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Atlanta Carnival 2019: My Take

Welcome to my blog! You’ve made the first step in adding just a little bit of color to your life by visiting, so congratulations! (Jkjk.)

We’re kicking things off with carnival! Not just any carnival, but the carnival in MY hometown, ATL h*e. Being on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend every year, the Caribbean community in Atlanta gets a chance to have a taste of carnival right at home.

First things first, I want to clear something up! There are two carnivals in the Atlanta area on the same day. There is “Atlanta Carnival”, which is right in the heart of downtown, and then there is “Atlanta Dekalb Carnival”, which takes place right outside of Atlanta in the city of Lithonia. Y’all…I don’t know why they separated the two for the life of me but….here we are. I partook in the Atlanta Dekalb Carnival because they have the most bands, and who doesn’t like a good crowd?

I played mas with Madd Colors and chose the costume Unicorn. I was a bit hesitant about doing a costume with a unicorn horn attached to the tiara, but then I thought to myself, “You do what you want when you poppin.” So here I am with a unicorn horn, attached to my tiara.

Fire right?? SHEESH!

I didn’t go to too many fetes, because I was tired!! But those that I did go to, I thoroughly enjoyed.

The first fete I went to was Flag Party that took place on Thursday. One of my favorite Soca artistes, Bunji Garlin, came allll the way to the A to perform for us. Ugh I love a good freestyle, and every time I see him he goes straight off the DOME! I leave impressed every time.

After carnival, I went to a last minute, all-inclusive party called Vis Ta Vie that was pretty low-key, but turned out fun as hell.

Finally, I went to my fave fete for Atlanta Carnival, Supa Soca ATL, and as expected, it was a tiiiiimmeeee. Still Top Two and it ain’t #2.

I would definitely do Atlanta Dekalb Carnival again!

Check out my vlog below!

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