 Pro.

PDFelement 6 Pro has made the process of creating fillable PDF forms a piece of cake. Using PDFelement 6, you can now create unlimited fillable PDFs with textboxes, drop-down selectors, checkbox, radio button etc. quickly. You can turn any non-fillable form created in word, excel etc. into fillable and editable PDF forms with one-click.

You can even get the pre-designed form templates according to your purpose and then customize it accordingly. There are multiple pre-designed templates available in case you don’t want to start from the scratch.

For creating or converting any form to fillable PDF form, you need to open that particular form in PDFelement 6 and then add the fillable controls in it wherever you want. From the top bar toolbox you can choose any fillable control like checkbox, radio, button etc. and add them anywhere in the form. It also lets you resize the fillable controls.

Export Form Data Into Excel

Want to export data from hundred of identical PDf forms to excel? Well, PDFelement 6 has a solution for this too. With the help of PDFelement 6 Pro, directly export the form data of hundreds of identical forms into a single, easily manageable excel sheet within no time. There is no need to learn javascript or any other coding language for achieving the same.

Export Data From Scanned PDF

Now get rid of all the tedious and time-consuming manual data entry which can also commit some errors. PDFelement 6 allows you to scan the data from PDFs and convert into office files. The OCR feature of PDFelement 6 helps you to avoid error due to manual data entry and lets you to covert piles of papers into analyzing friendly office documents.

Faster Text Editing

PDFelement 6 has made it pretty easier and faster to edit the PDF files. It was never that easy to convert and edit the PDF files. But with the help of PDFelement 6, you can take better control of your PDF documents and change its font size, type and the style of the text. Edit the graphical objects and rotate, mirror and crop them with ease. This smart text editing feature in PDFelement 6 is startling.

Better And Faster

Edit your PDf files in a better and the easier way. PDFelement 6 helps you to edit the PDF files just like editing the word documents without losing fonts and formatting. PDFelement is devoted to providing the best user experience.

Some Other Features

PDF OCR – Free text from the photos and the scans and convert them to editable and searchable texts.

Spell Check – Fix all the typos and the other spelling mistakes as the software highlights all the spelling errors so that you can spot and fix them.

Best Free Alternative To Adobe Acrobat For Mac

Annotate PDF – Markup your PDfs with the comment box, highlights, freehand drawing and so on.

Best alternative to acrobat adobe for mac os

Sign PDF – Applying electronic signature to your PDFs is one click away. Quickly add esign to PDF by typing, uploading files, or drawing.

Split PDF – Split your PDF file into several files using split PDF feature of this software.

Combine PDFs – If you have multiple PDF files and you need to combine them to form a single one then use the combine PDFs of PDFelement 6 Pro.

Protect PDF – Secure and protect your PDF files by applying open password and permission password to prevent unauthorized access to your PDFs and viewing, copying, editing and printing them.

Share PDF – Share PDFs via email or upload them to the Dropbox.

So these were some of the excellent features of PDFelement 6 Pro. There is also PDFelement 6 Std available that you can buy. Though PDFelement 6 Std is cost effective and you can get it $59.95 but you will miss some of the advanced features which you are getting in PDFelement 6 Pro. So, it’s better to spend a little extra money and get the advanced features with PDFelement 6 Pro for $99.95. PDFelement 6 Pro is totally worth the money. there is also the trial version available so that you can check the software for yourself and decide whether it meets your requirements or not.


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Best Alternative To Acrobat Adobe For Mac Os

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Best Adobe Acrobat Alternative

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Best Alternative To Adobe Acrobat Pro For Mac

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Best Alternative To Adobe Acrobat Pro For Mac

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