Asterisk Password Hack


Asterisks Password Viewer is a software that lets you see the actual password hidden behind the asterisks. Windows allows storing your frequently used passwords, such as the passwords in Outlook Express email or for a FTP connection. But since you no longer enter the saved password manually, you tend to forget them. Just Right-Click on password field and click “ Inspect ” option from the pop-up list. Quick Tip: You can press Ctrl+Shift+I to open it directly. After clicking that, a window will open either on right-side or downside of the screen. Then go to “ Input#password ” Column and there find type=” password ” in above script.

Almost all web browsers, instant messengers, email applications, FTP clients and many other software offer the capability of remembering usernames and passwords, which makes it convenient to automatically login to your user account. If you launch the application, you can see that the password field is protected and masked with some asterisk characters. This is good security measure. However, in some scenarios, there may be a need to view or show the actual password hidden behind asterisk characters, especially if you forgot the saved password.


Asterisk Password Hack

Asterisk password hack

In this guide we’ll show you an easy way to view and show the hidden password behind asterisk characters. With Asterisk Password Recovery utility you can reveal and view the masked password hidden under the asterisks on password field on web pages and program’s user interface.


Lg driver download for mac. How to View or Show Password Hidden Behind Asterisk Characters?

Asterisk Password Recovery

  1. Launch the Asterisk Password Recovery program.
  2. Open up the application you wish to recover a password from. In my case it was MS Outlook. Once the program is open, bring up the account properties dialog of your email account.
  3. Click on the icon , drag the icon to the password field with asterisk characters.
  4. The hidden password will be showed and you can view the actual password of your email account.

Note that the asterisk password recovery tool is meant for password recovery purpose. They won’t be able to decrypt and show Windows logon password (and password in User Account Manager in Control Panel). If you forgot Windows logon password, you can choose to remove the forgotten password with Reset Windows Password bootdisk.

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