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Aghori; The Last Asuran; Type to search and hit enter Log In. Type to search books and hit enter. This is the story of the one who lost. Ravanayan is a bold new comic book series that retells Valmiki’s classic epic from the point of view of its antagonist — Ravana, king of Lanka, leader of the. Comics Review – Aghori Origins #1. Posted on May 27, 2019 May 27, 2019 by Diptarup. Name – Aghori Origins #1. Artists / Pencillers – Vivek.

Discover the beginnings of a journey as an ordinary man, Vikram Roy sets out to discover the reasons behind the night his life turned into a nightmare. Returning to his old life twelve years on as an Aghori – as Vira, he begins to discover a conspiracy to bring about the end of days. At the centre of this plot is his son – Krona. As he struggles to save his son from the grasp of dark powers, fate binds him to his path and despite his reluctance places him firmly on the line where the balance of this age rests.

There at the precipice Vira stands as The Aghori.

Containing Aghori – Origins book 1 to 4 (each book containing 2-2 issues in it thereby making it a set of 8 issues) + Aghori Annuals – The Lost Years part 1 & 2.



The Aghoris are one of the principal Indian traditions and the most extreme and fascinating form of the Tantra. Dattatreya, a divinity that includes the Trimurti Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, are considered to be the founder of this school.


The sanscrit term Aghora is the combination among two words and has various meanings: A is a negation; Ghora is the obscurity of the ignorance, but it also means intense, deep; Aghora therefore means Light, absence of obscurity, awareness, but it also symbolizes a style of life where a person of the Aghori tradition doesn't have intense or deep feelings, it doesn't make difference among the various feelings, seems to be indifferent to the various stories of the life.

It is said that Aghoris drink liqueurs, smoke ganja, eat meat (in some rites also human meat); they use a human skull as a bowl, they wander among the funeral pyres, meditate at night and don't have any sex inhibition. This path seems to be detached completely from hinduist philosophies and it deceives the true nature of this little known reality in the indian sadhus (ascetics) panorama. The ritual practicesof theAghoriare symbolsof their non-dualistic beliefs. The corpseupon whichthey meditateis a symbolof their own bodyand transcendenceof the lower selfand realizationof the Supreme Self.

They are also known for their knowledge of magic arts; many people believe they owns magic powers and it is not difficult to hear histories of miraculous recoveries. Among the people, the word Aghori always arouses a mixture between respect and suspect; anyway they also have many devotees among the various religion present in India. Together with an Aghori you can easily found hindus, sicks, muslims, jains, Christians or other.


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In reality when we are together with these sadhus seems to be in front of a mystical crazy person, The Fool of the tarots, all the rational thoughts seem to fade away for leaving place to an intense spiritual experience, over every duality.

The death's theme, so recurrent among the Aghoris, constantly remembers us our mortality but it is also a challenge to transcend the duality between life and death. Breaking every mental scheme, going over every taboo makes aware of the illusion of this world and becomes a path toward the liberation (moksha), the realization of the itself with the absolute one. Also the conventional Hindu distinction among pure and impure for the Aghoris is an illusion.

The site proposes to spread and to let know the Aghori culture too often misunderstood and stigmatized as one dark 'sect'. It doesn't absolutely want to make proselytism in accord with the conviction that any religion is pure illusion, fruit of mental conjectures and that in sum it estranges the man from the native spiritual message.

There are those who worship the God of the High Heavens.
There are those who worship God in a statue or in an image.
There are those who worship the formless God.
There are those who worship God in their own hearts.
There are those who believe that God is the mind.
The Aghoris worship God in their body or in the body of the others.
Because 'I am God', Aham Brahmasmi.

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